January 5: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, January 5, 2015 – Episode #7240


January 5 2016 B&BQuinn tells Ivy while she is still in the hospital, that her being here, concerned about whether she lives or dies, doesn’t mean she forgives Ivy for how much she hurt her son.

Meanwhile, Steffy is at Liam’s Malibu beach house.  She is on the phone and tells the person on the other end that she is staying there until Liam comes home and they are going to work this out. Even if it takes all night. (Liam was furious that Steffy went after Ivy confronting her and was present when Ivy fell down the stairs.)

Despite her accident, Ivy has not had a change of heart.  She’s going home to Australia.  That is exactly what she is going to do.

Episode Summary

Eric Learns about Ivy’s accident

Eric learns from Pam about Ivy’s fall.  Somehow, Steffy is involved Pam tells him.

At the Hospital

Wyatt is at the hospital again waiting to find out about her condition again. Quinn tries to change the subject.  She bets that Steffy needs a friend.  She must be upset about what happened with Ivy.  You heard Liam, he’d done.

Go and get her Quinn encourages her son.  Liam walks in. Quinn changes the subject to Steffy being there.  Liam says she shouldn’t have been there. Liam tells Quinn that he lost his cool with Steffy over it.  Told her he was done.

They are waiting to hear about Ivy’s condition again.  Because of Steffy.  Because she has to get in everyone’s face.  It drives Liam nuts.

Ivy gets back to her room.  She suffered a mild concussion.  She can go home tonight. No strenuous activity, no driving.  If she feels nauseous at all she is to come right back.  Ivy thanks them for staying but when she wants to talk to Wyatt he leaves.  Before she leaves Quinn says her being here concerned for her doesn’t forgive her for how much she hurt her son.  Quinn leaves.

Liam offers to take her to Eric’s house.  But Ivy still wants to go home to Australia. Liam tells her it’s not a good idea to go home today.  She’s not even supposed to be driving let alone flying half way around the world.

Liam tries to talk her out of it. But Ivy needs to get out of LA.  Liam wishes that she would wait a few days.  But Ivy is determined to go today.

Eric arrives at the hospital and hears from Ivy she is going home to Australia.  He is sorry.  But Ivy tells him he has been incredible and she will miss him.  Eric respects her choice.  She’s a Forrester; as much as anyone else.  There will always be a place for her here.  If she doesn’t find what she is looking for out there she is to come right back.  She will always have a place here.

Liam comes in and tells Eric that he is taking Ivy to the airport since he can’t change her mind about leaving.

Eric Learns about Ivy’s accident

Eric learns from Pam about Ivy’s fall.  Somehow, Steffy is involved Pam tells him.

Steffy Waits for Liam

At home Steffy waits for Liam to call and remembers her altercation with Ivy ending with Ivy accidently falling down the stairs.  She remembers Liam’s anger and what he said.  Liam doesn’t care if it’s a cosmic coincidence that Ivy ends up in the hospital whenever they talk. they had a conversation about this.  She was supposed to stay away.  Liam left the mansion for the hospital telling Steffy that he was done.

She reflects on their relationship and wonders if it is really over.

Steffy calls Wyatt who is back at the office. He tells her that Ivy will be okay.  Wyatt apologizes for not calling her.  Steffy is at home but Liam is not responding.  He’s upset with her.  Wyatt asks if she’s okay.  She sounds sad.  He tells her to hang in there.  Steffy says she isn’t giving up.  She’s going to wait for Liam and they will work it out.  Even if it takes all night.

Afterwards, Quinn tells Wyatt to go to Steffy.  Wyatt doesn’t like his coaching in his personal life.  And all Steffy wanted to talk about was Liam and where he was.  He’s not going after a woman who is getting over Liam again. Quinn understands why he is wary.  Hope and Ivy hurt him. They aren’t worthy of him.  But Quinn believes from the bottom of her heart that he and Steffy belong together.

She is alone.  Left in the dust by Liam.  Go to her; as a friend, Quinn advises.

Wyatt takes his mother’s advice. They guess Liam is still at the hospital.  Wyatt says they know him, he will take her home make sure Ivy’s okay.  Steffy asks why he is there.  He thought she might need a friend.  She didn’t push ivey but Steffy wonders why these terrible things keep happening around her.

Wyatt believes her.  Steffy needs

Leaving on a jet Plane

Liam helps Ivy board.  He’s bought two seats so that he could help her onboard and have two seats to stretch out.  Liam asks the flight attendant to keep an eye on Ivy since she has a mild concussion.

