December 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 – Episode #7222


December 8 2015 B&BAt Forrester Creations curiosity and suspicion grows over Ivy’s accident. Nicole tells Maya and Zende that it is strange how no one is saying how this accident happened.

At the hospital, after confronting Steffy about her involvement in Ivy’s accident a frustrated Liam asks Steffy if it ever occurred to Steffy to just walk away. But Steffy tells him she couldn’t do that; she was looking after the electrical panel.

Later, sitting by Ivy’s bedside, a remorseful Steffy tells and unconscious Ivy that she is sorry.

Wyatt tells (Thomas?) that he cleans up just as well as he does.


Steffy’s Guilt

Liam asks Steffy not to shut him out. Steffy says whatever she says, people will blame her.  Liam won’t let them if she can tell him that she had nothing to do with Ivy being in that hospital bed.

Steffy isn’t up for an interrogation. She doesn’t want him to start the blame. Liam is just trying to figure out what is going on because she is the only witness.

The doctor arrives and they go back into Ivy’s room to get Wyatt and Thomas.   The doctor brings them all outside to tell them the news.  He doesn’t know Ivy’s level of awareness and this news isn’t for her.  Right now.

The doctor says the cardiologist, neurologist and he have had an opportunity to review Ivy’s scans. There are no broken bones.  Until Ivy is awake and talking they can’t know the long term consequences of her accident.

Steffy goes into Ivy’s room, where she is alone with Ivy. She talks to her. Steffy tells her that the doctor thinks she’s okay. She looks like she will wake up any minute; like she can hear Steffy.  Steffy wonders what she is doing wrong in her life because all these bad thinkgs keep happening around her.  I’m Sorry Steffy tells Ivy.  She didn’t mean to do this to her Steffy says.  Steffy turns around to see Liam standing in the doorway.  Mean to do what Liam asks.

They go outside. Did Liam misunderstand her?  No Steffy says. Steffy tells Liam that Ivy attached her she wouldn’t give up.  She was saying how upset she was about Wyatt.  Liam asks if she’s surprised.  Liam asks if she didn’t think to just walk away.  But Steffy defends that she was looking after the panel.  Steffy tells Liam that she pushed Ivy when Ivy grabbed her while Steffy was picking up the phone.

You pushed her Liam asks? How is this possible that this keeps happening Liam asks Steffy. She asks if he believes her.  Please believe me Steffy begs.

Wyatt Blames Thomas

Wyatt asks Thomas what he’s trying to prove by being in Ivy’s hospital room.

Outside Ivy’s room, Thomas and Wyatt argue about who should be there with Ivy. Wyatt blames Thomas for Ivy being in the hospital. Wyatt tells Thomas all he has given Ivy is misery.

Wyatt tells Thomas that he cleans up just as well as he does. Wyatt thinks this is his karma.  He can take what Thomas did to him, but Ivy didn’t deserve this.  Wyatt threatens Thomas if Ivy doesn’t recover.  Thomas walks away.

A Pile of Papers

At Forrester Ivy’s accident is discussed. Eric still trying to got hold of John. Eric is upset because Ivy was left in his care. Nicole asks how this happened.  Pam says they are all wondering the same thing.

They wonder why Ivy was anywhere near the panel. Pam explains that Steffy was with Ivy.

Pam takes a call from Liam saying there is no news. Nothing alarming in any of the tests yet, but that doesn’t predict what happens when she comes to.

Eric has retrieved some papers of Ivy’s from the safe. Eric reflects on only being left with a folder when Stephanie died. Pam takes the papers from Eric. In the end that’s all there is a pile of papers Eric notes.

Could Ivy Die?

Later Nicole asks Zende and Maya if Ivy could die. No one really knows.  Maya has some regrets over how Maya and Rick treated both Aly and Ivy.

Maya and Nicole discuss their parents when Nicole clutches her stomach. Go Maya tells her.  Nicole leaves quickly.  Morning sickness Maya tells Zende.  How long does morning last Zende asks.


Monday, December 8, 2014 – Episode #6968

The Restraining Oder – Deacon Defends Quinn to Wyatt

Deacon wants to talk to Quinn again before Wyatt serves his mother with a restraining order.  Wyatt isn’t budging.  Hope is freaked out and so is Wyatt – and he grew up with her. Maybe this will make her finally realize she needs to stay away.  If Quinn sees Hope again he doesn’t know what will happen.

