January 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, January 11, 2016 – Episode #7244


Januarl 11, 2016 B&BA shirtless Wyatt tells Steffy who is only wearing a bra that she must have felt it too; the connection between them.  Wyatt tells Steffy that he doesn’t’ think things are going to get easier with Liam because he’s always going to be the person jumping off bridges and catching flights to Sydney.  That is the type of fool Liam is, Wyatt states.

Meanwhile Liam is on a flight  back to Los Angeles telling the gentleman sitting beside him that as soon as he gets home he is going to walk Steffy down the aisle as soon as possible.  After that, nothing can stop them.

Episode Summary:

Steffy and Wyatt

Steffy tells Wyatt he shouldn’t be saying this.  The way ivy treated him was awful, but that doesn’t mean they should do this.

Wyatt still believes that maybe the woman he was supposed to be with all this time is Steffy.  It should have been them all along Wyatt says.  There was a connection between them when he first came to town.  She felt it too he reminds Steffy.

Steffy tells Wyatt that she is in love with his brother.  They are both hurting and it could be easy for them.  That’s right Wyatt says. He wants a relationship to be easy for once.  Steffy hopes her relationship with Liam will be once they get past this.

Wyatt will do his best to be hopeful for her, but he has his doubts.  Its never going to be easy with Liam because he’s always going to be jumping off bridges and flying to Australia.  That’s who he is, and Wyatt thinks deep down Steffy knows this.

Steffy says that Liam doesn’t seem to understand she needs to be his first priority.  Wyatt agrees she should be.  He said he was done, Steffy says; with the accidents going on around me and Ivy getting hurt.  Steffy just said she needed him to be there for her.  He gets he will jump of a bridge for people, but she expects him to come home once its done.

Wyatt agrees.  He should come home to her and hold her and tell her exactly how much she means to him.  That is what he would do Wyatt says.  He doesn’t understand how he keeps coming in second place.   The both want the same thing.  To be someone’s number one.

Steffy just wants someone to be there for her.  Wyatt says as much as he wants to be more than friends he will be there for her.  Steffy says she just needs someone to lean on right now.  Wyatt says he can do that.  Steffy, still dressed only in her underwear, crawls into his arms as they lay on her and Liam’s bed.

Steffy falls asleep in Wyatt’s arms.

Rick is Impressed by Zende and Sasha’s Shoot

Nicole is jealous as Rick tells Zende his photography is really improving.  Something sure inspired him Maya says as the look at the shots Zende took of Sasha modeling.

Zende pulls them up on a laptop as Maya asks.  Zende says they are really rough; Sasha chimes in that they were just fooling around.

Rick is impressed; Zende is using his creativity to bring out Sasha’s spirit.  Maya tells Sasha that she models well.  Rick says the images are fresh and sexy. Zende and Sasha compliment each other’s work leaving Nicole quietly jealous.

With Rick and Maya gone, Nicole thanks Sasha for stepping in a helping Zende.  Those are his best photos yet.  It’s obvious they really clicked.

Later Zende asks why she gave him all the credit. Sasha tells him he needs to have more confidence. He can’t tell the people who can give him a job as a photographer that he had nothing to do with the photos. Zende thinks this could be the start of a modeling career for her.   Sasha tells him that Nicole is lucky to have him.

Liam Flies Home from Australia

Howard sees Liam looking at a photo of Steffy and says “hot”.  He tells him not to mess this up.  Liam agrees he needs to get back home to tell her how he feels.

Howard watches Liam in action flirting with the flight attendant.  Howard compares Liam to himself, always with an eye on two women at the same time.  Liam says that sounds a little too familiar.

Liam wants to be married and settle down with Steffy.  When he gets back to LA he’s going to walk Steffy down the aisle as soon as possible.  Then nothing can stop them, Liam thinks.

The flight lands and Liam has no missed messages from Steffy.  That’s not good he notes, but he’s going home to make things right.  Howard advises him to go home and sweep Steffy off her feet.  Liam says that is the plan.

Liam texts Steffy that he is back and will explain.  He tries to call her but there is no answer.  Liam arrives home.  He sees empty wine bottles and heads into the bedroom where he sees Steffy and Wyatt asleep in each other’s arms.  Shocked and exhausted from back to back flights across the pacific he slumps into the chair.


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