January 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 – Episode #7245

Episode Summary:


Liam wakes in Bill’s office at Spencer Publications.  He locks the door.  He is still overwhelmed by what he saw the previous night.  He uses Bill’s shower and put son Bill’s clothes.  Bill and Katie arrive.  She wants to know if he slept there. And Bill notes that Liam was wearing his clothes.  Liam scoffs that the clothes that crossed the international date line twice weren’t doing him much good.

Bill and Katie don’t understand what is going on. He’s been to Australia and back since the last time she say him Katie asks dumbfounded. Bill wonders if Liam needs more frequent flyer miles for  elite status because Bill won’t let him use the jet. Liam explains that Ivy and Wyatt broke up. Bill wants to know what is going on with him. Something clearly is.

Liam notes apparently he doesn’t have an office here anymore. Bill admits he’s done some reshuffling, he has an office on this side of the building now; bigger, better view.  Not that it matters Bill notes he’s never here.  Liam says that will change.  He’s pulling back from Forrester.  Bad timing Liam notes since he doesn’t have an office or a job since Brooke is now the editor of Eye on Fashion.  Bill says of course he has an office and a job.  Bill has a long list of things he doesn’t understand, but is pleased that Liam is going to see Steffy.

Once Liam leaves, Katie states that Steffy and Liam are having a fight.  If Bill flew half way around the world with an ex girlfriend they would be having a fight.

Brooke arrives for her first day at Spencer Publications.

Wyatt and Steffy Wake

At the beach house Wyatt dresses and Steffy wakes.  She’s disappointed that Liam hasn’t even called.  Wyatt tells her that coffee is on. He’ll tell people at work not to expect her today.  He asks her if this is weird.  She says he was sweet but protective.  She didn’t need a lover, she needed a friend and he was a friend.

Steffy tells Wyatt that last night was hell but he made it better. She’s staying home, but Wyatt is going in to the office.

At Forrester Creations

At Forrester, Eric and Brooke explain that Ivy has gone back to Australia.  Eric hopes that Wyatt and Quinn can work with Ivy long distance, but Quinn doesn’t want Wyatt to ever hear Ivy’s name again.

Quinn learns about Brooke’s career change. Wyatt arrives and they discuss Wyatt and Quinn taking over the jewelry line without help.  Eric leaves and Quinn wants to know where he’s been.  Quinn went to his house and he didn’t let her in.  Wyatt notes that is creepy then tells her that he slept somewhere else.

He admits that he stayed with Steffy at Liam’s house.  Liam flew to Australia with Ivy. Quinn says Liam is desperate to be needed and Steffy isn’t hapless enough to be that.

Liam Confronts Steffy

Liam arrives home and asks Steffy how she slept. Those aren’t the clothes he left in Steffy notes. Liam says if they are going right to accusations he can do that too. She wonders is Ivy is with him or if he’s moving to Australia.

Liam asks Steffy to be honest and tell him what he is entitled to know.  But Steffy doesn’t understand and asks him how he could go to Australia with Ivy; to do that to Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t understand what he is blaming her for.

He blames her for pretty much everything; commandeering his life making him think he can’t be happy without her; for marrying him; for losing their baby; for leaving him; and for coming back.

He’s not coming back to Forrester and he doesn’t want to find her here tomorrow.  He’ll stay at his dad’s until she moves her stuff out.  The ring she can leave anywhere.

Steffy says that this isn’t how they do this.  She waited for him because when the hit a rough patch they work it out.  Steffy doesn’t get his attitude.  He left with another woman  . Steffy wants to know if Liam is with Ivy.  Liam asks her how much she let him tell her when he called form Australia.  She hung up on him.

Did something happen to Ivy?  Liam asks if it’s like a concussion?  He asks her to think hard and see if she hasn’t done anything unforgiveable here.  He had plans for their life, but people get hurt around her.  People aren’t safe around here.  He isn’t safe around her.

