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Friday, March 11, 2016 – Episode #7288


March 11 2016 B&B SpoilersQuinn makes some enquiries about Liam’s condition.  She tells someone, presumably a medical professional that Liam has completely lost his memory and she is wondering if Liam will ever get it back.

Later, Quinn tells someone that she is the type of mother that will do anything to make sure her son is happy.

Meanwhile back at the cabin, Liam, sporting a tea towel over his shoulder answers the door.  It’s Deacon.  Hi, can I help you?  Liam says seemingly unaware of who Deacon is.

Look for the cabin scenes to feature in the weekly cliffhanger since they carry over into Monday’s episode…

At Forrester Creations Steffy still wonders about Liam’s continued absence given that Caroline has given birth now.  She says that Liam was really excited for Caroline.  For Liam to be completely MIA during all of this is completely weird Steffy states.  Is Steffy about to start asking some questions about Liam’s where abouts?


Wednesday, March 11, 2015 – Episode #7033

Brooke Blacks Out

Brooke gets up from where she knocked herself unconscious.  The doorbell rings.  A disheveled Brooke answers.  It’s a delivery of a case of vodka she ordered.  Brooke doesn’t remember ordering it last night.  The delivery guy asks if she’s okay. Her nose is bleeding from the fall.

Brooke takes a swig of vodka for breakfast to steady her nerves.  She goes to her computer and looks up an AA meeting.  Brooke dresses and leaves the house

Deacon Goes to AA

At the loft Deacon tells Quinn he’s going to an AA meeting.  He wants to get things right this time (with Quinn).  As she makes breakfast Quinn realizes now why he can’t let go of Brooke’s drinking.

Deacon feels for her.  She’s alone and he hopes that Brooke can fight her way out of this.  Quinn tells Deacon she’s lost her appetite and storms off.  Later Quinn offers Deacon her support after he returns from the meeting.

At the Meeting

Brooke is welcomed at an AA meeting.  She volunteers to talk. She tells the group that she has been drinking alone a lot lately. She’s just a little concerned that she was becoming an alcoholic.

She explains what happened this morning not remembering ordering a case of Vodka.  Brooke admits it was frightening and it brought her to the meeting.

All her life she has been surrounded by people who loved her and now she’s on her own. She thought she was loved Brooke says.

Another person arrives – it’s Deacon…

Rick’s Power Trip

At the office Ivy wants Aly to confront Rick about his treatment of her.  But Aly doesn’t want to mess up the chance with her shoe line.  Ridge enters realizes something’s up and knows its Ricky. Ridge says that Rick will continue while he has the power. Having already lost her room, Aly wonders if she will be out of the street by the end of the month.  Ivy thinks Rick is a scared little man that clings to power like a life raft.

Ivy goes to see Rick – Cousin to Cousin.  Ridge offers to come but Ivy wants to do this alone.  Ridge is concerned about what Ivy is facing

Ivy Confronts Rick

Maya is glad to be alone in Rick’s office with all the unhappy campers at home.  Even Maya isn’t sure of his treatment of her.  Rick says the clock is ticking.  He has one year to prove that they are this company.

Ivy walks in and tells Rick she need a few minutes.  He tries to tell her to make an appointment.  But Ivy won’t she’s family.

Family means respect and right now we’ve been getting none.  Their reaction to Rick and Maya is a response to how they are being treated.  Rick promises he will be raising his expectations.  The quarterly reports tell him he’s on the right track.  Ivy demands that at the least they be treated as valued employee.  Maya interjects and Ivy shuts her down.  She’s trying to talk to her cousin

Ivy thinks that how he is treating Aly is despicable.  Ivy questions if he has any intention of putting her shoe line into production because no one else does.  Ivy also tells Rick that his quarterly success is due entirely to Caroline and Ridge not his great management.

Rick shuts her down.  How dare she lecture him on respect when he hasn’t even earned it himself.  And she hasn’t Rick says.

Ivy doesn’t need to cop abuse from Rick in the office or at home.  The buyers tell her she has earned respect. And she and Aly aren’t to be treated like the hired help at home. Don’t take it so seriously, Maya suggests Rick was just having some fun with Ivy and Aly at home.  Ivy sits down takes her shoes off and tells Maya to massage her feet.  Maya doesn’t find that funny.  But she just said it was all in fun Ivy states making her point

Ivy threatens to call Eric who is with John, so she can guarantee they will listen to her.  Rick counter threatens Ivy. He tells Ivy latest jewelry isn’t up to par and tells her it’s not as good as Quinn used to give them.



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