December 9: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 – Episode #7223


December 9 2015 B7BQuestions are being asked about how Ivy came to be electrocuted.

Liam asks Steffy want go into her.  Why would Steffy push Ivy into an electric panel that she knew was hot.

Wyatt wants to know what happened between Steffy and Ivy that put Ivy (his girlfriend) in a hospital bed.

Zende is in awe of the sacrifices that Nicole is making to give Maya and Rick the baby they so desire.  It makes Zende love Nicole even more he confides in someone (Carter?).  Meanwhile, Nicole confides that all she and Zende have to do is hang in there (during the pregnancy) for their relationship to make it.

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Thomas and Ivy

Thomas sits with Ivy.  They are finally alone he says. He hates seeing her this still. He needs her to get better, they have a lot to talk about Thomas tells her.  Wyatt enters and overhears.  Save your breath he says.  She’s done with you, he tells Thomas.

Wyatt reminds him that Ivy told him to get lost.  Thomas says that is before she almost died.  But if Ivy wants him out of here when she wakes up, Thomas is gone, he agrees with Wyatt.

Ivy Regains Consciousness

Liam tries to understand.  Steffy just told him that she pushed Ivy into a live electrical panel.  I didn’t mean to hurt her Steffy says.  Liam says that sounds familiar.  Steffy tells him she didn’t mean to do this and begs him to understand.  Liam doesn’t know what he knows anymore.

It was an accident.  Ivy got in her face.  She grabbed her and she pushed her.  Liam tells Steffy he better pray Ivy pulls through.

The doctor arrives with an update on Ivy’s condition.  Her latest results show more promise.  They are in Ivy’s room and she begins to come around.  The doctor examines her. She’ll be groggy for the next day or so the doctor tells them.  Don’t try to keep her awake he suggests.

Wyatt sits with her and tells her she can’t go tripping into malfunctioning electrical panels anymore.  He needs her here.  Thomas tells her that she had them worried.  Steffy says she’s sorry.  Her getting hurt is the last thing she wanted.  Wyatt glares at Steffy.

Outside Ivy’s hospital room, Wyatt notes that Steffy and Liam went home.  Thomas tells Wyatt that he is about to do the same. Wyatt asks Thomas why Steffy seemed so upset.  What happened between Steffy and Ivy that put his girlfriend in a hospital bed Wyatt asks Thomas.  He needs to know what happened and he thinks Thomas has the answers.  He wants to know why Steffy feels guilty about Ivy falling into an electrical panel.

Wyatt puts together a scenario. Why did Thomas tells Steffy about Ivy when he knew it would set Steffy off, knowing Steffy would confront Ivy and tell Wyatt about what happened between them.  Wyatt asks if Steffy had something to do with the accident.

Liam Confronts Steffy

At home Steffy is relieved that Ivy is going to be okay, but is tired.  Liam says that isn’t going to head him off.  He needs Steffy to explain to him why she pushed Ivy into an electric panel that Steffy knew was hot

Steffy didn’t mean for any of this to happen.  She didn’t mean to hurt Ivy.  Like you didn’t mean to hurt Aly Liam states, shocking Steffy.

She may have not done either deliberately but it doesn’t change that she was involved in both tragedy’s. Liam loves that she’s a woman of action but actions have consequences and she always goes too far.

He loves her forever, but these accidents that keep happening when she’s around concern him. Steffy says that Aly and Ivy’s accidents have nothing to do with them.  Liam says it does. Liam doesn’t like chaos and violence he wants a clear line between right and wrong in his life.

Steffy says she didn’t mean this.  Liam says this is about the fundamental differences between them  Steffy asks if he’s trying to end things with her.  Is he trying to call off their engagement?  Because she’s not taking off this ring.

Nicole’s Pregnancy Derails Her and Zende’s Plans

Nicole returns and asks Zende if they are okay.  He’s sorry she’s not feeling well. Nicole says the nausea will pass but hates to cancel on him.  She understands he is disappointed.  He says there will be other nights and other plans.

Maya enters. Zende leaves to work out on the sky lounge. He kisses Nicole on the way out.   Nicole tells Maya she cancelled her plans with him because she’s not feeling well and Zende is bummed.  It won’t be forever.  All she and Zende have to do is hang in there.

Maya says she had hoped the surrogacy would just be a breeze.  Nicole still thinks what she is doing is a miracle.  Having her baby growing inside of her is the most profound thing that Nicole has ever done.  But Maya doesn’t want it to cost her what matters most.

