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Friday, February 5, 2016 – Episode #7263

Spoilers: Quinn Poses as Liam’s Wife While Wyatt Sweeps Steffy Off her Feet

February 5 B&B SpoilersQuinn continues with her masquerade.  Yesterday, Liam had questions and Quinn gave him answers.  Quinn told him that her name was Eve when Liam realized he didn’t even know her name.  Under pressure she also told him that she knew who he was.  His name was Adam.  Yes, she said, they are Adam and Eve.  And that’s not all; they are married!

On February 5, Liam will have more questions for his “wife”.  Why didn’t she tell him sooner?  Quinn admits that she was hoping that he would remember on his own.  Which spurs Liam to ask questions about himself and their life, since he still doesn’t remember who he is.

Quinn tells her “husband” that he is the kind of person who jumps off a bridge for someone. Liam laughs and scoffs that is an exaggeration.  Quinn assures him that it is not.

 What did Jumping Off A Bridge Cost Liam?

Meanwhile, Quinn’s ruse, keeps Liam from his real life, where Steffy is having trouble getting past Liam just disappearing on her.  Wyatt is there to take her mind off her ex-fiancé by taking her on a romantic picnic on the beach.  Swept up in the moment Wyatt tells Steffy that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  But is Steffy ready to give up on Liam?

Maybe not; but whatever is happening between amnesiac Liam and Quinn is intriguing as well.  Could Quinn’s plot to keep Liam away from Steffy and allow Wyatt a shot at happiness with Steffy see Quinn lose her heart to “sappy” Liam?  Sure looks like that’s where this is going…

Episode Summary:

Bill and Katie

At home, Bill tells her Brooke is still in love with him.  So what.  He gets hit on all the time he jokes.  They hit on him, he rejects them, he moves on.  He tries to convince Katie to get past what happened with Brooke.

Katie tells him this is different.  She’s her sister and given their history Brooke should have known this was not okay. Bill tells her they are as good as they have ever been.

Katie changes the topic.  Has he heard from Liam.  Katie has Bill text him. Bill pours them another drink. He gets a text back from Liam.  Got your message, Don’t worry.  Need some time alone.  Travelling.  Need to clear my head for a while.  Bill wonders what the hell is wrong with his son.

Katie tells Liam to text Liam and tell him to take the time he needs.  Everyone has a breaking point Katie says when they discuss Liam and Steffy’s relationship.

Liam and Quinn – Adam Feels a Connection to Eve

You’re my wife Liam says surprised. She tells him his friends gave him a hard time about them being Adam and Eve when they first got together.  Liam doesn’t remember.  Maybe someday, Quinn says.

Why didn’t you tell me sooner he asks Quinn.  She hoped he would remember on his own.  She wa scared he wouldn’t remember.  Liam tells her he feels something and that she is important to him.  But his brain can’t connect the dots.  She tells him it’s okay he’s doing the best he can and that is all she can ask.

She rolls her eyes behind Liam’s back as she hugs him.  Liam asks where his ring is.  You never like how it felt Quinn lies. She goes over his texts and sees a text from Bill. She replies.

Liam suddenly asks if they have kids.  She says no. They talked about it but they don’t.  They lead really private lives. Just the two of them.  He says of all the people to be stuck in Eden with he’s glad it her.  She says she’s the only person he knows.  He thanks her for standing by him. She tells him they can make new memories.  It could be fun falling for her all over again Liam tells her.

Quinn leaves.  She has work to do.  She leaves the radio on. He hears cha-cha-cha in an ad for a Mexican restaurant and it sparks something.  He asks Eve about the ad.  He thought he had a memory.  She suggests they have Mexican tonight. It might trigger his memory.

He wants to cook and be helpful.  He wonders if he’s always been  helpful.  He’s that kind of guy, Quinn tells him.  He’d jump of a bridge for somebody. Liam thinks that’s an exaggeration.  But Quinn assures him it isn’t. She thought of kindness as a weakness most of her life but he helped change that/ She tells him he’s a very special person.

If he’s good and kind it has to be because of her Liam says.  He can see the goodness in her eyes. When he looks at her he doesn’t’ need memories.  This woman in front of him who took care of him and nursed him tells him everything he needs to know.  He may not remember her, but he knows who she is.  He tries to kiss her but Quinn stops him.  He likes getting to know his wife all over again.  He kissed her.

You don’t have to , she says as she pulls away.  He tells her she’s his wife and the kiss becomes passionate.

Wyatt woos Steffy

Wyatt and Steffy enjoy a picnic on the beach.   They kiss as the sun sets.   Steffy thanks him.  She feels lifted up and that she deserves so much more than Liam can give. Running away isn’t his style Wyatt says.  Steffy says she feels different. Its nice not wondering how he is feeling.

