The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: January 18 – 22, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (January 18 – 22, 2016): Quinn tries to push Steffy and Wyatt together while keeping Liam out of the way.  Steffy won’t give up on Liam.  Sasha tells Zende what Nicole did out of jealousy. Bill and Brooke use avoidance as a tool.

    Liam, Ivy, Steffy and Wyatt

    Liam arrives home to find Steffy and Wyatt in each other’s arms, sleeping in his bed.

    The next day, Wyatt is surprised to find Liam at Forrester Creations.  Wyatt says he thought Liam was off getting cozy with his ex.

    Steffy tells Liam that he is looking at her as if she betrayed him.  Steffy tells Liam that she knows it’s not over for them.  A tearful Steffy tells Liam that they can get past this, but Liam tells her that he can’t trust her anymore. Steffy tries to get Liam to change his mind about ending their relationship and gets an atypical response from him.

    Communication problems and a lack of commitment to the truth causes further problems in Liam and Steffy’s’ relationship.  Can they get past the damage to their relationship?

    Wyatt tells his mother that not only is Liam leaving the company, but it looks like he’s distancing himself from Steffy.

    Meanwhile Wyatt gets news about a loved ones personal life that leaves his shocked.

    Wyatt and Quinn discuss their love lives.  Somehow Quinn tells Wyatt about the only type of men who can truly capture her heart (bad boys perhaps?).   Quinn tells her son that if he wants the girl, he should go and get the girl.  Wyatt tells his mother that it isn’t that simple.

    Wyatt tells Steffy that walking away from her would be the dumbest thing that Liam ever did. Wyatt tells Steffy that she is not the kind of woman who should be waiting around for any man; let along Liam.

    Wyatt is there to support Steffy who cannot give up on reconciliation with Liam.  Wyatt helps Steffy keep her mind of Liam by teaching her something…

    Liam, meanwhile, says there is one girl he has never gotten over, but her name isn’t Ivy…

    B&B Spoilers January 19 - 22, 2016


    Quinn’s old ways resurrect themselves.  After a long while of staying out of Wyatt’s love life, his woes with Ivy and Liam and Steffy’s issues have her thinking that Wyatt and Steffy can be a couple after all.

    She takes action and goes back to her manipulative ways.  While Liam and Quinn are outside in the Forrester Creations car park, she asks if he is okay.  Liam, drugged, collapses onto the bitumen.

    Meanwhile Quinn is the on the phone telling someone (Wyatt?) that Liam isn’t capable of stepping up for Steffy right now.

    Quinn goes to work manipulation Wyatt and Steffy into a relationship while keeping a massive secret.  Does Quinn kidnap Liam?

    Nicole, Zende and Sasha

    Early in the week Sasha learns the real reason that Rick took back his offer to make her a Forrester Creations print model.  What was Rick to do?  He and Maya kind of owe Nicole.  She’s carrying their  baby and it looks like it will cost Nicole her relationship with Zende.

    Sasha confides in Zende about what Nicole did.  Sasha tells him that Nicole took the greatest opportunity she has ever been given and threw it all away.

    Ar the same time Zende learns that Nicole’s jealousy brings out a malicious streak.   Later Nicole tells Zende that she is really scared of losing him.

    Sasha rants about Nicole telling Rick that she doesn’t trust Nicole around her boyfriend.  Nicole is the reason that she doesn’t get a shot at being a model.  Julius advises Sasha to go home to Illinois, where she belongs.

    Carter has some advice for Zende as they work out together on the Sky Lounge. Carter tells Zende he’s a young good looking guy and he shouldn’t be caught up in all this drama.  He should be living his life and having a good time doing it.

    Bill, Brooke and Katie

    With Brooke’s confession that she still has feelings for Bill, Bill is finding it hard to keep his mind off what he and Brooke once shared.  So far its just a bunch of fantasies keeping his mind off work.

    Bill appears to be philosophical as he states that some storms are more difficult to navigate than others.

    One solution?  Bill and Brooke keep their distance from each other; even at work.

    Brooke tells Bill and Katie that if “he” (Liam?) is coming back to Spencer Publications she doesn’t want to be the source of tension in their family.  (Brooke took over at Editor of Eye on Fashion – previously Liam’s job, and has also taken over his office).

    Fortunately, there is plenty going on in other people’s lives to keep Katie from noticing what isn’t going on between her husband and sister.  Katie mentions to someone at Spencer Publications that there was a time she thought Steffy and Wyatt might hook up.

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    Daily Spoilers, Episode Summaries and History

    Monday, January 18, 2016 – Sasha learns the truth about Nicole
    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 – Steffy won’t give up on Liam
    Wednesday, January 20, 2016 – Who has Liam never gotten over?
    Thursday, January 21, 2016 – Steffy should wait for no man…
    Friday, January 22, 2016

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Veronica the marketing executive that made Nicole jealous returns on January 18 and 19. (Catherine Toribio).


    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming Up in 2016

    Brooke stops making eyes at the vodka bottle and starts making them at a former love…

    Caroline and Ridge are incubating a bit secret.  Will it come out?  Likely…

    Steffy, Liam , Ivy and Wyatt face relationship shakeups.

    Sasha will likely use her secret to good advantage.  But it will come out.  How will it affect her pregnant friend and her family?

    Quinn decides Wyatt’s love life is no better without her assistance so she steps in again…

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    1. Nicole new that Sasha wants the good life and Zanda on the way she came to town when Nicole be came pregnant. Sasha took advantage of the brake up between Zanda and Nicole. And now she is not about to let go of the fun and comfortabley life styles that Zanda is living Sasha is a real “piece of cake.” how can blam her.

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