Steffy whimpers he’s not leaving.  Liam says goodbye and leaves as Steffy cries.


Monday, January 12, 2015 – Episode #6991

Caroline scoffs at Maya

Caroline scoffs – Maya Avant the next Forrester Matriarch.  Rick believes in her Maya says.  Step aside.  Rick has moved on.  Maya is keeping it real.  Rick k is a dead end for her, but another man has a lot of feelings for her Maya tells Caroline.  There is no marriage to save Maya continues.

Caroline knows she handed Maya this opportunity.  Maya says she’s just like Caroline.  She likes the power and the wealth but would drop it all in a second if Rick asked her too.  She loves Rick that much.

Maya reminds her that she fell in love with Rick the struggling waiter at Dayzees. Pedigree and proper upbringing don’t necessarily give a happy marriage. She allowed herself to feel inferior, but that’s over.  She has a lot of good qualities.  She’s ambitious and has drive.  She’s a quick study, but she will earn to be the grand dame this family needs her to be.  She will surprise everyone – even Caroline Maya says staring up at her portrait.

Just because someone is of a different class than her – a working lower clas sdoens’t mean she doesn’t have any.  She will be a good wife, partner and lead Model.  She has something to offer.  Maya knows it.  Rick does too and that is all that matters.

Pam Wants Ridge to Do Something

Pam tells Ridge and Carter that Maya and Rick have moved into he main house, sleeping in his dads bed and has replaces Stephanie’s portrait with one of Maya an emotional Pam says.  Pam says Ridge has to do something about this.

Can you imagine how Caroline will feel about this Pam asks.  Yes, says Ridge.  That’s’ why he did it.

Later, with Carter alone Ridge admits that he’s worried about Caroline.  Carter said he’s on his side and Caroline’s, but ….Ridge stops him.  Caroline is trying to put her family back together and have kids with Rick.  He Is going to respect that even if he doesn’t’ respect Rick.

Ridge heads to talk to Rick.

Ridge Tells Rick to Take Caroline Back – Before it’s too Late

Aly confronts Rick about what he’s done and how upsetting it would be.  Or was that the point?  Rick says none of it was an affront. Rick says he doesn’t need a reminder of how Stephanie allowed Ridge to treat his mother.  Aly says she hears something else though.  It’s as much about sending Caroline as message as anything else – isn’t it?

Aly thinks he’s miserable.  Rick says he isn’t.  Maya has earned her position as the Forrester matriarch and deserved every good thing coming her way.  Aly knows what it is like to carry a lot of anger inside –s eh did it with Taylor and her mother’s death.  She suspects it’s the same for him and Caroline.

Rick thinks that he would have been played for a fool if Maya hadn’t exposed Caroline and Ridge. Alone Rick remembers his conversations about Caroline wanting him back, then seeing the portrait.

Ridge enters Rick’s office.   Watch the attitude Rick warns.  What is he doing just sticking it to everybody.  Ridge warns him that going alone isn’t all its cracked up to be.

If you want a life with Caroline, stop punishing her.  When Rick has a hissy fit, Ridge says he will wear it.  Everything that happened was his fault. He’s sorry.  But a little less sorry each day, given the way Rick is behaving.

Rick reminds Ridge he’s gone after all their wives, Thorne’, Dad’s and now his. You have no boundaries because there is no Forrester blood running through you r veins, Rick says.  You’re a bastard Marone. Who takes and keeps on taking.

Caroline loves you.  If you want to reconcile do it now Ridge warns.  Start the healing process Ridge says.  No one is buying your stunts. Stop being a child who pulls a girls pig tails.  If Maya is your number one have you told her you love her?  No you haven’t Ridge says.  But you haven’t because Caroline is the love of your life.  You prove that every time you go after her.  Caroline believes in your marriage.  That speaks volumes – or it would to any other man.  Don’t screw this up Ridge says.  Take her back before its too late.



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