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Liam has always loved Steffy’s spirit and her spontaneity.  It is part of what attracts him to her.  When he proposed a couple of weeks ago, Liam told Steffy that she was the only woman who brought out the two sides of him, referencing how Steffy embraces life and lives on the edge and encouraging that in him.

This week, however, Liam has been finding those same things frustrating.  Steffy did exactly what Liam asked her not to do.  She told Ivy’s boyfriend, Wyatt, that Ivy had cheated on him.  With Steffy’s brother, Thomas.

Steffy’s Spirit Has Deadly Repercussions

Ivy was preparing to tell Wyatt the truth about what happened between her and Thomas, but she didn’t get the chance.  Steffy had already told Wyatt and he went home to confront his cheating girlfriend.

During their argument, Wyatt let it slip that Steffy had been the one to tell him about Ivy’s betrayal.  Given Ivy and Steffy’s history over Aly’s death, Ivy became furious at Steffy.   Steffy was supposed to give Ivy the opportunity to tell Wyatt herself, but she couldn’t wait to tell on her Ivy reasoned.

Ivy wanted to know from Wyatt what she could do to make things better between them.  Ivy told Wyatt she loved him, but Wyatt wasn’t sure there was anything that could be done.  He walked out.  And Ivy headed to Forrester Creations to find Steffy.

Liam also, was unimpressed with Steffy’s actions, particularly since Steffy understood how much it meant to Liam that Ivy be the one to tell his brother what happened with Thomas.   Their argument was cut short when he and Steffy were called to deal with an electrical problem.

Ivy Electrocuted

Steffy Ivy ElectrocutedIvy arrived at Forrester Creations and learned from Pam that Steffy was backstage dealing with and electrical malfunction.  Ivy headed backstage to deal with Steffy’s personality malfunction.

When Ivy found Steffy they began fighting.  Steffy, though responding to Ivy, kept looking at her phone.  Ivy grabbed the phone out of her hands and threw it aside.  It landed beneath the shorting our cables and wires.  Steffy climbed the stairs to retrieve the phone.  Ivy followed.  They argued all the way.

Steffy bent over to get the phone and Ivy tried to grab her to make Steffy face her.  Steffy retaliated.  She stood up swinging.  Her arm connected with Ivy’s body pushing her back into the shorting wires.  Ivy’s body spasmed as the electrical current coursed through her body.  Eventually Ivy fell from the wires to the ground.  A terrified Steffy dropped to her knees to take Ivy’s pulse.  She called out for help and begged Ivy to wake up.

Spoilers, of course, tell us that Ivy doesn’t suffer the same fate as another one of Steffy’s cousins who dared to disagree with her; Aly. Steffy attempts to resuscitate Ivy and she is rushed to the hospital where the Spencer and Forrester men rally around her; seemingly forsaking Steffy.

Aly Clubbed Down with Tire Iron

Aly's deathThe eerie similarity between Ivy’s accident and Aly’s death is not lost on any of them.  When Steffy is cornered she comes out swinging, and with Aly that meant a tire iron to the head that saw her fall and hit her head on a rock.  Aly died.  Steffy also swung to stop Ivy trying to pull her too her feet.  Ivy fell backwards from the force of Steffy’s swing into electrical cables and wires electrocuting her.

And even Liam seems to be questioning Steffy’s actions telling her she goes too far.

Liam and Steffy’s Baby

Will Steffy lose her and Liam's baby?
Will Steffy lose her and Liam’s baby?

These two instances are of course not the only time Steffy’s choices have proved deadly.  Could Liam also be thinking of the loss of their baby when he tells Steffy she goes too far?  Steffy, while pregnant, and having promised not to ride her motorcycle, did so anyway, to get home to Liam quicker when PCH was backed up with traffic due to an accident.

Steffy had no way of knowing that choice would result in her also having an accident.  That accident cost Steffy and Liam their unborn child and indirectly their marriage.

Is Steffy Dangerous?

That could very well be a question being asked this week as The Bold and the Beatufiul continues.  Steffy, of course, claims that Ivy’s electrocution was an accident.  And yes, Ivy did grab Steffy.

But Steffy’s decisions are developing a nasty habit of turning (nearly) fatal.  Since this keeps happening to Steffy over and over, perhaps it’s time if Steffy, and others, asked whether the problem is the other parties involved or perhaps the common thread….Steffy.


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