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Thursday, February 4, 2016 – Episode #7262


February 4, 2016 B&b spoilers

Sasha Works on Zende

Sasha finds resistance from Zende when she tells him that she is good at keeping secrets and that Nicole would never have to know that Zende was getting his “benefits” from a friend.  Zende doesn’t know it, but Sasha is telling the truth about her ability to keep secrets; she’s kept big one from her best friend all these years.

Sasha reminds Zende that he is alone tonight because his girl is with Rick and the baby’s grandpa, while they celebrate the baby Nicole is carrying as a surrogate for her sister, Maya. Zende has admitted to being frustrated by the lack of intimacy in his and Nicole’s relationship due to the pregnancy he was opposed to from the beginning.  With Sasha’s voice now adding to Carter’s advice that he should be enjoying his life, will Zende cave to sexy Sasha? There is some serious chemistry between Sasha and Zende which will only escalate as Nicole’s pregnancy progresses.  Will Zende’s feeling for Nicole be enough to keep him true to Nicole?  Or will Sasha get her way.

Of course, if Sasha and Zende do start a secret liaison to take care of the ”needs” Nicole can’t help Zende with right now, it won’t be the only secret Sasha is keeping from her bestie.  How will Nicole take the news that Sasha’s jealousy is rooted much deeper than over a boyfriend or two.  Sasha has been keeping a big secret for most of her life. She and Nicole aren’t just best friends; they are half sisters.

Sasha feels like she is holding all the cards at the moment, but she’d better play them carefully.  Exposing a double whammy of secrets to her half sister could see her alienated from the family she so wants to be part of if it compromises Nicole’s pregnancy.

Bill Tries to Broker Peace

Bill continues to try to repair the chasm in Katie and her sister’s relationship caused by Katie overhearing Brooke tell Bill that he is the great love of her life.  Katie reminds her husband that she has given Brooke so many chances over the years and all Brooke ever does is break the trust Katie places in her.  Once bitten, and twice shy, Katie tells her husband that she would stupid to let Brooke do it again.  What Katie doesn’t realize however is that Bill did reciprocate Brooke’s feelings.  They agreed they could never act on them because Bill loves his wife and son also, but Bill did reciprocate…

Quinn Takes Advantage of Liam’s Memory Loss

Meanwhile in Quinn’s cabin, and amnesiac Liam, unaware of the history between him and Quinn and that she is acting with motives other than his well being, continues to think of Quinn as his guardian angel.  Quinn, meanwhile is fully aware that the longer Liam is off the grid, the more time Steffy has to stew about Liam walking out on her and the more time Wyatt has to sweep Steffy off her feet.  Quinn tells Liam that as long as he is with her, he will be okay.

Episode Summary:

Celebrating a Grandchild

At Forrester Creations, Bill tells Brooke that Katie will come around.  Until then she should go easy on herself.  But Brooke is worried about her sister.

Brooke arrives late. They discuss Nicole’s morning sickness and how it’s affected her relationship with Zende.  Maya tells her to go find Zende and tell him how much he means to her.

Brooke can’t get her mind off Bill at dinner.

No Strings Attached

Sasha tells Zende it is a shame that his body is not being put to good use.  Zende tells her that he and Nicole are waiting.  Sasha tells him she is here; right now. And Nicole never has to know.  No strings attached.  Just strings with benefits.  Zende says he’s good.  Sasha reminds him that Nicole is celebrating having her sister’s baby while he is alone getting all hot and bothered.  They should try to find a way to ease his frustration.

Sasha comes onto him, but Zende tells him he’s with Nicole ; her best friend.  Sasha says her former best friend.  Since she told Rick not to hire her.  Zende asks if this is revenge.  Buts Sashsa says it’s just two people helping each other.

Zende tells her she’s beautiful and sexy.  He loves working with her but the only woman he wants is Nicole.  Sasha is disappointed.

When Nicole arrives home Zende is alone.  She brings him desert.  He tells her that he missed her. He is so glad he found her.  Nicole says she should bring him desert more often.  Even if things get difficult there is zero doubt in his mind about them.  He loves her.

Katie Can’t Let Brooke’s Betrayal Go

At home Katie says that Brooke betrayed her again…as she drinks.  Bill arrives to find Katie talking to herself about Brooke’s promises and betrayals.  He asks if she is alright. Bill doesn’t want her stressing she needs to stay relaxed.  Katie admits Brooke telling him she loves him keeps replaying in her head.  Bill says they are family and they can get past this.  Katie says all she ever does is break her trust.  She would be stupid to trust Brooke again.  Bill says this anger isn’t good for her.  She needs to find a way to get past this.

Katie doesn’t want to talk about Brooke anymore. This isn’t something she is just going to get over.  She thanks him for his support.  He’s her rock.  They hug.

Quinn is Liam’s Wife!

Quinn helps a wobbly Liam to a chair.  He’s still to weak to be standing.  He’s grateful for the care she has taken of him, but he is really confused about who he is and what his life is.  Quinn checks online but tells him there is nothing about him.  Quinn tells Liam not to worry, as long as he is with her, he will be okay.

Liam tells Quinn she is so good to him.  She doesn’t know how he is ever going to repay her.

