January 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, January 8, 2015 – Episode #7243


January 8, 2016 B&BStill on the plane, Ivy tells Liam that she needs him to know that no matter where they are and how much distance is between them, she will always love him.  Liam tells Ivy that someday she will find someone who is perfect for her.

At home in LA, Steffy says that Ivy always plays the victim.  And this was her last opportunity to stick it to her; to try to take Liam.

Episode Summary:

Steffy Thinks She and Liam are Over

Steffy and Liam discuss Liam being in Australia with Ivy and not mentioning it.  Steffy is upset because Liam ignored her texts and didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her he was going to Australia.  Wyatt asks if she thinks that Liam and Ivy are back together.

Steffy says there is nothing Liam can say to make this alright.  Liam said he was done.  Steffy is beginning to believe it. She’s his fiancé, she should be his first priority, not Ivy, a teary Steffy tells Liam.

Steffy and Wyatt open a bottle of red.  He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to turn her phone back on.  But Steffy is done with it for the night.

Wyatt says a few days ago he had an engagement ring ready to propose.  And Steffy thought everything was great between her and Liam also. Steffy doesn’t get it.  Her fiancé is in another country with another woman.  The woman Wyatt proposed to.  Neither of them understands why Liam had to go with Ivy to Australia.  Steffy says Ivy always plays the victim and this was her last opportunity for Ivy to stick it to her; to take Liam.  And Liam says yes. He buys a ticket and hops on a plane Steffy reasons.

They drink and Steffy doesn’t want to turn her phone back on. She sat there for hours waiting to hear from Liam and now he’s in another country with his ex girlfriend.  The accident wasn’t her fault.  He should trust her and believe in her.  She would never hurt anyone on purpose.

Steffy takes her wine and goes to bed. She undresses and crawls into bed in her underwear.  Wyatt comes into Steffy’s room.  Lets go swimming he says.  He wants to get this whole Liam and Ivy thing out of his head.  Wyatt says he believes everything happens for a reason. Maybe Ivy’s not the one he was supposed to be with.  Maybe she’s right in front of me Wyatt says.

Liam Has to Get Back to LA

On the plane, Liam is stunned that Steffy hung up on her.  Ivy says its typical of Steffy to jump to conclusions.  Liam then realizes that Steffy probably thinks that he and Ivy came ran off together.  Ivy appreciates everything Liam has done for her and is so sorry that Steffy is upset with him.  As soon as he can talk to her properly Ivy is sure Steffy will understand that he is in Australia by accident.

Liam has to get back to LA and explain himself. Ivy asks if he wants to stay for a couple of days and hang out.  She understands that he has to get back to Steffy.  Ivy tells Liam that he is her one true love.  He is the one that got away.  Liam assures her she will meet someone perfect for her.

Liam tells Ivy that he will never forget her.  He wishes her nothing but the best.  Ivy tells him to take care.  She grabs her luggage and leaves the plane.

Later, Liam reboards the same plane.  He’s sitting next to Howard who isn’t real chatty.  Liam explains he just flew from LA and he’s heading right back.  Howard asks if he’s a flight marshal becuase no one else is nuts enough to fly all the way out here and turn right around and go back.

Howard says he has been married 4 times.  Liam says he has too.  Liam starts to tell his story and Howard orders another old fashioned.  Liam says when he gets home he ans Steffy will work things out.  Then they will get married and life will be back on track.

Howards drinks and Liam talks about Steffy.  He just wants to hold her tell her how sorry he was. He overreacted when he said he was done and in hindsight taking Ivy to the airport wasn’t so smart either.  But Liam thinks Steffy will understand and she will laugh about it eventually.  Howard falls asleep.

Sasha Inspires Zende

Maya wishes she could do more for Nicole who admits that morning sickness is not fun. She regrets letting Zende down in being his model in his test shoot. Zende wants to make a name for himself as a photographer.  This is important to him Nicole says.  They discuss Zende’s future as a photographer. He just needs to loosen up is the message Rick gives Nicole about Zende’s style.

