January 15: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, January 15, 2016 – Episode #7248

Episode Summary:

Bill and Brooke’s Pledge

Brooke and Bill take a pledge. The agree and acknowledge to move forward as friends nothing more.  They shake on it.

Bill and Brooke agree what they had was a beautiful moment in time but thinks are different now.  Bill tells Brooke he’s happier than he’s ever been.  Brooke just doesn’t want to be a problem for him and Katie.  Bill says Katie wanted her here so he knows its not a problem; for either of them.

Katie enters.  She has photos for the press release about Brooke working with them. Bill is uncomfortable too close to Brooke as they check the photos.

Katie takes Brooke to her office;  Liam’s office. Allison brings in Will, the leaves after some banter with Katie.  Brooke notes there is a chill in the air.  Allison thinks she’s Bill’s office wife, which is inconvenient since Katie now works there.

Katie and Brooke work together and they are glad they are.  Meanwhile in his office, Bill pours a drink and is unable to get the recent kiss with Brooke out of his mind. You are a husband and a father he tells himself.  You cannot go there again.  Bill thumps his desk

Nicole Asks Rick Not To Hire Sasha

Nicole tries to explain her feelings to Rick. She and Sasha are like sisters, but they have a competitive thing and Nicole is afraid she will take it too far this time; with Zende.  Nicole loves Zende and something is telling her not to trust Sasha around him.

Rick asks if Nicole doesn’t want him to hire Sasha as a print model.  Nicole says she’d prefer it if Sasha weren’t a model.  Rick is surprised.  Nicole says she feels vulnerable being pregnant, and Sasha definitely isn’t.  Sasha isn’t above taking unfair advantage.

Their competitiveness has always been a game, but she doesn’t have the energy for it because she’s carrying their child.  And Zende isn’t a game and the playing field isn’t level.

Rick says he will take care of it. Rick and Maya ower her a lot and there isn’t a think she could asks that he wouldn’t do for her.

Sasha is on a High, then a Low

Sasha tells Zende she just had the best day of her life.  They complement each other on their modeling and photography.. Sasha tells him he made her look good enough to be a model at Forrester Creations.  This is better than any dream she’s ever had.  And its all due to Nicole.  Sasha doesn’t know how she’s ever going to thank her.

Sasha asks if being adopted Zende ever doubted his parents love.  Zende says he didn’t.  Sasha says that Nicole had the love of two parents also, but she didn’t. She was raised by a single mom. Zende asks about her father, but Rick arrives.

Rick checks out the photos they have just taken.  The composition is great but he seems to have acted precipitously.  He tells Sasha that he doesn’t think Sasha modeling for them is going to work out after all.

Sasha and Zende don’t agree.  Rick tells her she’s beautiful but her energy is too youthful and exuberant.  He doesn’t have time to train on the job. Sasha is disappointed it was a fun fantasy while it lasted.  She is grateful for the opportunity.

Rick leaves. Zende says that was very weird when Sasha says that was the shortest modeling career in history.  She’s feeling disappointed and a little rejected.  Zende wonders what she means when she says she’s used to it.  Sasha is going to go thank Rick for the opportunity.

Nicole Defends Her Relationship Some More

Veronica and Carter are working out on the Sky Lounge when Nicole arrives. Veronica tells Nicole she is very lucky to have snagged Zende.  And Nicole intends to stay that way.

Carter says he doesn’t know many men who would stand by a woman pregnant by another man, but Nicole is determined not to let it, or anyone, come between her and Zende.

Nicole is gone when Veronica asks Carter about his attitude to Nicole’s preganancy. Carter agrees he doesn’t think its fair on Zende and using Nicole as a surrogate isnt’ right either.  But that’s just his opinion.  Zende arrives and he doesn’t look happy.

Zende says he just someone’s dreams get smashed and they tried to blow it off like it didn’t matter.

Sasha Overhears Why She isn’t a Model

Nicole sees Rick.  Rick says its been handled.  Nicole feels awful when she learns Sasha was disappointed; devastated.  Nicole still feels like a horrible person.  She’s never felt this vulnerable before. Nicole explains to Rick so that she can understand it herself.  She just doesn’t’ trust Sasha with Zende.  Competing with Nicole is like second nature to her and she has to make sure Zende isn’t in play. She has to protect what is hers.  From outside the office Sasha overhears.


Thursday, January 15, 2015 – Episode #6994

Do You Love Me?

Ridge and Caroline give into their feelings and continue kissing.  Caroline finally breaks away.  Ridge tells her he wants what she wants.  Caroline says they can’t go back.  Whatever they do or don’t do, everything else is lost, Ridge agrees.  Katie is gone; Rick is living with someone else.  Good behavior isn’t going to bring that back.  All that is left is wanting something we’ve never had before…

Ridge says she can take of leave him.  Its up to her.  Caroline doesn’t like feeling out of control.  She doesn’t feel like she failed.  She wanted to stay married.  Ridge says it wasn’t up to her.

Ridge wanted to be a better person.  He couldn’t get past his ex wife having an affair with her sisters husband.  And now I’ve done the same.  Caroline notes they weren’t having an affair.  No Ridge says.  We were just kissing but we both know it was always more than that.

