January 29: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, January 29, 2016 – Episode #7258


January 29, 2016 B&BKatie confronts Brooke again at home with her demands.  Katie tells Brooke that her need to have every man be her conquest is pathological Katie spits at Brooke.  Katie tells Brooke that she is no longer welcome in her home, or near her son, and she sure as hell isn’t welcome anywhere near her husband.

Quinn continues to care for Liam who still has no recollection of who she is.  As she feeds him, Liam tells her that she is so nice to him.  Quinn tells Liam that she likes to look after people.

Episode Summary:

Quinn Gets Soup

Quinn suggests Liam get some rest. Something doesn’t feel right Liam tells her. It feels like somebody needs him.  Quinn decides he needs soup.  Then feeds him.

Liam tells her that she is so nice to him.  Quinn says she’s always liked taking care of people.  She has kind eyes Liam tells her.  Liam eats his soup and can’t shake the feeling that he’s forgetting someone.  Quinn thinks his mind is playing tricks on him.

Liam tries to leave because he feels like someone needs him.  How does he know that Quinn isn’t the one that needs him she asks. As confusing as not knowing who he is and where he is at least he feels safe.  It’s like being in the arms of an angel.  Liam kisses her on the cheek.

Steffy Rides

Back in Malibu, Steffy still reacts to Wyatt buying her a motorbike.  She doesn’t know if she’s ready.  It’s a step forward Wyatt tells her.  Moving on.

Steffy hasn’t done this since the accident.  Isn’t it time to close that chapter Wyatt asks.  She asks if he has a helmet.  Yes, he says, his bike is out the back.  But Steffy wants to do this on her own.

Steffy comes back from her ride rejuvenated.  She thanks Wyatt.  He says she can sell it or trade it, but Steffy says don’t you dare.  She’s not sure how he knew she needed this but she really did.  She really thought she’d never ride again.  But doing it was such a sense of relieve.  Because of Wyatt.  He was there for her.  Wyatt says he always will be. Wyatt admits that in other relationships he had to guess what the other person needed but with her he knows exactly what she needs.

Steffy tells him he’s unique he not only knows what she needs but follows through.  Does he understand what that means to her?  They kiss.

But Steffy can’t do this. Its still hard for her to give up on Liam; let him go.  Wyatt offers to help and he kisses her again.

Eric Talks to Bill about Brooke

In his office Bill reflects on Katie telling him that Brooke cannot have her life and that she will never let Brooke have him.  Eric arrives.  They need to talk about Brooke.

Bill confides that Katie is hurt and wants to shut Brooke out of her life forever.  Bill doesn’t think its what Katie wants but she is too hurt to see it.  His wife and child are his priority Bills ays.  Eric says that if that were true they wouldn’t’ be in this situation.  Is Bill telling him that Bill didn’t signal that he felt the same.  Eric says he loved Brooke for a long time and he knows those feelings don’t just go away.

Katie Fires Brooke

Brooke is surprised  that Katie visits.  But Katie has just brought Brooke her Spencer contract that has been voided.  She can have Allison send for her stuff because coming back into the building is out of the question.

Katie tells Brooke that her need to have every man be her conquest is pathological Katie spits at Brooke.  Katie tells Brooke that she is no longer welcome in her home, or near her son, and she sure as hell isn’t welcome anywhere near her husband.

Brooke says she will stay away.  She hid her feelings for Katie’s sake.  She thought if enough time had passed…Brooke thinks she was naive.  Katie says she’s not the only one.

Katie guilt’s Brooke over what their mother would say; what Storm would say.  Or even Stephanie.  Bet she would say she was right about her all along.  Stephanie fought to keep you away from her family.  She didn’t succeed, but Katie says she will.  Katie says she hurts everyone she comes into contact with.  Brooke says she has been fighting her feelings because of how much she cares for Katie.  Katie believes that like she believes in the tooth fairly.

This need to have every man be her conquest  is pathological Katie tells Brooke.  She can’t be saved, because she’s sick.  This is her life, it is her life.  Brooke can’t just take any man because daddy left her behind .

Katie struggles.  Brooke worries about her.  She tries to help Katie sit down and Katie slaps her.  Don’t’ you touch me, Katie spits at Brooke.  Brooke worries abougt Brooke’s heart.  She asks if it helped to slap Brooke. This hatred she has towards her hurts, brooke tells Katie.  Brooke says she wanted to stay away.  Katie says it was all her fault, sarcastically.  Brooke says she took herself out and started drinking because she was trying to do right by her sister.  Brooke says she loves her.

Katie softly tells her that doesn’t mean anything.  They re just words and she doesn’t want to hear them.  She needs her to stay away.  Brooke promises she will do that, but if she ever needs her she is here for her.  Katie tells her sister she won’t ever need her again.


