January 7: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, January 7, 2016 – Episode #7242


January 7 2016 B&BOn the flight to Australia, Liam tells Ivy that Steffy deserves better from him.  They are engaged for God’s sake.  While sipping her coffee, Ivy mutters under her breath that maybe they shouldn’t be (engaged).

Back at home, Steffy speculates that maybe Liam needs some time to think.  She gets that, to a point. Ultimately, however, they can’t resolve anything if they are not talking…Whatever the reason for Liam staying away, Steffy believes in him.

While Zende works with a camera at Forrester Creations he tells Sasha he has this “itch”.  He can’t really explain it.

 Episode Summary:

On the Plane to Australia

Liam awakes on the flight to Australia.  So does Ivy. He can’t believe they took off with him in the bathroom.  The onboard wifi isn’t working so he still can’t contact Steffy.

Liam thinks he may have royally screwed up this satiation.  Ivy says it’s not unreasonable for him to have thought what he did.  Steffy may not have caused this accident, but she was there during her last accident, and Aly’s. Liam says Steffy deserves better from him.  He’s always telling her not to go off half cocked and that’s precisely what he just did. They are engaged for God’s sake.  Ivy says maybe they shouldn’t be.  Maybe they should put things on hold and see if they really belong toghther.

Liam says he doesn’t need to do that.  He just needs to reach out to Steffy.

They land in Sydney.  Ivy hands him his phone.  He needs to let her know he’s on the other side of the world.

Steffy Wonders if She’s Still engaged

Steffy wakes after falling asleep on the sofa.  She calls out for Liam.  He isn’t there.  She checks her phone for messages.

Wyatt arrives as Steffy has a cup of coffee. He asks Steffy what she is going to do.  Steffy says she needs to find Liam.  They need to talk. She asks if Liam has contacted him, but Wyatt says the last time he saw Liam was at the hospital the day before.

Steffy worries Liam is so angry he’s gone radio silent and that perhaps he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore.  What if Liam doesn’t want to clear things up. But Steffy says that ultimately they need to talk and she isn’t giving up on their relationship.

Wyatt tells her then he’s a first class idiot and he doesn’t deserve her.  Steffy says Wyatt always knows the right thing to say. Steffy hopes that when Ivy recovers she gets on a plane to the other side of the world and doesn’t return.

Her phone rings its Liam.  Come home she says.  He’ can’t.  Where are you Steffy asks Liam.  He’s in Sydney, Australia he tells her.  With Ivy, Liam adds.  Liam tries to explain but Steffy gets cranky and hangs up after telling him that explains everything.

She tells Wyatt that her fiancé is halfway around the world with his ex girlfriend who is still in love with him.  It can only mean one thing Steffy says as Wyatt hugs her.

Rick and Maya

Rick and Maya arrive in the office for a meeting with Ridge.  He isn’t there.  Rick thinks he’s blowing him off.  He takes a seat in the CEO chair.  Your time will come again, Maya says.  Rick wants to know how to make it come sooner rather than later.

Zende wants a crack at Oliver’s old position.  Rick says he’s very green.  Maya says he’s a quick learner.

Rick says that Zende’s photography is by the book.  He needs to let his creativity flow.

A nauseous Nicole comes in and Maya has a cure for her.  Maya offers to take her home but Nicole wants to stay.  Zende needs her.

Zende, The Fashion Photographer

Zende has been taking classes.  He wants to be a fashion photographer. Nicole is there to support him. Sasha arrives as they discuss this being a ploy for a nude photo shoot.  She wants to know if its nude model or photographer.

Zende and Nicole get started but Nicole has to leave, she’s feeling sick.  Zende asks Sasha to go check on Nicole. Instead, she suggests that she step in as the model.  Oliver was a rooky when he started, but he went on to make a name for himself.  Zende wants Rick to give him a go, so the photos need to be good.

Zende still wants to be involved to be involved in the business side of the Forester, but he has an itch.  Sasha tells him to scratch it.  Use her…(as a model).  Zende helps Sasha post as he takes photos.


