January 21: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, January 21, 2016 – Episode #7252


January 22, 2016 B&BBill appears to be philosophical as he states that some storms are more difficult to navigate than others.

Brooke tells Bill and Katie that if “he” (Liam?) is coming back to Spencer Publications she doesn’t want to be the source of tension in their family.  (Brooke took over at Editor of Eye on Fashion – previously Liam’s job, and has also taken over his office).

Wyatt tells Steffy that she is not the kind of woman who should be waiting around for any man; let along Liam.

Meanwhile Quinn is the on the phone telling someone (Wyatt?) that Liam isn’t capable of stepping up for Steffy right now.


Wednesday January 21, 2015 – Episode #6998

Liam Defends Ivy and Caroline

Rick gets up from the floor. If you disrespect them Rick you go through me, Liam tells Rick who thinks he should be able to talk to his employees (Caroline and Ivy) as he feels he needs to.

Ivy and Caroline tell Liam what happened.  That Rick was berating them.  Ivy says she defended Caroline and Rick threatened to fire her.  Then he did fire Caroline Ivy tells Liam.

Liam calls Rick a hypercritical when he rants about Caroline his cheater wife.  Liam notes he’s living with his mistress – sleeping with her ever night. You don’t get to be a bully because you’re hurt, just because you can Liam tells him.

This is my company Rick rails; he’s not going to let Liam tell him how to run his business.  Rick rants that he didn’t create this untenable situation Caroline did that on her won.  Now she has to deal with the fallout.  Deal with it or leave Rick says.

Liam accuses Rick of breaking Caroline’s spirit by lying and rubbing his relationship with maya in his face.  Stop behaving like a pissed off little child Liam says.  Do you think your father would be proud of you right now.  You of all people should know what it is like to be treated unfairly Liam yells at Rick who can’t stop throwing his CEO title around.

You touch me again you will have a flight on you hand Rick says.  Rick tells Ivy and Caroline that New York and Australia are only a flight away.

These women are not unprotected Liam says.  Next time he’ll bring more than a friendly shove Liam tells Rick.  Liam says he is like his father where protecting the people he loves is concerned.

Alone, Ivy says Rick’s behavior has been typical of late. Liam is trying to work out how closely Rick needs to be watched. He won’t get away with doing this to either of them Liam promises ivy and Caroline.  Liam thinks Eric made a mistake making Rick CEO.  Caroline tells Liam what Rick did to play Eric to get full control of Forrester Creations for a year.

They have no choice but to tip toe around Rick.  Rick is the boss but there’s not much they can do about it.  Liam says he’s going to keep an eye on the guy.  Caroline leaves. With Caroline gone Liam says this is an awful price to pay for a couple of kisses.

Ivy thanks Liam for standing up for them. Liam has a plan to do with his love for her.  He has to give her a head start.  Liam tells her he meant it in Amsterdam and he means in now.  He loves. Her.  Ivy tells him she loves him also.  Hold that thought Liam tells Ivy.

Bill Wants Katie Back

Bill tells Katie there is a new era dawning at Spencer Publications with her and Liam at his side.  They will accomplish something unprecedented in the office and at home too.  They discuss his previous stance on childcare and flex hours and Katie forces Bill to say he was wrong.  That is the sexiest thing he’s ever said to her she says.   Everything she implemented was good for the company it made employees cared about and it reflected in productivity.  Katie notes that Bill Spencer lives and learns.

Bill makes fun of Ridge and his engagement string.  Bill says when you want a real one you let me know.  Katie suggests they take one day at a time.  Katie admits she’s excited about working with him and Liam.  He wishes he had something to offer Caroline to get her away from Forrester.  Katie says she’s got a good future as s designer at Forrester.

Bill tries to convince Katie to take him back.  She’s not ready to take that leap of faith again – he was the one that caused her to trip. Bill admits he didn’t fully appreciate what she was dealing with with her post natal depression.  He wants to make it up to her.  But Katie can’t forget he left her for Brooke.  She would like to believe in them again.  Bill promises her she can.

Rick Pulls Out the Gun

Meanwhile in his office Rick begins drinking and reflects on his history with Ridge.  He pulls out his briefcase and pulls out the gun he found in Stephanie’s night stand.



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