December 7: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 7, 2015 – Episode #7221


December 7 B&BA desperate Steffy performs CPR on Ivy.  She checks Ivy’s chest for breath sounds then calls out that Ivy still isn’t breathing.

At Wyatt’s Malibu beach house, Wyatt tells his brother that his Fiancé (Steffy) was just looking out for Wyatt.  And Wyatt is grateful.  Let’s just leave it at that, Wyatt tells his brother.

Later, at the hospital, a clearly frazzled Thomas asks his sister what she isn’t telling him.  Why Liam arrives he asks Steffy to tell him that she had nothing to do with this.

Quinn, from Forrester Creations, calls Wyatt (?) and tells him something has happened.  Something terrible.



Ivy is Electrocuted

Steffy dials 911 and calls for an ambulance as Ivy is electrocuted.  911 talks her through CPR as the paramedics arrive.

Eric and Thomas follow.  Help her Steffy yells as Eric comforts her.  Thomas watches.

They get a pulse. Everyone is relieved. Thomas and Ivy go to the hospital with Ivy and the paramedics.

Wyatt Can’t Trust Ivy

At home Wyatt, looks at a photo of Ivy.  There is a knock at the door.  Its Liam. You know, Wyatt says. Liam asks where Ivy is. Liam recommends that Wyatt give himself a minute.

An upset Wyatt tells Liam that Thomas, the company playboy swooped in.  He is his father’s son, but even Ridge wouldn’t have done what Thomas did.

Liam says Ivy loves him.  We all make mistakes Liam says.

Wyatt reminds Liam that he put his trust in Ivy not to give in to Thomas and told everyone that Ivy wasn’t interested.  Wyatt is embarrassed that he did that, because Ivy got swept up in it anyway.  Wyatt doesn’t think he can put his trust in Ivy again.

Liam gives Wyatt a drink and says he’s sorry.  Liam thinks if he’dtaken a harder line with Steffy then Ivy could have told him herself.  Wyatt defends Steffy.  Wyatt pushed her.  She was just looking out for him and he is greateful.  Liam says Ivy won’t see it that way.  Liam says that maybe he should call Ivy and check up.

Wyatt’s phone rings. Its Quinn.  She tells him there has been an accident with Ivy.  She’s on the way to the hospital; it’s serious,

Liam and Wyatt rush to the hospital.

Forrester Creations Meeting

Thomas and Quinn meet with Eric.  Eric complements the accessories when prodded from Quinn. Thomas gives Ivy credit.  Eric thinks they all deserve credit.

Pam interrupts the meeting.  There was an accident downstairs, paramedics are here. It’s Ivy.  Eric and Thomas rush out.

Later, Eric tries to call John. Carter has had the entire back stage area blocked off. Quinn doesn’t understand why Ivy, a smart girl, would be anywhere near a sparking panel.

They can’t get in touch with Ivy’s mother either.  Eric has never had an accident like this before. Eric remembers when John told him about his little miracle.  They’d been trying to get pregnant again for so long they’d given up.  Eric wonders what he is going to say to his brother.  Pam comforts him.

At the Hospital

The doctors work on Ivy

Steffy is distraught.  Thomas is worried about her.  Steffy doesn’t want to talk about it.  What isn’t she telling him Thomas wants to know?  What happened? It’s a simple question.

Steffy thinks he’s accusing her. She shouldn’t have been backstage she tells Thomas.  She tripped.  It was an accident.  She tripped when I pushed her away.  Steffy describes what happens.  Thomas take away is that Ivy and Wyatt broke up.

Wyatt and Liam run in.  Thomas and Steffy describe what happened.  Wyatt says please tell me she’s okay.

The doctor arrives.  He’s doing test. There can be any number of unseen complications to an electrocution.  There can be significant unseen damage muscles, hear and brain.  The doctor says Ivy has limited burns and is alive because the current cut off within seconds.  But Ivy is in critical condition.

Wyatt wants to see her. They all do says Steffy.  The doctor brings them all in.  Ivy remains unconscious but the doctor says studies tell them that patients hear and understand conversations while unconscious,

Wyatt talks to Ivy. He takes her hand. Wyatt doesn’t care what happened earlier between them.  All that matters is that she makes it through this.

Liam stands by his brother. Thomas looks at Ivy also.  Steffy leaves. She wants news from the doctor. He doesn’t have news yet.  Liam comes up behind her. They hug. How did this happen? Liam wants to know.  Steffy is evasive.  Liam says, you were with her- right?

Steffy says Ivy confronted her. Are you surprised Liam says?  This is exactly what he was afraid of.  If she just didn’t meddle in their relationship. Tell me you had nothing to do with this Liam asks. That this was a freak accident had nothing to do with her.  Liam tells Steff to look him in the eye and tell him that Ivy being in that hospital bed has literally zero to do with Steffy…



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