January 6: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 – Episode #7241


January 6 2016 B&BA bitter Sasha asks Julius how many years he promised her mother that he was going to leave Vivienne.  Sasha yells at Julius.  What did she do to deserve to be treated this way by him?  Julius is determined not to let Sasha interfere.  He tells her she needs to stop this.  And stop this now.

Steffy continues to wait for Liam to come home after taking Ivy to the hospital after her fall, and telling Steffy that he was done.  Steffy says they will do what they always do.  They will work it out.  Wyatt assures Steffy that she didn’t push Ivy.  She wouldn’t do that.

Episode Summary:

Liam is knocked out

When Ivy is unwell Liam grabs a towel under cold water for her.  The flight attendant tells him he wants to get back to his seat for takeoff.  Liam hurries as he wants to disembark.  He slips when the floor in the plane’s restroom gets wet and knocks himself out as the plane’s engines start and the flight attendant tells passengers to prepare for takeoff.

Steffy tells Wyatt that what happened was an accident’  Wyatt says he knows.  Steffy is stunned.  She doesn’t have to explain herself to him?  But Wyatt knows she didn’t push Ivy.  She wouldn’t do that.

That’s not how Liam says it she tells Wyatt.  Steffy admits that she shouldn’t have confronted Ivy at the house.  Liam was right, it was a big mistake. Steffy knows Liam said a lot of things he didn’t mean today, but she knows he wants to hear that.

Back at her seat, Ivy learns from the flight attendant that the doors are closed.  She realizes that Liam didn’t have time to say goodbye.

On the plane Liam regains consciousness. He exits the restroom to bring Ivy her towel.  The flight attendant tells him to buckle up.  He says he has to get off the plane.  The flight attendant tells him that won’t be possible.  The plan already took off.  They are at 30,000 ft.  It looks like he and his companion are both going to Sydney.

Liam realizes he must have passed out in the bathroom when he slipped and missed the announcement the plane was taking off. Liam tells the flight attendant they have to turn the plane around and go back to LA.  She asks if he’s having a medical emergency.  He clearly isn’t and she tells him that even thought he thinks he shouldn’t be on the flight, he is a ticketed passenger.  He’s not going to Australia, Liam says.  Ivy tells him that she thinks he is…Liam gets upset.  He needs to go back to LA.  The flight attendant tells him to calm down.  He can purchase a return ticket as soon as he lands.  Until then he should sit back and relax.  She leaves.

Ivy thanks him for the towel.  She’s happy he’s’ here, even if he doesn’t.  Ivy realizes that Steffy doesn’t know where he is. It reminds her that they have always looked out for each other.  She hopes he doesn’t get into too much trouble for this.  Liam thinks Steffy will understand.

Steffy Waits; With Wyatt

Steffy checks her phone again.  Wyatt notes she still hasn’t heard from Liam.  She says he’s busy playing doctor, but Wyatt is still surprised that Liam hasn’t called Steffy to tell her that Ivy is okay. Steffy says he will, she’s sure the discharge paperwork is taking forever and he wants to get Ivy settled in at Eric’s.

Wyatt said Ivy was fine and it wasn’t serious.  So Liam could be coming home right now.  And when he does, they will do what they always do.  Work it out.  Even if it takes all night.

Steffy thanks Wyatt for coming by.  Liam just needs to come to his senses and wake up.

Steffy continues to text Liam.


Zende and Carter workout on the sky lounge.  The discuss Hawaii. Did he and Hawaii get some alone time Carter wants to know.  They had their moments, not as much as they like but Maya kept a close eye on Nicole.  He understands that Nicole is carrying their baby, but Maya didn’t have to hover all the time.

Veronica brings Carter some numbers.  He introduces her to Zende. Nicole arrives. She interrupts a mutual admiration session and makes it clear Zende is her boyfriend.  Later alone, Nicole quizzes him about Veronica.  Zende realizes she’s jealous.  She blames it on hormones.  Everything makes her either emotional or nauseous.  She says she doesn’t think she is much fun to be around.

Zende assures her she is beautiful and he was just talking to Veronica.


Elsewhere at Forrester Creations, Sasha and Nicole discuss Hawaii too.  Everyone just got along.  Nicole wishes she could have come but it was not that kind of trip.  Sasha says she gets it, family only, as Julius enters.

Nicole leaves feeling queasy.

