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Katie Logan Spencer started 2016 on a high.  In 2015 she’d gotten her marriage and family back on track for the first time since her son, Will’s birth.

Will’s birth and Katie almost dying during childbirth set about a series of events that saw Katie suffer post partum depression.  Convinced she was going to die anyway, Katie walked out on her family while still very much alive and pushed her replacement into the role of wife and mother;  her sister Brooke.

Katie of course recovered, and learned that she had done too good a job.  Bill and Brooke were in love.  Brooke was pretty much ostracized for what she had done to her sister, even after Katie found new love with Brooke’s ex, Ridge.  When Ridge moved on with Caroline Spencer, leaving Katie single again, Brooke ended her relationship with Bill by leaving for Italy where the Forrester Creations was undergoing an embezzlement crisis.

Katie and Bill Put His Affair With Brooke Behind Them

During Brooke’s absence, Bill and Katie found their way back to each other and they remarried with a drunk and lonely Brooke as Katie’s Matron of Honor.

With her immediate family repaired Katie set her sights on repairing her relationship with her sister, who had struggled with alcohol and loneliness since her return from Italy.  In an effort to bring Brooke back into her life, Katie convinced Bill they should offer Brooke a job; as editor of Eye on Fashion at Spencer Publications.

Katie Offer Brooke a Job at Spencer Publications

It was immediately apparent that Brooke, though flattered by the offer was also uncomfortable with it.  Knowing how important it was to his wife to bring her sister back into her life, Bill tracked Brooke down at home and asked her again to come work with them.  A teary eyed Brooke told Bill that it wouldn’t work.  She couldn’t see him every day.  Brooke took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately.  She admitted to never having been able to forget about them.  But he had to go home to Katie an forget what she had told him today.

Bill Confesses His Feelings

When Katie made another impassioned plea for Brooke to come work at Spencer with her and Bill, though, Brooke succumbed and agreed.  And it wasn’t long after she started work at Spencer Publications that Bill began fantasizing about his sister in law.  Despite the pack he and Brooke had made to remain just friends, Bill caved and told Brooke that he too has never gotten over them.

Katie Overhears

Brooke was aghast and horrified.  Though she loved Bill, she couldn’t do that to her sister again.  Brooke Told Bill that he was the love of her life and that Katie could never know.

The only problem?  Katie did know.  She’ d arrive in time to hear Brooke call Bill the love of her life but she’d missed Bill’s confession that he too couldn’t forget Brooke.

What Will Katie Do To Bill

Katie Disowns Brooke

Katie responded to Brooke’s confession swiftly.  After grappling with the enormity of her sister betraying her a second time, Katie confronted her sister who found her on the floor of her office.  Brooke was worried about Katie’s transplanted heart, but it was emotional pain that was ripping Katie’s heart out of her chest.   Katie told Brooke that she had overheard Brooke’s little secret.  Katie’s take on Brooke telling Bill she was still in love with him was to instigate a new intimacy between them by sharing this secret from his clueless wife;  Katie.   Brooke couldn’t take Ridge from Caroline who is pregnant with his child, so she targeted Bill, where her only competition was Katie; the unpopular Logan; the medical hardship case.

Katie Protects What is Hers

Brooke couldn’t get through to Katie so she left.  Katie told her husband that she knew Brooke’s secret and she told him in no uncertain terms that Brooke couldn’t have him and that Katie would protect what was hers. Katie’s next move was to go to Brooke’s home and inform her sister that not only was her contract at Spencer Publications voiced but so was her place in Katie’s life. Brooke was to stay away from Spencer Publications, stay away from Bill and stay away from her.

Brooke seeing how much her sister was in pain agreed, but told her that if Katie ever needed her, she would be there for her.  Katie calmly told Brooke that she would never need her again and left.

Eric Gets It

What Katie’s pain didn’t allow her to see, Eric Forrester did.  After hearing what happened from Brooke, Eric went to Bill.  Eric told him that Brooke’s confession of her feelings didn’t happen in a vacuum.  Eric asks Bill what he did to elicit it.  Eric tells Bill that he too has loved Brooke for a long time and understands that those feeling don’t just go away.

Katie in the Dark

The Logan sister’s are at war.  But Katie doesn’t yet realize the enormity of the situation.  She overheard only Brooke confess her feelings.  But Bill, too admitted that he never got over his feeling for his sister in law.

Not willing to let the history repeat, Katie is on a mission to protect her family and she believes that ostracizing Brooke is the answer.  Katie’s punishment of her sister’s betrayal has been swift and hard but not unjustified.

What Will Katie Do To Bill?

If she considers Brooke’s confession a betrayal, what will she think when she learns that Bill, too, faces the same struggle as Brooke?   Katie is already in a place of hatred and anger.  While she struggles with the fragile heart transplanted from her own brother, Katie has not collapsed yet.  She is using retribution to keep her strong.  She is currently driven by hate, which means that she could be capable of anything once she learns that Bill too harbors the same feelings as Brooke…


  1. Why can’t the soaps cast new men and women on some of the soap opera? I get sick of watching family going behind each other husband, wife, in laws, etc. It’s disgusting. I’m sick of Steffy, blaming Wyatt for his mother’s actions. Quinn is a grown woman. Wyatt can’t control his mother. I don’t think Steffy should hold him responsible, and threatened to divorce him he can’t get rid of his mother. I pray every day that Hope will return and she and Liam will reunite. They never got the happiness they deserve because Steffy always was interfering. Hope and Liam ate the main reasons I started back watching b&b. Then Bill & Brooke. Not a good match. Brooke & Ridge. YESSS!! Get some excitement going. Let Zenda, & Nicole have a beautiful wedding or something. Eric & Quinn. Who cares? Eric is a bit too old for her. Bring someone who fits Stephanie prescription who will remind Eric of Stephanie in so many ways. Eric and Quinn marriage don’t last. Quinn did all this dirt, like Steffy, and either one paid the consequences. Smh. Come on B&B. I love you guys. But I’m getting a little bored. Stop Bill & Brooke’so wedding. Let Brooke think back on memory lane of she and Ridge. Something. Let Hope arrive back in town. Let there be another show off between Hope, Ivy, and Steffy. Only Hope wins!! Yeah!!! Wyatt and Steffy lives happily ever after ! ! So do Liam and Hope. Hey why not a doubled wedding???

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