Zende is in Awe of Nicole

Carter coaches Zende punching the bag.  Zende confides in Carter about Nicole cancelling his plans because of the pregnancy.  Zende is in full support of what Nicole is doing.  She is in awe of her.  But he feels selfish for being upset about their plans being cancelled.  Carter tells him he is entitled to his feelings.

Zende is excited to go to the next level with Nicole. Carter agrees that Nicole feeling sick is the first real wake up call.  There is a baby inside Nicole dictating what happens.  But when he gets out of his head and thinks about what she’s doing he’s in awe.  It makes him in love with Nicole even more.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014 – Episode #6969

Wyatt and Quinn

Quinn claims she’s cold – that’s why she’s shaking.  Quinn doesn’t know how things happened.  Wyatt tells Quinn that pretending that he isn’t there isn’t making him go away.  Did she argue with Hope?  Wyatt?  What is it this time Wyatt wants to know?

Wyatt asks if Quinn is in shock.  Wyatt shays he’s going to find Liam so he can clue him in.  But first he gives Quinn the restraining order.  Wyatt says this is the last thing he wanted but he has to do this for Hope and his child.

Quinn is silent  then tells Wyatt that she went to Brooke’s house.  Quinn tells Wyatt what happened. Quinn cries she never touched Hope.  She swears she never touched her.  Wyatt runs from the loft…

At the Hospital

Liam asks Hope if there’s anyone she wants him to call. Her mom? – Wyatt – again.  She said it was a boy Hope says through her tears.

The trauma from the fall cut broke the placenta from the uterine wall cutting off the oxygen supply to her fetus the doctor tells Hope.  Her son, Hope says.  She needs a D&C she goes to get the nurse to prep Hope.  Liam tells the doctor that Hope has another question.  The doctor turns to Hope and says that she sees no reason that Hope can’t conceive again.

Hope apologizes to Liam – she’s sorry she went about so many things the wrong way.  So many accidents she could have prevented.  Liam understands her heart is broken and she doesn’t know if she will ever be herself again.  But you’ll look up and see someone you love watching – helping.  Liam tells Hope that she’s been that for him.

Hope regains consciousness after her D&C.  She just wants some time before seeing anyone. Wyatt rushes in.  Liam tells him he’s so sorry.  Wyatt rushes over to Hope.  You had a son Hope tells him.  As long as she’s ok they can always…they hug in their grief.

Wyatt asks if Liam saw her fall.  Did my mother have anything to do with this?  Wyatt wants to know.  No says Hope.  Hope fell as Quinn was leaving, she tells her husband.  Her shoe got caught and she lost her balance – it is entirely her fault Hope says through her tears.  I’m sorry she tells Wyatt through tears.

Deacon goes to see Bill

Deacon wants a minute of Bill’s time.  Deacon tells Bill Wyatt needs some fatherly advice.  This isn’t about him Deacon says – Wyatt is presenting Quinn with a restraining order.  Bill says he knows. It was his idea.  There are problems in the family and then there is Quinn Bill states.

Deacon says again that he talked to Quinn and she will stay away.  But Bill is determined that Quinn has to show that there is a kind of boundary she respects.  Deacon hits a button when he suggests what if Katie said he couldn’t see his son.

Bill suggests that Deacon talk to Hope since she’s putting up the barricades. But no one things that Hope is unjustified in her actions.  Wyatt has to respect his wifes wishes and fears.  The stress isn’t good for Hope or the baby.  If Quinn can behave herself, then Wyatt  can go to Hope and say can we reconsider?

Deacon is stunned that made sense.  Quinn will be a grandmother if she can abide by the restraining order, Bill tells Deacon who finally gets the intent.

Quinn tells Deacon

Deacon arrives home to state he thinks he just had a reasonable conversation with Bill Spencer.  He sees the restraining order and tells Quinn that he understands her feelings and tried to work on it for her.

Quinn remains silent.  Deacon says you just need to abide by this till you prove you’re not a threat to your grandchild. Quinn says it may be too late for that.  Deacon notes the kid hasn’t even been born yet…

Deacon asks what happened.  Quin is scared out of her mind.  This isn’t her fault.  What happened to Hope?  She fell Quinn says.  Quinn assures Deacon he never layed a hand on her.  Deacon begins yelling. What about the baby Deacon yells.  No Deacon says as Quinn admits Hope was in pain and holding her stomach.



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