Lets make it lst Wyatt says.  He’s serious.  He wants to make this last forever.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with her, Wyatt tells Steffy then kisses her.  He tells her not to worry.  He doesn’t expect her to say anything.  Not right now.  He just wants her to know he can see a future for them. He will ask her again, and again and again until she is ready….Steffy smiles as Wyatt walks down the beach.  But its Liam she can’t help thinking about.  And all they have been through together.  She wonders where he is.

This Day in B&b History

Thursday, February 5, 2015 – Episode #7009

Rick Berates Wyatt

Caroline is in a meeting with Rick. Caroline asks if Ivy shouldn’t be there.  Are you scared to be alone with me Rick asks – scared I’m packing heat.

Wyatt comes in looking for Rick.  Do I know you Rick says.  Rick tells him he’s made a mistake assuming he’s got a job to come back too.  Wyatt says he’s back and ready to throw himself into owwrkm but Rick says not so fast cowboy.  Rick asks Carolien to leave.

You’ve been gone and shrugged off your responsibilities.  And you’re no longer married to my sister, Rick says.  Wyatt reminds Rick that he cleared his absence before he went.  Rick says that Wyatt took advantage.  HFTF has been in a holding pattern through his absence.

Wyatt reminds him he was with his sister and he went through  hell as well as Hope..  Wyatt says so he doesn’t’ get a pass but Hope does?  She’s not a Forrester either Wyatt reminds him – but of course her brother is.  Wyatt tells Rick that this is a job – one he happens to love, but he and Forrester Creations don’t own him.  The sooner Rick gets that clear the better off they’ll both be Wyatt tells him.

When you work for me I own your time and your talent.  None of which I’ve seen lately.  You no longer have my sister to hide behind.  You owe lots of overtime.  After what he’s done for this company he doesn’t’ owe them anything.  Wyatt decides that Rick and the Forrester’s aren’t worth it and he quits.  Wyatt exits leaving Rick stunned.

On the Sky Lounge – Aly, Caroline and Rick

On the sky lounge, Aly shows Caroline some designs.  Caroline seems distracted.  Aly asks what’s up.  Caroline says Steffy is back in town.

Rick arrives looking for Wyatt.  He quit Rick tells them.  Aly defends Wyatt.  Rick notes that is not eh way to kiss up to the boss to get your shoe line.

We Need You At Forrester – Liam to Wyatt

Liam likes the perks of being president of Spencer – the power. Bill warns him not to become Rick.  They discuss Liam’s takeover plan and that even with Steffy and Thomas they still won’t have a majority.

A takeover of this magnitude takes planning and patience, Bill says.  Steffy knows this is on the QT rights?  Liam isn’t worried Steffy isn’t thrilled with her father right now.

Katie enters and overhears them talking about Forrester – what are you two up to she wants to know.  Bill and Liam bring Katie up to speed on what Rick has been doing – including pulling a gun.  Something has to be done.

Wyatt arrives at Spencer Publications after quitting his job at Forrester.  Liam asks if Hope is with him.  She’s staying in Italy Wyatt admits.  Their marriage is over Wyatt tells them.  He’s lost his wife and son and now his job.  Rick gave him attitude and he quit, Wyatt tells Bill and Liam.

Liam says Wyatt can’t quit.  They need him at Forrester Creations.  Wyatt thinks Liam wants him away from Spencer.  Bill says eventually he wants them both at Spencer, but now is not the time.  Wyatt is brought up to speed on what has been happening at Forrester.  They have plan – a hostile takeover of Forrester.  They need someone on the inside.  Swallow your pride and get your job back, Bill says. They need to strike at the most opportune time. That means getting inside information from their double agent.   If they take what means most away from Rick, his company, they can no longer abuse the women they love, Liam says.

Steffy and Ridge

You and Caroline is wrong for so many reasons Steffy says.  You don’t see it but everyone else does.  Steffy won’t butt out.  He and Caroline need to end.  She’s way too young, not to mention your first wife’s niece.  No man should behave that way Steffy says. She loves and looks up to him.  Until recently Ridge finishes for Steffy.

Ridge says he doesn’t want to embarrass any of his children.  Steffy tells her to end it she knows he doesn’t have feelings for Caroline.  Steffy looks at her father’s reaction and is stunned to realize that Ridge does have feelings for Caroline.

Ridge takes Steffy through what happened when Bill dropped him on his head.  Caroline was there to help – she wanted nothing from him just to help. Steffy says he’s robbing the cradle and tearing apart the company.  Steffy realized Ridge is just going to do what he wants – regardless of what his daughter thinks.

Ridge asks what he’s missing.  There has to be something else.  Steffy isn’t okay with anything that has happened at the company.  And it all started with him and Caroline.  The company is imploding.  Steffy decides that maybe she’s been in Paris too long.  Maybe she should be running Forrester Creations.  She has an investment to protect.  She has to do something while there is still time.



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