Julius tells her she shouldn’t be here. This is Nicole’s job.  But Sasha thinks he is just scared she’ll get a job there and stay in LA.  He wouldn’t like that, would he, Dad, Sasha says.

Julius tries to silence her.  Sasha tells him she won’t shush him.  He wasn’t’ there for her made sure that she and her mother had everything they needed.  Sasha says her mother waited for him to be the mans she thought he was.  How many years did he promise to leave Vivienne?  But he never did, too worried about what his friends at the gold club would think.

Julius agrees he is concerned about his reputation, but his priority has always been family first.  I’m your family too, Sasha spits at Julius.  She has protected him and kept his secret all these years; never said a work to Nicole through all the years they have been friends.

Julius reminds her that exposing their secret could shatter all their lives.  It would have destroyed her relationship with Nicole.  It still could he tells her. Sasha says she’s not a threat to his family. Why keep this secret know however?  They are all adults.  No one in California knows him.  It’s not like Maya coming out as transgender or Nicole carrying her, now sisters, baby. Sasha wonders if he will do to Maya’s baby what he did to her.  Not acknowledge her and make her feel not good enough to carry his name.  What did she do to deserve to be treated like this by him, Sasha wants to know.

All she wanted to be was the one he came home to.  She accuses him of always searching for something better.  His life is good as it is.  Julius tells her not to interfere. Sasha says she won’t.  But she won’t let Julius run her out of town either.


Tuesday, January 6 2014 – Episode #6987

Rick and Caroline Argue

Rick tells Caroline he can’t turn back the clock and love her like he did.  Caroline is going to make him keep his promise to lover her till death do us part.  She will take the love he can give her now.

Its too damn late a tearful Rick tells Caroline.  She says she will do all the work, Caroline says.  Rick says he can forgive anything except her making a spectacle of herself over Ridge. She knew how Ridge treated him.  Caroline reminds him that Maya engineered the public humiliation of him.

Women come easy for Ridge.  Every single one of you always think yo are the love of his life.  I won’t be here to mend your broken heart when you find out its not true.  Caroline tells him that there is nothing between her and Ridge.  What little there was is over.  But Rick doesn’t buy it. No woman is ever done with Ridge Forrester, Rick tells her.

Caroline reminds him that she was nowhere near as unfaithful as him.  She understands that she trespassed on something raw and painful for him, but after his behavior she should be bouncing back and forth between her therapist and a divorce lawyer.  But she’s not.  She still thinks they can work through this.

You win.  You got us all. You can be meanest and smartest.  You made a fool of your father today.  You used our love against us Caroline tells Rick.  You may be pretending you’re proud of yourself but inside you are not.  Don’t throw us away.  I won’t let you Caroline tells Rick.

Maya Moves In

Maya thinks she and Ivy should be friends.  Ivy notes that all she knows about Maya that she can’t be trusted.  Her bestie, Caroline isn’t going to be the CEO’s wife for much longer.  Maya could use a work bestie she tells Ivy. Ivy can’t see them being friends. Maya has things to take care of before Rick gets home.  Ivy asks where that is now.  Maya notes that as of today she can afford to be as open and forthright as Ivy.

Later Ivy gets home to the mansion and finds Maya moving in and packing up all of Eric’s stuff.  Ivy wants to know if Eric knows what she is doing. Maya is moving into the master bedroom. While Eric is away they are fixing up the guesthouse Maya says.  Did Eric Forrester invite you to move into his home>?  Yes, Eric Forrester junior, Maya gloats.

The house is big enough for all of us, Maya says.  Did you think to ask if Aly and I wanted to live with you Ivy asks.  Ivy reminds Maya that she and Ally are Forresters whereas Maya is just a wannabe.

Let’s just be civil Maya suggests.  I think I’ll grow one you and I usually get what I want Maya tells unhappy Ivy.

It’s Only For a Year…

Ridge thinks he has something when they find a clause saying the contract can be rescinded if it was entered into via fraud or material misrepresentation.  Carter says a judge would throw it out of court.  Eric notes that meddling in Rick’s love life was foolish and he almost invited Rick to betray him.

Eric isn’t excusing Rick but he’s giving him the chance.  Of course you are Ridge says, its Rick and you always do.  It’s only for a year, Eric says.

Eric pulls ridge into line over Rick stabbing Eric in the back.  It’s not like you didn’t Eric reminds Ridge.  They’ve always been rivals Ridge says – for Stephanie’s attention.  Then he had a son with Brooke who he favored over him.




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