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Thursday, March 10, 2016 – Episode #7287


March 10 2016 B&B Spoilers

Quinn is having trouble keeping “Adam” from asking questions about his past not that he is physically more robust.

With “Adam” asking “Eve” about his past and their life together, “Eve” shows “Adam” the photo album that Quinn had Deacon  create for her.

Liam is surprised by what he sees.   Just when he thinks that Eve has run out of surprises for him, she goes ahead and throws another one at him.  Liam is looking at the photos and asks Eve just how many different women she is. Quinn laughs nervously at the truth in the statement.

Later, Liam tells Quinn that there are pieces of his life missing.  He doesn’t feel whole with his past missing.  He feels like half a person who is looking for something to complete him.

And Liam’s other half, Steffy is having trouble letting him go, despite being engaged to Liam’s brother Wyatt now…

Meanwhile at the Forrester Mansion Thomas and Steffy discuss Liam’s disappearance.  Thomas tells his sister that either way, Liam made a choice that doesn’t involve her.  Thomas gently advises his sister that she has to let Liam go.

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Episode Summary:

Ridge, Caroline and Baby

Ridge and Caroline admire their new son.  And their new family.  Ridge tells Caroline that Thomas is anxious to meet the baby, Caroline understands his instinct to keep him away but she doesn’t see how they can avoid it.

Steffy Can’t Forget Liam

Thomas paces downstairs.  Steffy tells him to relax.  What’s he like Thomas asks, you’ve seen  him, I haven’t  Thomas says.  Steffy however is distracted.  She’s thinking about Liam.

Thomas reminds Steffy that the ring on her finger means she’s engaged to Wyatt. Liam made a choice that doesn’t involve you.  You have to let him go, Thomas advises Steffy.

Ridge comes down and tells Thomas he can go up and see Caroline and the baby. Steffy admits to her dad that Liam not being here is bugging her. It’s not like him to just disappear.  Ridge says maybe he had a reason, and she was just the catalyst.  Like when he went to Paris, Steffy compares.  Just like that Ridge says.  Maybe Liam’s trying to find out who he is without Steffy, Ridge says.

They turn their conversation back to Ridge being a new dad. Ridge goes upstairs as Steffy remembers her life with Liam.

Thomas meets his Brother

Thomas watches from the door as Caroline talks to her baby. She sees him at the door. Come meet the baby she says.  Thomas tells her she’s glowing. Caroline says she has literally never been happier. He’s perfect Thomas tells Caroline about his baby brother.

Thomas is stunned by how protective he feels of his brother.  Ridge arrives. What do you think?  Should we keep him? Caroline says just you try take him away.  Thoams promises to be the best big brother this baby could ask for.  Thomas tells his father he would be lucky to have a life like his.

Quinn Shows Liam Photos

Liam and Quinn are in bed.  He doesn’t remember their life before, but he knows why he married her.  She’s quintessential. High praise Quinn says and asks if he’d like to go on a hike later.  He always enjoys that.

Liam asks if it was always this good between them.  From the very first time, she tells him.  He says that’s what drives him nuts.  He should remember that.  He asks if she found pictures.  Yes she says two albums. Liam thinks that could help trigger his memory.

Quinn tells him that she doesn’t photograph well.  But Liam thinks this could make the difference.  Seeing them in their happiest moments could trigger something.  But Quinn doesn’t want him to force anything because he gets headaches and gets dizzy.

She shows him the pictures.  Liam looks at the pictures but its not giving him anything.  He tells her to show him the wedding photos. There are photos from Liam and Steffy’s second wedding to Steffy. Liam says that black lace is crazy sexy and her legs look longer.  Just when he thinks he knows all her surprises she goes and throws in another one.  How many women is she, Liam asks.

Liam sees their wedding photos from Steffy and his first wedding in Aspen.  That is not who she is Quinn says.  That day wasn’t an ordinary day.  Its hard to see him longing for a woman that isn’t her.  Weddings are a fantasy. She would never wear that dress again or combat boots for shock and awe.  That is not who she is.  This, the person sitting next to him in her ordinary clothes is his wife. She doesn’t want to be cast off for her she says of the “Eve” in the photo.

Liam is happy with ordinary her in her ordinary clothes Liam tells her.  Liam thought the wedding photos would trigger something, but still he has no memory of it. Quinn tells him not to be disappointed for her.  She’s okay with him never remembering. But Liam says that he isn’t whole while there are pieces of him missing.  He is looking for something to complete him.  Its not aobut her of their life together, but about him finding out who he is.

