January 28: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, January 28, 2016 – Episode #7257


January 28, 2016 B&BNo longer working at Spencer Publications, Brooke has plenty of time on her hands once more.  She confides in Eric that Katie knows that she is still in love with Katie’s husband, Bill.  Brooke really thinks she’s lost Katie forever this time.

Katie tells Bill that she knows what Brooke told him.  She tells Bill that he is her husband.  She is Brooke’s sister.  She yells that Brooke should have a little self control and think about someone else for a change.  Katie softly tells her husband that she will protect what is hers…

Episode Summary:

Brooke Has Lost Her Sister; Forever

Eric finds Brooke in her kitchen.  He let himself in.  He realizes something is wrong.  Going to Spencer was tempting fate, but she did it anyway.  Katie knows she’s still in love with Bill.  She hurt her little sister again.

Katie was able to forgive her the first time, but she won’t be able to forgive her for this.  Its killing her that she betrayed her sister again.

Eric says that at least he didn’t have to hear that she crossed the line again.  Eric says that Brooke was protecting her and Katie will realize that when she calms down.  But Brooke thinks this is different.  She really things she’s lost her sister forever.

Eric says to give her some time.  They were words spoken in anger.  Brooke can’t imagine Katie not in her life anymore. No matter what she has to do, she won’t lose Katie. They hug.

Katie Won’t Let Brooke Have Bill

Bill finds Katie in her office and tells her he has a special romantic evening planned.  He realizes something is wrong.  Katie tells him she knows.  She knows Brooke’s little secret.  She know he is the love of her life.

Katie rants to Bill shame on her for thinking that Brooke could change.  She chose her over the past, she trusted her, and the minute her back is turned Brooke tells Bill she loves him.  How could Brooke do this to her again Katie yells.  Bill drinks as he listens.

If Brooke would have been honest with her they could have dealt with it.  But Brooke needed it to be a secret to create a new intimacy with Bill.  Bill is worried about Katie and Brooke’s relationship.  Katie tells him that he is her husband and Brooke should have had a bit of self control.  She gave Brooke an opportunity.  She wants Brooke gone.  She wants her out of their lives.  Now, Katie tells Bill.

Bill says she doesn’t mean that.  She’s her sister.  Katie says watch her cut Brooke out of her life.  They’ve done this dance before.  Bill tries to get Katie to calm down.  Katie says Brooke cries and everyone forgives her.  She wants her out of her life, out of Spencer.  Katie says Brooke ruins everything.  She will never trust her again.  Katie hugs Bill.  Katie needs to know Brooke is no where near her family.  She asks Bill if he isn’t as shocked as she is?  She put him in a terrible postion.  Katie says they are so good. She loves him so much and she loves her family so much.  She won’t be Brooke’s victim and let her take what she wants.  She can’t have Bill.  She can’t have her life.  Katie will protect what is hers.  She will never let Brooke have him; Katie tells Bill then holds him tight.

Wyatt Buys Steffy a Motorcycle

Alone at Wyatt’s house, Steffy reflects on the high moments in her relationship with Liam.  Wyatt returns.  He has something for her. A way to set her free.

Wyatt takes her to his carport that is filled with junk.  Its nostalgia  Wyatt says and tells a story about Quinn being protective about him bogey boarding at 15.  Steffy says she was the daredevil in her family.  Whatever she did, she went all in.  Even if it mean a scraped knee or a bump on the noggin you got back on right Wyatt asks.  Wyatt shows Steffy what he bought her.  A motor cycle. Steffy is shocked.

Did he forget Steffy asks Wyatt.  The accident, my miscarriage.  She’ hasn’t ridden a bike since. Wyatt says that accident changed her and is holding her back.  He thinks it’s time for her to move forward.

He encourages her to live life not fear it. Liam said he loves Steffy’s free spirit but it scared him.  That’s why he’s tried to change you into someone less spontaneous and predictable.  Wyatt doesn’t want to change a single thing about her.  He just wants Steffy to move forward.

Liam Calls Quinn His Guardian Angel

At her cabin Quinn continues to research Liam’s condition online.  She tries to wake him but he remains asleep.  She reflects on him not knowing who she is.  She pulls off her engagement ring and removes his Spencer sword from around his neck.

Liam regains consciousness. He remembers, he says.  He remembers who she is. You’re my guardian angel Liam tells her.  Quinn scoffs she’s never been called an angel before.  She’s glad he’s feeling better. She tells him not to overdo it though.  He calls her very kind.  He owes her so much.  Quinn tells him she owes him more than he could possible know.

Suddenly Liam gets the sense that somebody needs him.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015 – Episode #7003

Bill Tells Brooke He Wants His Family

Brooke remembers some of the memorable moments of her relationship with Bill and what that relationship did to her relationship with Katie.  When the doorbell rings she is surprised to find Bill there.  He’s been keeping tabs on her.

I called I texted and emailed and no response.  Brooke apologizes.  She was engrossed in her work and then Hope came.  Brooke isn’t sure she and Wyatt will work it out.

Bill tells Brooke she left – she walked out on them and him.  Bill is now grateful that Brooke didn’t contact him.  We had it all and you turned your back on us, Bill tells Brooke.  He’s done fighting for her.  He wants his family.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with her sister.

He’s hurt Katie but he is doing what he can to reunite his family.  Brooke is pleased.  She understands his frustration with her and perhaps she could have handled it better.  She’s happy for all of them.  She couldn’t come between him and Katie.  He’s Will’s father.  They have a new beginning with his family.

Brooke says she’d happy for them, but after Bill leaves a tear rolls down her cheek.

Liam and Katie Discuss Their Love Lives

Everyone is excited to have Katie back in the office.  Liam wants to know if she’s okay with what has gone down.  She wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s earned the President position.  Liam is glad that Bill is reinstating some of Katie’s initiatives – like childcare.  Things are looking up around her Liam notes.  Katie back at work and Bill and Katie finding their way back to each other.

Katie is just seeing where life takes her.  Liam asks if he should dial it back.  Katie just doesn’t want to get her hopes up.  Liam says she’s too good for him, but she makes him a better person.  Being alone since Brooke left has humbled Bill Liam says.  Katie says she is just going to stay open to whatever comes her way.

Katie wants to know about him and Ivy.  Liam says things are good.  Katie is excited for him.  She’s smart, easy going and hilarious Liam says.  She got lucky.  Katie says she’s glad he’s moving on.  Its time.

Katie says she is grateful to Brooke stepping away.  Maybe she Bill and Will can be a family again.

Quinn Worries about Brooke Being Back

Quinn is in a mood as she works.  What gives Deacon asks.  Brooke she states.  She’s back in town.  Quinn was enjoying her not being in Los Angeles.

Deacon laughs.  She’s jealous!  Quinn claims she isn’t but wonders how it will all play out with Brooke and …whoever.  Deacon says he’s with her not Brooke.  But Quinn reminds him he and Brooke share a child and a sordid past.  Quinn wants to know the details.  Deacon tries to give a summary of their relationship.  But Quinn wants to know more.

She notes that Brooke left town so Katie and Bill could get back together.  Quinn tells Deacon that Bill and Katie are back together if the announcement at Spencer Publications is an indication.  Where does that leave Brooke, Quinn wants to know.  Who is her next victim, I mean boyfriend Quinn wonders.  Deacon admits men are her vice.

Deacon wonders if she isn’t just a bit insecure about Brooke making a move on him.  Deacon thinks its adorable that she is jealous.  Deacon assures Brooke is his past and that Quinn is his future.



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