Eugene and Marlena’s Shotgun Wedding | Days of our Lives Weddings

Air date: Friday, April 13, 1984 – Episode 4688

Bride: A pregnant Marlena Brady

Groom: Eugene Bradford

Witnesses: Tom and Alice Horton

Days of our LIves Weddings Eugene and Marlena

Marlena Is Pregnant!

When Marlena found out she was pregnant, the normally level headed shrink didn’t think through her announcement. In fact she blurted out the news that she was 6 weeks pregnant.  Most of those present did some quick mental arithmetic and deduced that since Roman Brady had been dead for over 8 weeks, he could not be the father.

Who’s the Daddy?

Eugene Bradford took the bullet for his friend.  Eugene announced he was the father.  Of course, in reality Roman Brady was the father.  His death had been faked in a cabin explosion to allow Roman to go undercover and investigate the crime he was accused of; being a serial killer (in reality it was Andre DiMera killing the women of Salem while wearing a latex “Roman” mask).

Making an Honest Woman of Marlena

Alice Horton wasn’t as gung-ho over making an honest woman of Marlena as her husband, Tom Horton was.  Alice, having baked the donuts that were instrumental in Roman’s release from prison knew that Roman was still alive and the baby’s father (it turned out Marlena was pregnant with twins; Sami and Eric).

But Tom was on a mission.  He turned up at Eugene’s house with a minister trailing behind insisting that the duo marry.

Gene tried to delay the wedding by saying he didn’t have a ring.  Alice, is is delighted, but Tom provides a ring for Eugene to use until he gets something more special. Alice’s smile disappeared as she told her husband he really had thought of everything.

From his hiding place, in the basement, a confused Roman listens as the wedding gets underway. Eugene and Marlena exchange vows. Marlena looks stricken as she removes Roman’s wedding ring to allow Gene to place the borrowed ring on her finger.

They are pronounced husband and wife and Eugene kisses his bride.  Of course, this wedding was invalidated when Roman was revealed to be very much alive.

Source:  Watch the video of Marlena and Eugene’s wedding


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