He is a good man and she is grateful to have had him in her life.  That sounds like a goodbye.  She’s not going anywhere while he’ll have her.  They Liam figures she’s sticking around for a while. Theya re making new memories Quinn tells him.  Her life has never been better because of the way he loves her.  She doesn’t want to lose him.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015 – Episode #7032

Ivy, Aly and Nicole

Ivy, Aly and  Nicole chat in the kitchen as she gets the lay of the land.  Nicole asks if Rick is really in love with her sister.  Ivy and Aly get the feeling Nicole doesn’t like Maya.  Nicole states she doesn’t know her.  Nicole is very happy to be in this beautiful house with her big sister.

Nicole is at UCLA studying computer science.  They assume she would want to be on campus and offer to help her find housing. Nicole notes that they are petty keen to get rid of her.  Nicole is going to hang around – get to know her sister.

Aly and Ivy say that Rick seems to be in love with her sister but that they will let her make her own assessment.

After Nicole goes to bed, Aly notes Nicole seems nice enough, but Maya did too.

Rick and Maya

Rick mentions that Maya wasn’t really jumping up for joy that Rick invited her sister into their home.  Maya ended up okay with her sister after a conversation.  She is lucky, she can be generous.  Nicole hasn’t found her place yet maybe we are it.  She’d like to be part of her little sister finding her feet in the world.  Maya doesn’t really want to revisit her past.  She ceased to exist once she left.  That’s what Maya likes about Ricks’ family.  They don’t always agree but they are a unit.

Maya wonders why rick didn’t listen to everyone when they said she was a bad idea.  Because of her honesty and support, Rick says.  She’s about the best idea he’s ever had.

Maya doesn’t ever want to embarrass him.  Rick reassures her. Maya goes to take a shower.

From outside Nicole hears Maya singing in the shower.  She knocks, Rick answers.  She was hoping to say goodnight to Maya.  Nicole thanks him for opening up her beautiful home to her.  She ahs to ask, why did you chose my sister she needs to ask.  His wife did something egregious and Maya was there to support him.  No lies, just honest and support.

Alone, Nicole says to herself, no secrets huh.  If Nicole is right Maya has a secret he can’t even imagine.

Quinn is incensed

Deacon tells Quinn he was looking after his friend.  Ask your friend who the hell she thinks she is Quinn suggests.  Quinn is incensed as she recounts to Deacon Brooke forbids them to get married.  Deacon says cut Brooke some slack she’s having a hard time.  Quinn wonders how Brooke gets this control over men.

Deacon is worried about Brooke’s drinking.  Quinn says she’ll get over it when she snares another guy.  But not her guy. Deacon has had his own issues with drinking.  He’s partly in denial, but he is a high functioning alcoholic.  Quinn didn’t realize.

He needs to be clean for their new life.  Deacon discusses AA.  People change for two reasons – love and fear.  He knows he loves her but is scared he will blow it if he’s not clean.  He knows if he’s drinking he will find a way to sabotage them.  He’s going to a meeting tomorrow Deacon says.  Quinn says she has him however he comes.

Wyatt is Divorcing Hope, Brooke Hits Her Head

There is a knock at the door of Brooke’s mansion.  It’s Wyatt.  Wyatt tells Brooke he has divorce papers, he’s ending his marriage.  Brooke hugs her son in law.  Th miscarriage changed everything for them and his mother being indirectly involved didn’t help.  He lost Hope that day.  Brooke and Wyatt relate over not knowing what is next for their lives.  Wyatt notes that she gets it.  Brooke says it’s because it’s her life at the moment also.

Wyatt asks if Brooke is alright.  Brooke admits to never feeling so alone in her life and it’s a hard adjustment.  Wyatt offers his company.  People say I’m a lot of fun.  The conversation urns to Quinn and Deacon.  Brooke says it’s a mistake and that’s what she told them.

Brooke and Deacon share a drink and discuss Quinn taking a permanent wrecking ball to Deacon’s life. As Brooke gets drunker she says no more talk about icky stuff.  She wants to laugh and dance and sing.  Brooke stumbles and Wyatt suggests she’s had enough.  Wyatt leaves.  Brooke drinks – more.  She trips and knocks herself out as she hits her head on the coffee table as she stumbles.



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