January 4: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, January 4, 2015 – Episode #7239


January 4 2016 B&BWith Ivy lying unconscious at the foot of the stairs in the Forrester mansion Liam is on the phone with 911.  Liam tells the emergency operator that Ivy is unconscious but breathing.  A panicked Steffy on the other side of Ivy tries to reach out to her.  Liam tells Steffy not to touch Ivy.

Quinn consoles Wyatt.  She tells him that Ivy threw away something that she could never replace.

At Forrester Creations Pam takes a call from the hospital for Eric.  It’s about Ivy.  Pam tells Wyatt that Ivy is unconscious.

At the hospital Quinn has a theory for Wyatt.  Perhaps this is how this whole thing is supposed to turn out she tells her son.

Episode Summary:

 At Forrester Creations

Quinn is surprised to see Wyatt at work.  He thought he did everything right this time.  He didn’t do what he did with Hope and try to outdo the competition. Quinn says at least he found out now rather than after they were married.

Wyatt thinks Ivy probably lied to him a lot more than he knows.  Quinn says that Ivy will feel this; it’s a big loss.  She threw away something she can never replace. Sometimes Wyatt doesn’t think he’s the lead character in his own life.  Finding out he was a Spencer was great, but finding out he’s the least magnetic Spencer…he doesn’t understand his effect on other people.

Quinn says they are surrounding by people that aren’t committed to anything. Steffy’s not like that.

Quinn thinks that Ivy has had a mental breakdown or something.  She’s not the same sweet dimwitted Ivy they first met.  Wyatt gets angry.  He was going to marry her, he doesn’t want Quinn to imply she’s a head case.

Quinn decides maybe she’s suffering culture shock which Wyatt doesn’t believe either.

Pam breaks in and tells Wyatt that Ivy needs him.  She’s in the hospital unconscious.  Again Quinn says.

Ivy is Unconscious

Ivy tells Steffy she is gone and that she doesn’t have to worry about her anymore.  Ivy trips and falls down the stairs as Liam enters.  He goes to Ivy and calls for an ambulance.  He tells Steffy not to touch Ivy while he is on the phone.  He tells the operator he didn’t see it happen as he glares at Steffy.

The paramedics take and unconscious Ivy away.  They tell Liam that unless he’s family he has to get his own ride to University Hospital.  As Ivy is wheeled out to the ambulance, Liam turns to Steffy and says: “Again Steffy?”

Liam is angry with Steffy. She was supposed to stay away. You couldn’t rein it in for once in your life and let her move to Australia.  She was leaving, Liam tells Steffy unimpressed. Why does violence follow you around Liam asks.  Steffy in tears says it wasn’t her fault.  Of course it was Liam states sarcastically it always is.  Liam tells Steffy he’s so done with this violence.  He’s done he tells Steffy as he leaves the Forrester mansion and heads to the hospital.

At the Hospital

In the hospital Ivy is conscious again and being examined by a doctor.  Liam comes in. He thinks she has a mild concussion and orders a CT anyway. The doctor leaves and asks how Ivy is feeling. Ivy jokes staying LA is lowering her life expectancy.  Is he really going to marry her?  She’s just going to break you down until you are a version of yourself you don’t really recognize. Or has she already done that.  The guy she navigated

Liam tells Ivy that Steffy says she didn’t push her. Ivy says she did tell the truth this time, but that doesn’t matter, Liam doesn’t trust Steffy Ivy notes.

Liam wonders why his brother wasn’t enough for Ivy.  Ivy says sometime you just can’t get past the one you lost.  Liam recommends she takes some time for herself.  She and he are not going to be a couple again. He isn’t doubtful or confused about that, Liam tells Ivy.

Wyatt enters.  With Quinn.  What happened he wants to know.

Ivy explains she fell down the stairs.  Steffy was there, Liam states. It was an accident.  Liam waits while Ivy goes for her CT scan. Ivy thanks Wyatt for coming. Wyatt asks her to do them both a favor and stop getting hospitalized.

Liam and Wyatt argue about Liam not telling him about Ivy still being in love with him.  Liam says he did nothing to invite Ivy’s feelings.

Quinn is having trouble with Ivy falling down a set of stairs she’s gone up and down hundreds of time before.  Quinn asks if Ivy and Steffy were fighting.  Liam says there is no other conversation between the two.  Liam gets angry about Steffy being there in the first place.  No matter how much he tells Steffy to stay away from Ivy she hunts her down to defend Wyatt.   Liam walks out.

Quinn finds it interesting that Steffy was defending Wyatt. Quinn suggests that Steffy needs a friend right now.  Liam sounds fed up. Quinn thinks Steffy is feeling bailed on; misunderstood.  Quinn tells Wyatt to go to Steffy.  Ivy doesn’t deserve his concern, Steffy does.  The woman who stuck up for him. Maybe that is how this whole thing is supposed to turn out.

Steffy Goes Home

From the mansion Steffy calls Liam and leaves a message to get news on Ivy.  She’s going home to wait for him.  At home Steffy waits for Liam and goes over their conversion ending with Liam stating he’s done.


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