The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: December 28, 2015 – January 1, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (December 28, 2015 – January 1, 2016): Brooke is brought back into Bill’s world; a proposal is derailed by a protective mother; another accident…

    Wyatt and Ivy

    Ivy and Liam are also having a conversation at the Forrester offices.  Ivy tells Liam that she will stay with Wyatt and be with him; if Liam doesn’t want her.  Ivy is sure that she and Wyatt will have a very good life together.

    Unfortunately for Ivy someone overhears…

    Wyatt proposes with Liam and Steffy in the room, since the four of them are interconnected (he doesn’t realize how much…)

    After bursting in on Wyatt proposing to Ivy, Quinn yells at Ivy to be honest with Wyatt – he deserves that much.

    When Wyatt learns the truth, that Ivy still loves Liam, but would be with Wyatt if Liam wasn’t available to her, he demands to know from Ivy whether she would have accepted his proposal. Would she have said yes to him, and taken him as her second choice.  Poor Wyatt, he’s always second to brother Liam…its Hope revisited…

    Quinn spits that Ivy was nothing but poison (for Wyatt).

    Meanwhile, Ivy asks why Liam can’t admit that somewhere inside him, deep down, he still loves her. Ivy and Liam go over the details of their relationship, and break-up.  Ivy tells Liam that she is leaving Los Angeles and going back to Australia. This gets Ivy the reaction that she wants.  Liam tells Ivy he does still love her.  But Steffy overhears this private conversation…

    Liam and Steffy

    Steffy visits Wyatt at his Malibu beach house when Steffy asks him to come.  Wyatt assures Steffy that Ivy and he are closer and more committed than they have ever been.

    After Quinn exposes the truth about Ivy’s intentions towards Liam and her son, Steffy tells Wyatt that he is too good for Ivy. And he deserves better.

    Does Steffy also deserve better from Wyatt’s brother?  After Ivy announces she is going back to Australia, Steffy witnesses Liam telling Ivy that he does still love her.

    Liam knows Steffy, and so does the audience at this point.  Liam tells Steffy to stay away from Ivy, but Steffy can’t.  She confronts Ivy at the Forrester Mansion.  The ladies argue at the top of the stairs.  One of them trips over Ivy’s luggage and takes a tumble down the stairs…Liam enters to witness the fall…

    Who falls down the stairs?  Speculation only.  To continue with the “Steffy is reckless” premise that has been established with Aly’s death, Ivy’s accident, and you could argue even the death of her own baby, would have Ivy fall down the stairs…it could also be the trigger for Liam to finally give up on Steffy and set the scene for a Liam and Ivy and Wyatt and Steffy pairing – even if only temporarily…

    Whoever takes a tumble, comings and goings news indicates that next week sees two paramedics and a doctor appearing on Monday January 4 and Tuesday January 5….


    Quinn’s protective mother instincts kick into high gear when she overhears Liam and Ivy in conversation.

    Eric and Brooke, Katie and Bill

    Brooke doesn’t want Eric worrying about her. She assures him that she is really fine. She admits she is going through something however.  It’s an odd feeling, Brooke admits to Eric who saved her from spending Christmas alone when all her kids couldn’t make it to LA for the holidays.  Brooke feels like she has lost her purpose.

    Katie confides in her husband that she really wants to help her sister.  Is Katie inviting trouble back into her marriage by asking Brooke to come work at Spencer Publications?

    Bill tells Brooke, at her home, that she should do what makes her happy.  If that is joining him and Katie at Spencer then great.

    Brooke tells Bill that seeing him every single day (if she worked at Spencer Publications) won’t work. Is Brooke still in love with Bill?  She sure is.  And Brooke tells Bill so.  Then kisses Bill

    Maya, Rick and the Avant’s

    The Avant family Christmas in Hawaii proceeds – off screen

      Next Week’s B&B Spoilers…

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    Friday, January 1, 2016 – No new episode


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    How long will Sasha keep Julius’ secret?  Is Katie asking for trouble asking Brooke to come back into Bill’s orbit?


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