March 25: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, March 25, 2016 – Episode #7296


March 25 2016 B&B SpoilersWhen Ridge’s urologist stands by his diagnosis that Ridge is infertile despite a vasectomy reversal, Ridge tells his urologist that he doesn’t want him to say what he just told Ridge to him or anyone else.   Ridge ‘s tone is not friendly and asks him if they understand each other.

Quinn goes to Eric and asks him for a favor.  She needs this so much right now, she tells Eric.  While she is in the office Quinn is confronted by her son.  Wyatt tells him mother that she was probably the last one to see Liam and wants to know where he is.  Where is Liam, Wyatt asks his mother…

Meanwhile Adam is alone at the cabin, going through a photo album.  He is frustrated that he can’t remember his own damned wedding.

Episode Summary:

 Ridge’s Doctor Knows His Secret

Ridge tells him doctor he is mistaken. The doctor tells Ridge that he knows the truth.  That child isn’t his.  He suggests that Ridge asks for a paternity test because that wife of his is keeping a secret.

Ridge says he got a second opinion from someone who knows what he is talking about.  Ridge tells the doctor not to say that again, to him or anyone else, because implying anything other than he has a beautiful son with his beautiful wife is really beginning to upset him.  Ridge leaves.

Thomas Sees Ridge in New Light

Thomas tells Caroline not to hire a nanny next time she is having lunch with Ridge.  Thomas would love to look after his little brother. Caroline is surprised when Thomas compliments his Ridge.  Thomas says that Douglas reminded him about the kind of father Ridge is.  He’s not the demanding and secretive guy that Thomas has said he is.  Caroline looks nervous because of the big secret they are keeping.

Douglas is helping Thomas remember that the kinds of father Ridge is.  He is thankful they had this baby.

Ridge comes home. When Thomas leaves Caroline wants to know what’s wrong.   Ridge admits when he sees Caroline with Thomas he just wants to protect her and Douglas.  Caroline says to Ridge he will never know.  No one will ever know Ridge says.

Quinn’s Absence is Noted

Steffy tells Wyatt to tell his mother to get the inventory report to her.  She clearly relied on him.  She needs to step it up now that Wyatt is at Spencer and Ivy is also gone. Wyatt suggests that if Steffy needs to fire his mom to wait until after the wedding.

Charlie Finds CC Footage

Charlie is reviewing CC TV footage and sees Quinn collapse at Quinn’s feet in the car park.

Wyatt is also getting pressure from other parts of the business re the jewelry line.  Charlie finds Wyatt.  It’s a security issue needs to show him of his mom and Liam.

Charlie was reviewing the footage because someone banged into Ricks care and Rick wants him to find the culprit.  He thinks his mother is to blame so he says the parting lanes are super narrow.  But Charlie has something else to show him.  Wyatt watches the footage where Liam collapses at Quinn’s feet.

Quinn Wants To Travel

Quinn tells Liam she needs a change. We need a change.  She wants to move.  She needs to get out of LA.  What about her job, Liam wants to know. She wants to fill his handsome head with new memories.  She wants to travel; see where the road takes them.

While Quinn is at Forrester, Liam reviews  the photos in the album.  How can he not remember this its his own damned wedding.  Flashes of the wedding come back to him…

A sabbatical and an accusation

Quinn goes to Eric and asks for a leave of absence.  She doesn’t know when she will be back.  Eric asks if everything is okay.  There is s anew man in her life. Deacon is gone; for good.

Eric hates to lose her; even temporarily but Eric won’t stand in her way.  He will tell Ridge

Wyatt finds Quinn packing up her office.  Wyatt asks where he is.  Liam he says. Quinn was the last person to see him.  Where is Liam, he asks.

Quinn plays dumb. Wyatt tells her about the footage.  He’s worried because it’s the same day Liam disappeared.  Quinn says he went on an extended spa.  Wyatt wants to know what Quinn did to Liam; it was the same day Steffy was waiting at him for him to work things out.