Alone, Quinn makes a call to Wyatt. She asks if everything is still good with Steffy.  Wyatt admits that Steffy is worried about Liam.  Quinn says forget about him and take advantage of him being gone.  Quinn tells him to do something special for Steffy.  He hangs up with Steffy comes back into the room

Later, Liam is again out of bed.  He doesn’t know her; he doesn’t know himself, but he can feel that he is happy and grateful to have someone so invested in taking care of him.  He just wishes he knew what he did to deserve it.  Quinn thinks it’s time he got some answers.

She knows more about him than he realizes. He doesn’t even know her name.  She tells him her name is Eve and his is Adam. She’s his wife, Quinn tells him. Liam is shocked; she’s his wife? She shows him the wedding ring on her finger.

Picnic on the Beach

Steffy and Liam are still hanging out at his place in Malibu.  They discuss getting back to work.  Steffy says its hard to go back there with Liam resigning.  It doesn’t make sense.  Liam has completely disappeared. Wyatt agrees it weird.  He hasn’t check in with Bill either.  Steffy just wishes she knew where Liam is.

After hanging up from his mother, Wyatt says he has an idea.  Another adventure Steffy asks.  Wyatt takes Steffy for a picnic on the beach. He tells her there is a place up the beach he watns to take her too where the burgers an d truffle fries are great.  Steffy can’t help but remember having truffle fries with Liam in Aspen.


This Day in B&B History:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 – Episode #7008

Bill and Liam, Takeovers and Weddings

Bill makes calls about what kind of liquid assets Spencer Publications has.  He gets good news.  With Steffy’s shares they can do it.  But it doesn’t give them a controlling interest Bill says.  Liam believes that other will follow where Steffy leads.

They discuss Brooke being unhappy about Rick being dethroned.  Bill mentions that he will also be a married man again soon.  Liam congratulates himself.  How does Quinn feel and how does Brooke feel.  Bill says Brooke gave him her blessing.  He believes that Brooke will wander into all too familiar territory.

Liam thinks they need to find a way to deal with Ridge.  The only way he would align himself with Rick would be to oppose Bill and Steffy won’t help them if she things they are going to sideline her father.

They discuss having to keep their plans secret.  Anyone names Forrester or Logan is not to know.  Bill wants to know if Liam’s desire to takeover Forester has anything ti do with Hope?  You lost the girl but you can own the line that bears her name?

Steffy and Caroline

Steffy insults Caroline telling her that she is just like Rick’s mother when Caroline says sometimes logic doesn’t explain everything.  Steffy asks Caroline if there is something she’s missing.  What would make her father want to keep company with a woman her age.  Be careful Caroline warns.  The apple doesn’t fall to far from the dollar bill tree Steffy states.  Caroline asks how well Steffy knows her uncle.  (Steffy did with Bill Spencer exactly what she is blasting Caroline for doing with Ridge…)

I know more about you than you think Caroline says. Caroline warns Steffy not to jerk her cousin, Liam around.

Brooke and Ridge

Brooke comes to the office in a power suit.  She sees Ridge working and remembers telling Caroline she could have Ridge back in the snap of the fingers.

Brooke enters.  She offers Ridge a truce.   She tells him that Bill and Katie are engaged.

Brooke wants to know if Ridge spent time with RJ and Caroline while she was gone.  She thinks its good because Ridge and Caroline are not going to be together.

Caroline is more appropriate for Rick and she’s sure there is someone more appropriate for Ridge too.  She invites him to dinner sometime soon – she wants to change the strange distance between them for RJ’s sake.   Ridge agrees it would be good for RJ to see them together.

Ridge and Steffy

Brooke leaves and Steffy enters Ridge’s office.  Father and daughter hug.

Ridge asks why Steffy and Thomas come to town and don’t tell him.  Why?  Katie Logan Steffy says.  Steffy tells him that Caroline thinks she’s fallen for him.  You need to end this Steffy says.  You were married to her aunt before Caroline was born.  Its not technically incest but it’s enough to turn the average persons stomach.  It needs to end, now, Steffy tells her dad.

Wyatt Returns to Los Angeles – Alone

At home Quinn is looking for ford.  Can’t”Mr Take Out” buy groceries every now and again.  Deacon opens the door to find Wyatt standing there.  You’re home Deacon says.

Did Hope come back with you Quinn asks.  No says Wyatt.  And this would be the last place you would find her.  Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope blames her for a lot but not for losing the baby.  But how innocent does she feel Wyatt asks his mother.

Quinn admits she’s scared to say anything in case it makes him more angry at her.  And that she should have listened to him.  Maybe he put too high a value on Hope and she too low a value on him.  He lost a child and a wife.  Wyatt admits Hope blames him for the miscarriage because he didn’t banish Quinn.

Deacon says crummy things happen in this life,  This was tragic but if they don’t figure out a way to forgive each other they won’t be able to move on.

Wyatt knows now that Hope only stayed with him for the baby.  Deacon said he thingks Hope tried to to the right thing.  Wyatt lashes out at Deacon and Quinn defends him.  If it hadn’t been for Deacon Quinn wouldn’t have made it.

Wyatt feels like he’s been chewed up and spit out by the Forrester family.  He’s just going to do his job. He doesn’t need to like any of them or for them to like him.



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