Quinn turned up at their ultrasound dressed as a nurse.  She isn’t using any kind of judgment.  When you are a parent you will understand why Quinn can’t stay away.  Wyatt says that Quinn takes parenting to a whole new level.  She is crazy and dangerous he concedes.  He has to keep her away from Hope.

Deacon and Wyatt both try calling Quinn, but she’s not getting back to him either.  Deacon defends Quinn Don’t take out a restraining order Wyatt says.  Deacon believes he broke through to Quinn.

Wyatt says Hope knows what Quinn is capable of.  Quinn will be ticked off but it’s the best thing for Hope and Wyatt.  Everyone can cool off.  Wyatt recommends Deacon not be around when Quinn gets back…Quinn may be dangerous but not to Hope or her child Deacon reiterates before he leaves

Alone at the loft Wyatt gets a call from Liam but doesn’t want to deal with him right now. He lets it go through to voice mail.

Liam Rushes Hope to the Hospital

Liam continues to call Hope and get her voice mail as he rushes back to Brooke’s house.

Quinn rushes down the stairs to where Hope lays wincing in pain and her hand going to her stomach.

Liam arrives at Brooke’s house. Noticing the open doors to the garden he rushes outside.  Hope tells Quinn to get away from her.  Liam sees Quinn kneeling over Hope and rushes down to Hope.  He tells Quinn to get away from Hope.  You pushed her didn’t you Liam yells as he picks up Hope and rushes up the stairs with her.  Quinn tells Liam its not what he thinks.  Hope’s hands are covered in blood…

Alone Quinn realizes what has happened and reflects on how many times she was asked to stay away from Hope.

Quinn Finds Wyatt at the Loft

Alone at the lost Wyatt gets a call from Liam but doesn’t want to deal with him right now.  Quinn arrives home.  Wyatt asks what happened she’s shaking.  She’s upset with herself Quinn tells her son.  Wyatt works out she went to go see Hope.

Wyatt gets Quinn water.  This whole situation has gotten out of hand Wyatt tells his mother.  It was after the baby shower Quinn says.  She just wanted Hope to know she wasn’t a threat to her and that she was going to get the space she wanted.  She didn’t go there with any malicious reason at all.

Where Wyatt asks?  He yells at Quinn that he asked her to stay away from Hope. You’re too determined sometimes. What did you do Wyatt wants to know.  She looks scared what happened

At the Hospital – Hope Loses Her Baby

At the hospital Liam tells the staff Hope fell down some stairs and she is pregnant.  No broken bones the doctor says.  But Hope wants to know about the baby.  She tells the doctor about the fall.  The doctor orders an ultrasound.

She was with her mother in law arguing.  Did she push you Liam wants to know?  No says Hope she tripped.  The doctor thinks Hope is fine and is now concerned about her baby.  The doctor leaves.

Hope asks if Liam called Wyatt.  Liam did but he didn’t pick up so he left a voice mail.  Liam tells her to stay positive.  She’s fine, the baby’s find he tells Hope..Stay positive.

Lima is present while Hope has an ultrasound.  Where the heart beat Hope begs of the doctor but the doctor  stops the ultrasound.  She’s sorry there is no ultrasound.  He’s gone the doctor tells Hope.  Hope cries ad Liam holds her hand in silence.  The doctor leaves the room.


Thursday, December 8, 1988

Brooke and Ridge made love in the company steam room.  This was the first of what would prove to be many of such rendevous’.

Meanwhile. Caroline and Thorne’s marriage was crumbling.  Thorne wasn’t pleased that his wife was seeing a therapist and discussing things they should be talking about and solving together.

Everyone prepared to go to a birthday celebration for Angela’s 26th birthday.  Everyone seemed obsessed with Brooke’s wet hair (from the steam room).

Eric and Stephanie, in Angela’s room prepare for her birthday party. They discuss Thorne and Caroline’s marriage. They discuss their fear that Thorne will remember shooting his brother if his marriage to Caroline were to fail. Stephanie feels like they are sitting on a time bomb. Eric and Stephanie both believe they are safe from Thorne remembering what happened that night as long as Thorne and Caroline remain married.

At Angela’s party, ridge notes that this being Angela’s 26th birthday, Stephanie has celebrated 25 birthdays with Angela alone.  Stephanie notes that its actually 24 since she missed the birthday when they were all in Europe for 15 months 12 years ago.  Eric was designing a new line.  Stephanie notes that Angela had a terrible accident while they were in seclusion in  a Swiss chateau.   Angelo bumped the brake off her wheel chair and suffered terrible facial and head injuries and had to have major reconstructive surgery. Stephanie says she even looks different after the surgery.