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Friday, April 1, 2016 – Episode #7301


April 1 2016 B&B SpoilersSteffy and Liam’s Malibu Beach wedding gets underway.  Wyatt has written his own vows.  As and Steffy stand before the minister holding hands as he tells everyone assembled that he can’t do this without acknowledging his mother and the encouragement that she has given him.  Quinn looks on and smiles delighted that her son is marrying the woman of both their dreams.

In his vows Wyatt tells Steffy that he will always be honest with her.  That, however, is a promise he has already broken by not telling Steffy about eh surveillance footage that Charlie found of Liam collapsing at Quinn’s feet.  You can bet, given Quinn’s history that no one other than Wyatt would believe the story Quinn is telling about Liam coming to and her driving him to the airport.

As well they shouldn’t because it’s just not true.

Meanwhile at the cabin, Quinn’s Adam and Eve fantasy life is in jeopardy of falling apart as Liam finishes his collage of Steffy’s face using modeling software.  He looks at the finished face and realizes he has to find her.  he wonders for a moment if she is even real, but given it is the only memory he has; or marrying this girl;  he bets that she is.  He has to find her but he doesn’t know where to start looking…

Episode Summary:

Steffy and Wyatt’s Wedding

Ridge walks Steffy down the beach aisle to where Wyatt and a minister wait.

There is nothing more important in a man’s life than his children til he has grandchildren.

Put on them as god’s chosen ones compassion kindness meekness and patience…Eric begins reading a passage from the bible.

Bill speaks next about marring Steffy a strong woman.  Steffy is lucky that Wyatt isn’t as rough around the edges as his old man.  He is destined for great things especially with a woman like Steffy by his side.  He’s proud of his son and to call Steffy a member of the Spencer family.

Ridge goes next. She carries two very proud names already and she’s about to carry another one. It already feels like Wyatt is part of the family.  His work and they way he treats Steffy hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Bill calls Quinn up to speak after asking Wyatt if he’s sure mommy dearest isn’t going to do something crazy.

Wyatt is her priority and standing her now she knows it is all worth it. Its an exciting new adventure for all of them Quinn tells them.  Congratulations to him and Steffy Quinn says.

Wyatt and Steffy join hands and state their intention to marry.  They exchange vows but they aren’t doing rings.  They will tattoo their wedding bands.

Before he says his vows, Wyatt has to acknowledge his mother.  She knew that Steffy was the woman for him.  And she was right.  Steffy is fearless and she inspires that in him.  He wants to take risks every day because he trusts him.  He is free to be himself and love her without limitations.  He will always be honest with her and put her before anyone else.  His commitment to her is forever.

Here they are in their spot in the said, wind and waves.  He keeps giving her so many incredible memories on this beach.  She can count on him and he makes her laugh and more spontaneous than she is.  Just like surfing on that day she is saying yes to him.  Her commitment is forever also.

They are pronounced man and wife.  Wyatt kisses his bride and the guests clap.

Liam and his Composite Sketch Woman

Meanwhile, Liam continues to work on a composite sketch on is computer of the woman he’s seeing in his memory flashes of his wedding.  He knows her; but who is she he asks himself as he finishes.

He also realizes that Eve is keeping something from him.  Is Eve keeping him from her? Liam wonders about the woman in the sketch.

Liam feels bad because Eve has been wonderful to him, but he has to find the woman in his memory. He remembers the path of his relationship with Eve through his recovery.

He doesn’t know who the woman in the sketch is but he feels like he is losing her. He has to find her but doesn’t know where to look.  He doesn’t know if she is even real, but then realizes she is because she means something to him.  Why can’t he remember he asks himself.



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