2016 on The Bold and the Beautiful

Some speculations, spoilers and supposition about what could happen during 2016 on The Bold and the Beautiful…

Liam, Steffy, Ivy and Wyatt

2015 ended on quite a note.  Steffy once again went against Liam’s wishes and confronted Ivy about going after Liam.  Ivy has been confused about her own behavior for most of 2015.  Recently she decided it was all down to losing Liam to Steffy when Steffy returned from Paris and stole Liam from her.  Ivy came to the conclusion that despite a pretty serious relationship with Wyatt and a dalliance of sorts with Thomas she was still in love with Liam and it was that heartbreak that had made her do any number of out of character things this year – most notably blackmailing Steffy after Aly’s death.

So, 2015 ended with Ivy telling Steffy she didn’t have to worry about her anymore, that she was headed back to Australia.  Of course this confrontation that Liam warned Steffy not to instigate occurred on the stairs in the Forrester Mansion foyer.  Ivy tripped and took a tumble down the stairs just as Liam entered.  Liam saw Steffy where she shouldn’t have been and someone, in this case Ivy again, hurt because of Steffy’s perchance for pushing boundaries.

So as 2016 dawns, Liam and Steffy are positioned to face relationship issues over the way they handle their lives.  Liam likes to rescue the women in his life and Steffy is bound to have issues with Liam playing hero to Ivy after her accident. This time it results in Liam ending up on the other side of the world with Ivy and out of contact with Steffy for an extended period leaving her wondering about their relationship.

Liam too doesn’t like the way Steffy conducts herself, pushing issues too far and letting her anger get the better of her.  Someone always seems to get hurt when that happens.  Recently the victim has been Ivy, though Aly, and Steffy’s own child paid the ultimate price.

In fact, Liam wouldn’t have ended up in Australia with Ivy if Steffy hadn’t confronted Ivy.  Liam could argue a fair case that if Steffy had taken his advice and stayed away from Ivy, that Liam wouldn’t have any reason to play hero for Ivy.

The upshot is that Steffy and Ivy are destined to be at loggerheads during 2016 in a far more interesting rivalry than Hope and Steffy’s virgin vs. vixen rivalry.

Like Steffy and Liam, Wyatt, too, has recurring issues he needs to deal with.  And  with Steffy upset with Liam being in Australia playing hero to Ivy, the stage is set for Wyatt to make the same mistake all over again. Liam going missing at the beginning of 2016 gives Wyatt the opportunity to be there for Steffy.  Will Wyatt never learn that falling for his brother’s cast offs is why he always ends up in relationships where he is second choice to his brother?

Either way this feels like a set-up for a Wyatt and Steffy, and Ivy and Liam pairing.

Bill, Katie and Brooke

2015’s final days saw Katie want to bring Brooke back into her life; like she was before…

Katie had a plan on how to make that happen.  With Brooke spending less time at Forrester Creations to give the next generation an opportunity to spread their wings, Katie and Bill offered Brooke a position at Spencer Publications as Editor for Eye on Fashion.  Its historical editor, VP Liam Spencer, was almost full-time at Forrester now and Brooke’s fashion experience would be invaluable in the position.

But Brooke couldn’t find it in her to say yes.  When Bill paid her a visit at home where Brooke has spent much of 2015 cloistered fighting her drinking demons, Brooke admitted that was how her life had to be.  Couldn’t he see that she couldn’t take a job at Spencer and see him every day?  She was still in love with him.  The memories of their time together were proving difficult to put behind her.

But Katie arrived and made an impassioned plea for her sister to join them at Spencer Publications, keen to get their relationship as sisters back on track.  What Katie doesn’t realize is that may not be the only relationship she is putting back on track…

Is Katie asking for trouble asking Brooke to come back into Bill’s orbit?  2016 will see  Brooke stop sitting alone at home staring longingly at the vodka bottle.  She’ll be making eyes at a former love instead.  But which one?  With Brooke there are plenty of options…but when it comes to the gentlemen on the canvas we’re talking; Ridge, Bill, Eric or Deacon…we are being positioned to believe that with Brooke working at Spencer that it will be Bill.

But with Katie’s recent feelings about Allison also coming to the fore wouldn’t it be interesting for Allison to be the thorn in Bill and Katie 2.0’s side?

Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

Ridge’s relationship could also find itself in trouble freeing him up for a dalliance with former wife 7.0; Brooke). With Ridge and Caroline’s secret weighing heavily on him.  Or rather his inability to forget what Thomas did to Caroline, its inevitable for the secret to come out.

Ridge’s hot temper and attitude towards his son has seen Thomas suspicious of what Ridge is really upset about.  Caroline worries about Ridge exposing their secret. This kind of secret is what soap storylines are made of.  2016 could be an interesting year for Caroline, Ridge and Thomas.  How will Thomas find out that the baby Caroline is carrying is his child, not his half sibling?

But will it happen in 2016?  Paternity secrets have the biggest impact the longer they are kept hidden.

The Avant’s, Sasha, Nicole and Zende

Speaking of paternity secrets.  There is another one begging to come out.

How long will Sasha keep Julius’ secret?  Either way Sasha wins.  She keeps Julius secret and she has the making or a perfect blackmail scenario.  It comes out and she becomes part of the extended Forrester family.

Sasha will likely make trouble for Julius using her secret to good advantage.  What she really wants is what Nicole has always had, however.  This secret could destroy a family and Sasha’s friendship with Nicole when it comes out.  How will pregnant Nicole take the news?  If the exposition were to cause Nicole problems in her pregnancy, Sasha would have her new family immediately offside.

Zende and Nicole’s relationship also has many issues to face; Nicole is barely pregnant and her pregnancy is already interfering with their romance.  Add to that two young people just trying to find their place in the world, and Sasha and we have another potential sisters fighting for one man scenario.


Quinn has been playing house, in her own special way, with Deacon for the better part of 2015 and staying out of Wyatt’s love life.  Quinn recently saved her son from marrying another woman who was still in love with Liam.  This success is set to spark Quinn’s unnatural interest in her grown son’s life.

Since he’s made a mess of his romantic life even without her meddling, Quinn steps in to “help” again in 2016. Again, in her own special way.  With Quinn back on the crazy trail it seems destined for Wyatt to end up in another relationship with a woman who is in love with his brother, Liam.  This time we’re betting on a Wyatt and Steffy pairing…and Quinn will hold no punches in keeping the duo together.

The really interesting part though?  Ivy and Hope weren’t much of a match for Quinn’s meddling.  But Steffy?  Now that could be an interesting match-up…

So there you have it.  Some speculation about what 2016 has in store for the Bold and the Beautiful…What do you think will happen this year on B&B?


  1. B&B has screwed up again by putting Steffy and Wyatt together. Steffy belongs with Liam. I will no longer be watching the show and I have several friends that feel the same way. Good bye B&B

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