Can Bill and Brooke Keep Their Hands Off Each Other? | The Bold and the Beautiful

Or Will Katie Regret Bringing Brooke Back into her Life?

The holidays are a time for nostalgia and family.  The holidays just passed made Katie think about her relationship with her sister.  She and Brooke have been distant since the repercussions that came alone with Will’s birth:

  • Katie almost died
  • She suffered Post Partum Depression and recruited a replacement mother for her son – Brooke
  • Katie manipulated events so that Bill and Brooke were pushed together
  • And the inevitable happened – Bill and Brooke fell for each other.
  • Bill and Brooke’s affair was exposed
  • Katie sought revenge
  • She took Bill’s company and became involved with Brooke’s ex, Ridge.
  • But eventually Brooke walked away from her relationship with Bill
  • With Brooke in Italy, Katie and Bill reunited and have been happy since

Katie wanted to bring Brooke back into her life; like she was before all of the above.  Brooke, alone for the first time in her adult life succumbed to alcohol, something Deacon helped her acknowledge.  Brooke, no longer as involved at Forrester Creations wanting to give the next generation their time to shine, isolated herself at home; alone while fighting her alcohol demons.

Can Bill, Katie and Brooke Work Together?

Brooke and Katie
Can Brooke and Katie have a sisterly relationship while they both love Bill Spencer?

With her own family life back on track, Katie wanted to do the same with Brooke in 2016.  She told her husband she wanted to bring her sister back into her life and had a plan to do just that. Katie wanted Brooke to join them at Spencer Publications as the Editor of Eye on Fashion (with Liam not almost full time at Forrester Creations the magazine needs a new editor).

Brooke was taken aback by the offer. She wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do though, for any of them.   Katie wanted her and Brooke to be like they once were; in each other’s lives on a daily basis and how better than to work together.  And it would get Brooke out of the house.

Brooke promised to think about it.  Bill came to visit Brooke at home to try to convince her to take the job.  Brooke was forced to admit that she still struggled not to drink.  Bill thought she needed to get out of the house and explore some of her passions again.  Work had always been one of them.  But a teary Brooke told Bill that she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t be with him day in day out.  The kiss she planted on Bill explained why.  Brooke was still in love with him.  The memories of their time together refused to die.

Just as Bill was coming to grips with why Brooke couldn’t work with him and Katie at Spencer Publications, Katie arrived to make a final impassioned plea for her sister to join them.  Katie got what she wanted.  Brooke agreed to work with them.


Bill and Brooke Kiss January 2016
Brooke and Bill seem to be having trouble keeping their lips off each other…What has Katie done inviting Brooke back into their lives?

This week, Brooke starts work at Spencer Publications.  Katie is giddy with excitement over her sister being part of her life again and them working together.  Things are likely to start with Brooke trying to keep her, Katie and Bill’s work relationship strictly professional.  Katie tells her sister that she wants them to share everything, but it is unlikely that she means her husband.

Brooke working at Spencer Publications not only brings Brooke back into Katie’s life, but Bill’s also.  And Bill is now very aware of how Brooke feels about him.  The boundaries that Brooke sets herself don’t last very long.  No matter how you spin it, Bill and Brooke kissing in his office isn’t very professional.

Will Katie regret extending an olive branch to her sister and inviting Brooke back into her life?  It sure looks like it.

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