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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 – Episode #7291


March 16 2016 B&B SpoilersHaving learned from Ivy that Liam did not intentionally go to Australia with her and that Ivy hasn’t been able to get in contact with Liam either, Steffy decides that Liam must have gone to be with another one of his exes; Hope.  An aggressive Steffy (no humility there) calls Hope and tells her to put Liam on the phone.  Steffy knows he’s with her.  Clearly Steffy has learned little about making broad stroke assumptions.

Hope goads Steffy by asking why Steffy should care.  Steffy is after all engaged to one of Hope’s other exes;  Wyatt.  Hope finally comes clean with Steffy and tells her that she wishes she had better news, but Hope hasn’t heard from Liam.

Steffy wonders about Liam’s disappearance with her current fiancé.  Wyatt of course has a self serving explanation.  Sometimes it takes losing yourself to figure out who the hell you are he tells her.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Liam have gone on their hike and are admiring the view of the ocean and rugged coastline from the edge of a cliff face…  Liam moves closer to the edge as Quinn has a hand on his back.  Will she push him?  Or will she wait for Deacon to charge him and pull “Adam” aside at the last minute?

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Episode Summary:

Over the Cliff’s Edge

Quinn deletes a voice mail from Steffy telling her to take a hint. Liam arrives and asks if she is ready for this.  She thinks so. She makes sure they have water, sunscreen and water.  You’re always looking out for me he says.  Til death do us part she replies.

With Liam away, Quinn calls Deacon.  He says it’s not too late to change her mind.  He suggests that  she dump Liam at Forrester or with Bill.  And run.  Hop a plane out of the country.

But Quinn has to take care of this while they are the only two people who know about it.  This ends in death, no other way Quinn says.

Quinn and Liam arrive at the hike spot.  Wait till you see the view from the top she says.  It’s to die for.  They hike.  Quinn texts Deacon that they are almost there.

Liam sees the ocean.  It’s the end of the trail, not much longer now Quinn states.  Liam has the feeling again that someone needs him, he tells Quinn. Liam enjoys the sun on his face.  In LA, Steffy is doing the same.

Quinn’s asthma is playing up as the reach the cliff overlooking the ocean. They get closer to the edge. Deacon watches from where he is hiding. Quinn’s asthma gets worse.  She gets out her inhaler.  Its not there.  Its in her jacket in the car.  Adam rushes to get her inhaler.

Deacon comes out of hiding.  Quinn wheezes.  When Deacon arrives the wheezing stops.  It has to happen like Quinn says, but the timing was not right.  There are people down there.  Deacon approaches the edge  and says where.  Quinn pushes him.  Deacon screams on they way down into the ocean below.

Quinn remembers Deacon telling her she can’t keep Liam forever.  She to herself, yes she can.

Steffy Calls Hope

Thomas overhears Steffy call Liam.  She’s worried about him.  Thomas says that its obvious he doesn’t want to talk to her.  Steffy then realizes why.  He’s with the one person who would only be too glad to convince him not to have anything to do with Steffy.  Hope.

Steffy calls Hope.  She sounds surprised. She is surprised to hear from her.  They don’t call each other.  What’s wrong Hope wants to know.  Put Liam on the phone Steffy says.  I know he’s there.  Hope says Liam isn’t with her.  Hope wonders why it matters  since she’s engaged to Wyatt.  Steffy explains things when wrong with Liam and it was then that Wyatt came onto her radar.  Steffy says she’s worried Liam has been gone so long. Hope says she hasn’t heard from him and notes Steffy still loves Liam.  Hope knows how that is.

Wyatt Tells Bill Its Different with Steffy

Bill is impressed with his ability to work a room.  Wyatt says someone had to reel he customers back in when his mother went off the rail.  Bill tells Wyatt he is better off with him than Quinn’s crazy.

Wyatt thanks Bill for not giving him a hard time about Steffy.  Wyatt knows that Bill had other hopes.  Bill admits he thinks Liam and Wyatt’s competitiveness.  He likes that in business, but in their relationships.  Wyatt is now again going to marry someone Liam was married too.  Wyatt says that his relationship with Steffy is nothing like his relationship with Hope.