Meanwhile Zende is working with his new model – Sasha. Zende directing Sasha isn’t working so she suggests they be more spontaneous.  Sasha tells him to forget the technical stuff and just capture the image – of her.

Maya, rick and Nicole enter as they are doing a shoot.  Nicole wants to know what is going on. Sasha says she stepped in for Nicole and channeled her inner super model.  Zende says Sasha says talked her into it.  He was going to postpone. But he thinks that he got some nice shots.  Sasha said she had a blast.  Rick says he has to see the proofs but he liked what he saw walking in.


Thursday, January 8, 2014 – Episode #6989

Rick Makes His Changes

Maya wakes up with Rick glad their relationship is out in the open.  She will soak up every bit of this lifestyle but she is there for one reason – she’s madly head over heels in love with him.

They discuss how long the upgrades in the guest house will take. Maya wonders how life can get any better.

Caroline Moves in with Cousin Liam

Caroline wakes up on Liam’s couch apologizing for landing on him.  He’s sorry about the circumstances.  Liam doesn’t know what has gotten in to Rick.  Caroline does.  Maya stole her husband.  Caroline isn’t giving up on her marriage.  Liam says that’s the Spencer in her; determined and stubborn.  Liam says he is the last person to comment about holding on past expiration.

Liam calls her an interloper, but Caroline isn’t making that mistake again.  Maya is a social climber Caroline says, but not on her back.

Liam asks what it is between Caroline and Ridge that bulldozed her marriage.  Ridge is intellectually, creatively, physically powerful.  She didn’t think she was vulnerable.  But there was chemistry between them from the first time he touched her hand.  Liam says he’s always hero worshipped him. But Caroline admits aht only gets her so far.  There is a electricity between them.  And Ridge felt it too.

Why didn’t she stop it?  Because she didn’t want to.  She wanted to know what if felt like for Ridge to kiss her. And if she’s painfully honest she wasn’t thinking about her marriage at all. Liam gets it.  You know you’re jeopardizing the most important thing in you r life and yet somehow you don’t stop till it’s done.

Liam weighs in.  There is something you don’t know, he tells his cousin.  Liam tells Caroline about Ivy seeing Rick and Maya kissing outside Maya’s apartment.  It’s good she’s trying to rescue her marriage but at some time she needs to stand up for her pride and dignity which might mean letting go.

But Caroline can’t accept that.  Caroline says Liam’s advice is god but she’s not going to take it today.  Caroline calls Rick to talk. He looks at Maya’s painting and suggests Caroline come to the Forrester house to talk to him rather than the office…Caroline is determined to get her husband back and heads right over.

Where is my sister?

Pam, Aly and Ivy come home and Pam hears that Maya moved in and kicked them out for the night.  They notice Maya’s portrait.  Ivy thinks rick will fix it.  But when Rick comes down its clear he knew it was there.  He put it there he tells Pam.  Pam is furious.  Where is her sister she wants to know?  Rick says he doesn’t need anyone’s permission of head of the company and the family.  Pam yells at him that his fling won’t last anyone.  Until his dad comes back Maya stays on the all Rick yells at a very upset Pam.

Maya comes downstairs and when she hears about Pam’s feeling about the picture and she can’t say she’s surprised.  Maya things they should re-hang Stephanie but Rick refuses too.  Maya tells him that she won’t be offended if he takes down the picture, but Rick knows Caroline is on the way over so he isn’t taking it down.

Caroline arrives while Maya is up stairs getting ready for their first day in the ruling class.  If you want to talk, we talk inside he tells Caroline who wants to talk outside.  Caroline would do anything to take her mistake back.  He leads her into the living room so she can see the picture.  Caroline screams and drops her water when she sees it.

Aly and Ivy at the Office

At the office Aly and Ivy discuss how Rick has changed.  He’s doing it to get back at Caroline Ivy believes.  Its payback for her betrayal for getting involved with Ridge.

If Rick didn’t care, then he would be indifferent.  Ivy wouldn’t bet against Rick and Caroline.


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