Thursday, January 29, 2015 – Episode #7004

Brooke and Donna Wonder what is Going On With Rick

Donna visits Brooke and home. They briefly discuss Hope.  Brooke notes time didn’t stand still while she was away.  Maya moves faster than Brooke ever did, Brooke says.  Rick never told him anything.  She didn’t realize any of this was happening.  Why didn’t you tell me Brooke asks Donna.  Donna says Rick has been scary lately – no one wants to cross him.  You’ve seen him Donna asks.  Right after he shot at Ridge and Caroline Brooke tells her.

Brooke is worried about Rick’s detachment also.  Ridge and Caroline were making out and he wanted to get Ridge off Caroline so he shot at them.  Donna thinks shooting a gun is a bit extreme and he’s been rejecting  Caroline since all this began and flaunting his relationship with Maya.

Brooke is unsure what Rick was trying to achieve.  But he thinks Maya is his salvation and Brooke is trying to work out if she should be worried about that or not.

Brooke notes that Caroline should have knows kissing Ridge would be damaging. Donna thinks Ridge should have known better.  Brooke agrees.

Brooke feels for Caroline.  She knows what it is like to have your deepest secrets revealed in a room full of people Brooke notes when Donna tells Brooke about Maya’s reveal of Ridge and Caroline.

Donna notes that Eric would know how to handle Rick and Ridge.  Rick is shooting again – Donna notes – she reminds Brooke that Rick also shot Grant Chambers.  Eric would know how to control his son.

Donna tells Brooke that no one feels safe at the office.  Something is going down between Rick and Ridge.  Eric was benevolent and no one is afraid.

Brooke is not going to let the company Eric and Stephanie built go down in a blaze of testosterone.  She heads to the office.  Fill me in Brooke says.

Caroline and Ridge Demand Rick Steps Down as CEO

Maya tells Rick that maintenance fixed the holes in the wall.

Caroline and Ridge enter the office. When Rick is sarcastic about them not having a meeting scheduled Ridge tells Rick he is going to step down as CEO immediately.  Rick and Maya say they aren’t going anyway.  You fired at us Caroline notes.  Rick says if he wanted Ridge and Caroline dead they wouldn’t be having this conversation.

You shot at us Rick – you gave us a hell of a case for your dismissal. Step down or go to they go to the police for Rick shooting at them.  Assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, Caroline lists the charges Rick would face.

You wouldn’t dare Maya hisses.  Try us, Caroline suggests.

Shooting into rooms is not normal behavior. A judge would agree with that, Ridge notes. Something is wrong with you Rick, Caroline says.  Caroline tells Rick she really thinks he is unstable.

Step aside or go to prison Ridge says.  Those are your choices, make the smart one.

Rick tells them there would be a publicity nightmare.  Does he want to do that to their father just to get back at him, Rick asks.  Ridge reiterates, step down or he calls the police.

Brooke arrives and overhearing Ridge threaten to call the police says that Ridge isn’t going to call anyone.

Brooke defends her son.  Tells Ridge he is trying to break Rick take everything away from him.  No one is calling the police and file charges.  Brooke blames Ridge for everything.  You make a move on his wife Brooke tells Ridge.  She is half your age Brooke yells at Ridge. And now you want to steal his job too.  What is wrong with this family Brooke asks?  What has she come home to?

She asks what is wrong with Ridge.  Ridge is dumbfounded that Brooke believes there is something wrong with him when her son is firing guns. Rick will remain as CEO and if Ridge doesn’t like it he can leave, Brooke yells at Ridge.

Liam Wants to Takeover Forrester Creations

Liam and Ivy discuss their first night together.  She enjoyed waking up in his arms and to his face.

Bill might be bombastic but his energy isn’t dark like Ricks.  Working at Forrester is oppressive now Ivy notes.  No one wants to upset the dictator.  Liam notes she can’t even escape it at home.  He suggests she could just visit her toothbrush at his place…

Forrester IS like a minefield or warzone Ivy notes.  Rick snaps and keeps reminding them it’s his way or nothing.  Creativity is being stifled.  Rick is actively seeking out to sabotage everything – HFTF, Couture.  He’s the boss so they all suffer.  Liam notes its no way to run a business.

He hasn’t heard the worst, Ivy says.  Ivy tells him about Rick shooting a gun into an office where Caroline was.  Liam is outraged at someone shooting at his cousin.

Bill arrives.  Ivy leaves.  Liam needs to talk to him.  Rick is out of control and fills Bill in on Rick shooting at Caroline.  Liam tells Bill something needs to be done and he has a plan.  Bill asks if he’s been abusive.  Liam says yes.  Liam isn’t going to let Rick terrorize Ivy and Caroline.  He’s a pretty nice guy, and he’s tried to like Rick, but he just can’t stand Rick.  It has to stop.  Bill agrees.  So what do you want to do he asks his son.  Liam says he wants to take over Forrester Creations.  Bill smiles.



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