What do you see when you look at me Caroline asks. Ridge admits he sees fear. She wants to know if it what he saw when he looked at Caroline – his first love.  Ridge says no – not that.  She does look like her and he does remind him of her.  She was studied, deliberate and sweet.  But Caroline, this one, isn’t deliberate or sweet.  He’s not living in his past, he assures her.

The think leading her to her isn’t purely physical they would have done it already.  Ridge tells her he’s not seducing her.  Maybe she’s the one seducing him.  It will be hugely messy and a little difficult but what do you want.  You says Ridge and time.  Ridge says he’ll wait.

They cuddle on the sofa. This feels good Ridge tells her.  It feels Right Caroline says.  Let’s pay attention to that Caroline suggests.

Maya and Rick

Maya asks if Rick has ever slept in this room before.  Only once after using the pool.  After Eric had moved on, from Brooke.  Stephanie found him screaming because Brooke’s son was in her bed.

Maya asked if Stephanie was awful to him.  You never knew what you would get with Stephanie Rick admitted.  That’s why Maya is on the wall.  He knows what he will get with her.  Maya promises to make him the best life.

Maya says her family never thought she would amount to anything.  She wishes they could see she turned out okay. Lead model and happy partner of the CEO, Maya says.  Maya asks if they will last.

Rick and Maya get a call.  Ivy wants to know if they are coming down for dinner.  Rick tells them he has everything he needs up there in the bedroom.  Rick sends Maya to get wine and cheese.  He searches the room for a cork screw.  He opens a draw and Maya returns asking what type of wine. She tells Rick she will learn to be a good hostess.  She will never embarrass him, she promises.  Maya leaves again, Rick reopens the draw and pulls out a gun…

Aly and Ivy and Their Roommates

Aly and Ivy come home to find empty martini glasses on the living room table.  Seeing Maya’s shoes on the stairs, Ivy notes she doesn’t think they are on the patio…Ivy calls Rick and tells Ally dinner is theirs fair and square.

Ally asks if she thinks Caroline should give up.  Ivy doesn’t know why she hasn’t.  Rick’s messages are pretty clear.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014 – Episode #6741

Will Hope Move in with Wyatt?

Hope is stunned that Wyatt has asked her to move in as a couple.  He knows its fast but they know how they feel about each other.  Why not just do it he says.

Hope asks Wyatt if he’s ever lived with anyone before.  He understands why she’s hesitant.  Its a lot, Hope says to Wyatt. You are the only person I’ve wanted to share my life with Wyatt tells Hope. This place is amazing and the only thing that would make it better is living her with you.  Hope tells him that she will come visit him a lot.  Wyatt takes it.  he’s going to hold her to that he tells her before kissing her.

Wyatt will ask her again, he tells Hope.  He knew it was a long shot.  We don’t have to rush this, Hope says.  We’re together now and that’s new for us.

Quinn Worries About Liam Investigating the Jewel Heist
Quinn asks if Liam is doing an article about the heist.  Pam reAlyzes that is probably why Liam was asking all those questions.  Pam s thrilled that her Charlie could be in Eye on Fashion.

Quinn wants to head to the boutique but Aly tells Quinn she is needed with a jewelry pairing.  Pam tells Aly Quinn isn’t mad with her just wanted to be somewhere else Pam tells Aly.

At the Boutique

Charlie says the thieves must have been hiding in the store snuck out and taken the diamond.  But he doesn’t know how.  He walks Liam through what happened.  Charlie had his back to the door shooing out the last of the customers leaving Wyatt closest to the diamond.  When Charlie turned around from locking the door the diamond was gone.  So you had your back to Wyatt, Liam notes.  Charlie defends Wyatt.  Charlie says he’ll check the security footage.  Liam is stunned the police didn’t take it.  Charlie says they didn’t need it since they found the diamond in the thieves “handbag”.

Charlie starts reviewing the security footage as Liam heads back to the office.

Charlie is about to call Liam and tell him that there is nothing on the footage when he sees a hand taking the diamond.  He pans the camera and sees in a mirror a reflection of Wyatt stealing the diamond.  He had the diamond the whole time.  You’re no hero Charlie says.  Liam was right. Charlie picks up the phone to call Liam but Quinn is standing behind him and tells him to put the phone down.

Liam Looks for Hope

Liam arrives back at the office and asks Aly if she’s seen Hope.  Hope is out, Aly tells Liam.  Aly asks what happened at the boutique. Liam says that he thinks he got Wyatt.  Charlie is looking into what happened.  The thieves passed a polygraph.  Aly works out that Wyatt did it.  Liam says that something doesn’t add up.  There are no boundaries with this guy.  Hope is not safe with him and she needs to now that he tells Aly when she is concerned that Liam is trying to pin the robbery on Wyatt to discredit him in Hopes eyes.

Liam tells Aly that he doesn’t trust Wyatt and his mom.  Aly thinks stealing the diamond they brought to Forrester is kind of extreme.  That’s a good way to describe Quinn and Wyatt.  Up until now it was all Quinn, but if he can pin this on Wyatt it proves that he’s the same as his mom.  Aly tells Wyatt that the guys caught were notorious jewel thieves.  They got caught and now they are saying they didn’t do it.  It’s kind of what criminals do, Aly says.  Liam admits it’s a long shot but hopefully Charlie will find something on the security footage.


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