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This week, coached by her husband, a midwife, and a doula, Caroline Spencer Forrester gave birth to her first child; a baby boy.   Baby’s usually bring family’s together but Caroline’s baby’s conception destroyed a father and son’s relationship even though the son doesn’t understand why.

But viewers do.

Caroline Gives Brith

Ridge and Caroline Broke Up

Last year, for the few hours that Caroline and Ridge were broken up, Thomas took advantage of an upset Caroline, who unbeknownst to Thomas had taken some of Pam’s anxiety medication. Thanks to what Caroline thought was her period arriving after the incident; Thomas doesn’t believe that the baby Caroline gave birth to is his.

Thomas believes that Caroline and Ridge conceived their baby after his night with Caroline.  But of course she couldn’t have, since the reason Ridge set Caroline free in the first place was because he couldn’t give her what she wanted so badly.  A baby.

A Fertility Secret

With his family grown, Ridge had decided to have a vasectomy while he was living in Paris.  And when he investigated a reversal the doctor told him there was no point.  Ridge’s sperm weren’t viable.

When Caroline confessed she was pregnant and how she had come to be pregnant, Ridge, angry with his son for what he’d done (Thomas had made a string of questionable decisions that made him seem more sexual predator than playboy) concocted the plan that he and Caroline would raise Thomas’ child as their own.  But Ridge has never been able to get past what Thomas did and the father and son have had a strained relationship ever since.

The birth of Caroline’s baby isn’t going to help that.  Ridge is determined to keep the baby’s paternity a secret and still keeps his son at arm’s length because of his questionable choices over the past year. (Thomas also slept with an intern and was instrumental in breaking up Ivy and Wyatt; just for the sport of it).

A Cad Reformed

Thomas, however, has made genuine changes in his life and wants to be a role model for his new younger brother.  Caroline sees Thomas efforts and harbors some quilt over her and Ridge’s choice to keep Thomas in the dark about him being a father.  Keeping that secret is also proving difficult because of Ridge’s inability to get past what Thomas did to his wife, which is making Thomas suspicious.

A Son Alienated

This week, Ridge announces his son’s birth and allows other family members, namely daughter Steffy and father, Eric to go upstairs where Caroline gave birth to meet the new addition to the Forrester family.  Ridge, however, does not bestow the same privilege upon Thomas, which again makes Thomas question whether there is more behind Ridge’s behavior than what happened with Charlotte and Ivy.

Ridge isn’t aware of it yet, but questions about Caroline’s pregnancy and the baby’s paternity are also set to come at his from another rival; his “brother” Rick.

A Resentful Brother

Rick is still smarting from what he feels was one of Ridge’s manipulations.  Ridge had Stephanie’s portrait re-hung in the living room of the family home as the entertained some long-term clients and friends of Stephanie’s.  Eric supported the decision and supported Ridge’s desire to have Stephanie’s portrait remain there.  This was Stephanie’s home and the home Ridge grew up in.  Ridge also wanted to raise his child in the home.

Rick, took over occupancy of the Forrester Mansion as one of the perks of his tenure as CEO at Forrester Creations. He made swift moves to not only replace Stephanie’s portrait with one of Maya but to also alienate the family members living in the house.  It is hard to feel sorry for Rick in this instance as he and Maya have left the Forrester Mansion to go live with Brooke in her Mansion down the road.

Biology and Babies

Resentful, Rick has fallen back on reminding everyone that Ridge isn’t even biologically a Forrester, but the son of Massimo Maroni.  Rick goes so far as to celebrate Ridge’s son’s birth as a grandchild for Massimo, ignoring that the dig is sure to alienate him from his father Eric, who raised Ridge as his son and didn’t learn about Ridge’s true paternity until Ridge was a grown man.

When Nicole gives birth to her child however, Rick will undoubtedly want the family to think of Maya as the child’s mother, not Nicole, when in fact Maya is in fact the baby’s aunt.  But Rick’s wounded pride can’t make that connection.

Fertility Secret Leaked

And Brooke has added fuel to Rick’s fire by letting him in on Ridge’s secret; that Caroline’s pregnancy was truly a miracle given that Ridge had had a vasectomy and told his sperm weren’t viable even if he did have  a reversal.

Given the way Ridge is treating his eldest son and keeping him at arm’s length, and the knowledge Rick now has about Ridge’s fertility it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out…

That Thomas is the baby’s father, not Ridge…

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