Wednesday, January 7, 2014 – Episode #6988

It’s Over…

Rick tells Caroline he can’t just put this behind him.  Why did it have to be Ridge?  We can put this behind us.  We can go to Paris or New York.  I’m’ trying to run a company, Rick says Caroline says she’s trying to save a marriage.  What is more important to you, Caroline asks.

I wanted to reach out to you.  I didn’t like to see you suffer, but every time I tried to get close I would think about ….what I needed from you most was loyalty and you broke that pact.  You broke it.

You made a mistake with the wrong man – you betrayed me.  I tried to let it slide.

Do you love her?  You don’t do you.  She’s a rebound who has been targeting you from the start.  Caroline realizes that rick hasn’t told Maya he loves her. He did want a family with her.  Does he still?  Maybe, but he has to forget it.  Its over Rick says as he takes off his ring.  He could never trust her again.  Goodbye he tells his wife.  Caroline picks up the ring and leaves.  Rick cries.  Alone outside Caroline whispers it’s not over.

Eric comes to see his son.  Why he wants to know.  Tricking him and playing him for a fool and angry Eric accuses. Rick apologizes.  Eric is very disappointed.  Rick promises to make him proud. Nut he could never run a company with a woman he doesn’t trust or be married to her.  You trust Maya?  Yes, Rick says.  She would never do what Caroline did to me.

Ridge and Eric

Ridge says Rick has been thinking like an angry little boy an now he has control over .  Him and Maya.  Don’t under estimate Maya ridge advises.  Eric says Rick’s heart is still with Caroline.  He still believes that.

Ridge tells Eric to go to Europe and meet John.  He won’t get into it with Rick, Ridge promises. Eric reminds Ridge that the company needs both its designers.  Him and Caroline. Ridge says that what he and Caroline create together is better than anything they create on their own.

Ridge and Caroline

Ridge finds a despondent Caroline who tells him Rick officially ended things.  He’s a spoiled kid.  He’s hurting Caroline says.  She doesn’t think he will forget Maya.  Ridge assures her she’s a tough woman to block from the mind.

Ridge will go to Paris for a while.  They can communicate on the interweb.  He never wanted this for Caroline.

Caroline thought she got through to him. He took off his ring Caroline says.  Ridge assures her they will get through this.  Just pour yourself into your work for now.  She asks if Ridge will help her.  He tells her that he doesn’t need her.

Part of him wants to tell her to leave Rick and come with her and they will find a place a be happy.  But he won’t.  But he won’t. Her commitment to Erick is extraordinary.

You are every woman’s unattainable dream.  You are so handsome and so confident.  I could so easily…but that is what got me into this mess.  It started with me, it’s her fault.  She still believes she and Rick can have what they planned and dreamed about.  Which might make her a romantic fool Caroline notes.

Maya Becomes Lady of the House

Maya advises Ivy to be careful when she is adversarial.  Ivy asks if that is how it’s going to be. (Maya throwing her weight around). Maya has spent her entire life scraping by and she is now with Rick living her dream.  She can be part of it Maya says.  Everyone can.

Give it time Maya advises.  Wait til Rick gets home Ivy advises. Ivy tries to go her room and tells Maya to let her know when Rick gets home.  Maya tells her that she and Maya aren’t spending the night here.  Its her and Rick first night in the main house and they want some privacy.

Ivy says she will only leave when Rick comes home – when he asks her to.  Maya leaves the room to change.  Maya tells Ivy that she knows Rick loves her.  And she will help him forget caroline

Later, Rick gets home.  He gloats to Stephanie’s portrait in the living room.  If you could only see us now.

Maya arrives to Rick having poured martinis.  Maya says she will get used to them.  Rick assures Maya they will run the company together.  Rick shows Maya a portrait of her replacing Stephanie.  Maya is uncomfortable, she is a guest in this house, and her portrait replacing Stephanie’s feels wrong.  She suggests they take it down.  Good things happen to good people.  You’ve worked hard for this dream he tells her.  It’s time it came true.



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