Ivy has a vague moment and Liam worries she is okay.  She tells him that some of her happiest moments have been with him. Ivy doesn’t feel well.  Liam gets a towel from flight attendant who tells him he needs to take his seat as soon as possible.  Liam rushes to the restroom and runs water on the towel as the plane engines come on.  Water sprays from the faucets onto the floor.  Liam slips, hits his head and is knocked unconscious.


Monday, January 5, 2014 – Episode #6986

The fallout of Rick’s announcement

You conned your own father to get control of this company, Carter states stunned.  Eric says he won’t accept this.  It’s too late Rick says.  Ridge asks what about what Caroline?  She’s not my problem anymore Rick harshly states.

You played us all an angry Eric spits.  I’ll get this reversed Eric yells.  It’s deceitful, underhanded and hateful. Complete control for this?  Eric says glancing at Maya.  Maya will be very beneficial to Forrester’s Future.  The contract is signed and witnessed.  It’s done.

Maya tries to defend Rick.  Eric tells Caroline he’s sorry – he had no idea Rick had something like this planned.

You’re a spoiled petulant brat.  Ridge says.

Have the kids, the family with him Rick spits.  An upset Caroline yells at Rick that he said he forgave her.  And you said he would be faithful.  I guess we both lied.

One wrong work out of you Ridge and I will fire you.  Eric tells his son he is out of control.  Rick says he can have 10 designers just like that.  You are replaceable he yells.  He tells his father to go on vacation.  He will keep it a family business but he will run it how he sees fit.  He expects them all to treat Maya with respect – his new partner.

Eric tells Rick this is not how a CEO behaves.  You used Caroline to get control of this company.  Rick tells Eric to go teach, he will be the CEO expects.  He will make him proud.  He should enjoy his time off.

Rick tells Ridge’s tenure as VP and head designer remains.  He and Caroline can do what they like.  Because it won’t affect him.

Someone is packing Caroline’s things.  Where does he want them delivered Maya is moving in.  Caroline yells to throw everyone out so she can talk to her husband alone.

Caroline Talks to Rick Alone

Was this all just a put on Caroline wants to know once they are alone.  Yes Rick states.  From the minute she turned to Ridge…

Now you know what it feels like.  This is how If when you betrayed me with Ridge.  Caroline understands he was angry but she didn’t deserve this. She’s never been more hurt in her entire life.  She thought they were working on their marriage.  You slept next to me and were so disconnected.  You were with Maya sneaking around with her. Caroline cries.  Congratulations you got me, Caroline tells Rick.

Caroline tells Rick she is mad but knows its because of his pain and his history with Ridge. Rick tells her it’s because he wants to be with Maya.  Caroline doesn’t believe him.  Its taking every bit of her strength right now not to slap him.  She will swallow her pride for their relationship.  She still wants everything they signed up for.  She knows he wants it too. Rick looks at her with tears in his eyes.  One more chance Caroline says.  You have hurt me more than anyone ever had.  I know you don’t want a life with her.  We’ve both made mistakes.  It’s not too late to save our marriage Caroline wails.  Say you’re willing to try Caroline begs in tears.

Outside the Office

Othello tells Pam there will be changes around here.  He’s got a vibe.  Pam is concerned about her and Charlie’s jobs.  Ivy arrives looking for Maya. Ivy isn’t comfortable keeping the secret anymore.  She’s telling Caroline.  Othello thinks it too late.  Ivy tells Pm.  They discuss Caroline being devastated.  Ivy regrets keeping the secret to herself.  Rick’s threat stopped her being a good friend

Happy Maya

On the sky lounge Maya is deliriously happy and reflects on her relationship with Rick.  Ivy finds her.  Maya tells her she’s too late.  Rick told her in front of everyone right after he got control of Forrester.

Ivy questions Rick’s commitment to Maya, the rebound girl he used. Maya says she’ll  sleep fine tonight – next to Rick.  Ivy says she shouldn’t have gotten involved with a married man.

Contract Review

Carter reviews the contract he can’t find a loophole.  Caroline wasn’t included in the contract Eric thought they were solid.  Ridge says Rick still loves Caroline, that’s why he’s doing this.  Maya is just a pawn in Rick’s little game only she doesn’t know it yet,

There is no legal way to remove Rick for a year, Carter says.  He’ll sue if they try.  Ridge notes they have to put up with these shenanigans for a year.


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