Wyatt says that Steffy isn’t like Hope because of his mother.  She has done nothing to do with Steffy being with him.  He and Steffy are together because of them.  Not because of his mother manipulating the situation.  That will make all the difference in the world Wyatt tells Bill.

Having a Breakdown

Wyatt returns to Forrester. She tells him Ivy stopped by. Steffy says that Ivy hasn’t heard from Liam the whole time.  Steffy admits she is concerned.  Wyatt suggests she call Hope, but Steffy already has.  Wyatt tells Steffy not to worry.  Liam has always been able to look after himself.  Maybe Liam just needs to unplug.  Wyatt feels like he’s been a verge on a breakdown for a while.  He’s in and out of relationships and working two high stress jobs.  He thinks Liam is just losing himself to find out exactly who he is.  That’s what Wyatt thinks he’s doing.

Wyatt gets summoned by Bill. Steffy supposes it’s better that Liam is at a retreat if he is having a breakdown.  Wyatt agrees because he was heading for an epic fall. Steffy continues to enjoy the sunshine and wonders if Liam is never coming back.


Monday, March 16, 2015 – Episode #7036

Nicole Threatens Maya

Maya tells Nicole she has no power over her.  If this is how she treats family she doesn’t want her here. Maya tells her she wants her gone.  You come into my home and threaten me and make accusations.  If its not true says Nicole what’s the problem.

Alone, at the mansion Nicole double checks the address for Forrester Creations then heads out.  She arrives at Forrester.  She’s Maya’s sister. Security sends her up to the big photo shoot on the sky lounge.

The Photo Shoot

At Forrester the photo shoot gets underway.  Maya is late.  Rick is sure she will be here soon.  Aly and Oliver note they have been stalling.  They need their lead model.  Maya arrives late.  There was something she had to deal with Maya tells Rick.

Maya gets to work and her attitude changes when she sees Nicole walk onto the set.  Rick introduces Nicole.  Maya is not pleased she is there. Maya tells Nicole that this isn’t so glamorous.  She should see a fashion show.

Oliver is losing light they need to get moving again.  The shoot resumes, but Maya is distracted…Oliver asks what is wrong.  Maya says she is tired.  Can they be done for today Maya asks.  Rick calls it a wrap.

They not the camera adores Maya.  No secret there Nicole says.  Rick leaves for a phone interview.

Inside, Aly, Carter and Olive discuss how Maya changed when Nicole arrived.  Oliver notes there is something going on that they don’t know about.

On the sky lounge, Maya tells Nicole she shouldn’t have come.  This is where she works.  Nicole notes she could use some work, but not as an intern, she wants to be a model.  Make it happen Nicole tells he sister.  Nicole decides that if Maya can model so can she.

Maya tells her that she doesn’t want her living in her house or working where she does. Nicoel tells Maya that she knows her secret and she’s not afraid to use it.  Trying to blackmail me trying to control me – what kind of sister does that Maya wants to know.  Rick arrives and overhears.  What’s going on he wants to know.

Aly, Carter and Olive discuss how Maya changed when Nicole arrived.  Oliver notes there is something going on that they don’t know about.

Katie is Worried about Brooke

Katie checks out Ridge’s new loft space he always wanted.  He also has no distractions like at the office.  No Rick and Maya Katie notes.  They discuss Katie’s honeymoon in Aspen.  She notices the nude of Caroline.

Ridge asks why Katie is there.  Its Brooke Katie says.  She’s worried about her.

Why Aspen of all places Ridge asks for the honeymoon.  Katie admits that a part of her just wanted to reclaim that place.  It was so much a part of Bill and Brooke that he wanted to make it theirs again.  She feels like she can hear Aspen now and smile not twitch.

Katie and Ridge are glad the other is happy.  She is glad he has his loft – a creative space.  They are each glad the other is happy.  Katie just wishes her sister was.  They discuss the wedding.  Brooke seems off. Brooke never does well alone Katie says.  Has he seen her?  Ridge says he hasn’t seen her at the office.  It’s been crazy over there.

Katie is headed to Brooke’s next.  She wants to be there for Brooke, like she was always there for Katie.  Ridge notes that Brooke is a big girl.  But she doesn’t do well by herself



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