She saw him getting in the car.  He came to when Quinn was driving him to the hospital.  But Laim just wanted to get out of town.  Apparently Liam can rescue himself like he can other people.  Wyatt still is suspicious that Quinn didn’t mention this.  He could be in a hospital somewhere.  Quinn tells him to focus on getting married to Steffy.  Because if Liam comes back he could lose Steffy.  Wyatt thinks that Steffy will just slam the door in his face.  But Quinn says she should do that as Mrs Wyatt Spencer.  Marry the girl she tells her son.

Wyatt goes back to Charlie and tells him that his mother explained everything.  Quinn has had a hard enough time fitting in here and doesn’t need to be accused of everything.

Wyatt finds Steffy on the beach where he proposed;   their special spot.  Wyatt says he doesn’t want to wait to marry her.  The wants to marry her right here the place where he told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  He wants to marry her as soon as possible; right away.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – Episode #7041

Rick Espouses Maya’s Qualities

Rick tells Nicole what he loves about Maya over and above her obvious assets.  She has self acceptance.  She knows who she is Rick tells her.  Nicole says her sister lucked out.

This woman is everything she appears to be.  Rick knows her like he never knew anyone else.

Maya changes the topic to Maya’s jewelry line.  Rick says Ivy is definitely talented but green.  And he doesn’t like Ivy’s attitude when it comes to Maya.  Ivy doesn’t accept Maya Rick says to Nicole.   Ivy thinks Maya is a gold digger who is pretending to be something she isn’t.

Caroline was the one keeping secrets.  Maya never has Rick says.  Nicole offers to talk to Ivy and tell her how honest Maya is.  Maya tells Rick that he needs to keep Nicole out of their private life.

Alone with Rick Maya tells Rick that there is something she needs to tell him.  Rick knows there is something going on with her sister.  He wants to be there for her.

Maya says she doesn’t regret what she’s done.  Everything I am, Maya tells Rick, the woman you see sitting in front of you; I don’t regret anything I’ve done to become this woman.

Rick doesn’t either.  Rick doesn’t think what is going on between her and Nicole needs to be as heavy as it is.  You can tell me whatever it is.  You’ve always been upfront and honest with me.  So what is it Rick asks.  Where is the angst coming  from Rick wants to know.

Maya says it complicated.  You know what it’s like with siblings, Maya says referring to his issues with Ridge.  Rick says that the picture is who Maya is right now, she has changed since she came to LA and Nicole has to learn to respect who she is now.

Rick tells her Maya that if Nicole can’t respect her then  she shouldn’t be living here. They will get her an apartment near UCLA.  Nicole enters and asks if that is what Maya wants.

Bill and Ridge Talk Takeover

Bill stops by Ridges loft and sees the nude picture of Caroline.  Venice?  Really?  Bill asks.  Bill is concerned but not only about Ridge’s mid life crisis.  The company he owns a piece of.

Liam’s plan the hostile take over can’t happen without Steffy.  And Ridge isn’t sure he wants to come up with another plan.  Ridge thinks Daddy will give him the job after his year of infamy.  Bill doesn’t think they have that long.  Forrester is set to implode.

Bill tries to buy Ridge’s painting.  He wants the painting and Caroline out of there.  Bill wants to know what the Forrester’s have about portraits or their women.  Eric has Stephanie, Rick has Maya and Ridge has Caroline.  It makes them immortal Ridge says.

What is it you two have in common Bill asks – aside from sketching.  You saw the collection we designed right?  You two are totally different Bill tells him.  If Rick didn’t go off the deep end Caroline and he are better suited.

Ridge says Maya is with Maya now.  Forrester is headed south because of that woman Bills says. There is a lot more to that woman than meets the eye.  What you see is definitely not what you get with Maya Avant Bill states.  And now there is a sister in the mix.

Alone Ridge reflects on his relationship with Caroline.

Liam and Ivy

Ivy gets home to Liam’s.  Liam tells her that Rick doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he criticizes her work.  Liam has a special evening in mind for the two of them. We’ll deal with Rick Liam promises Ivy over wine.  They change the topic to their evening.  Ivy and Liam wait for her surprise.  Ivy is eager…

She and Rick used to be friends and then he lost Caroline to Ridge and everything went south.  There is a knock at the door.  Dinner is delivered.  Liam makes her dreadful day perfect Ivy toasts.  Liam turned Ivy’s day around. Ivy has a feeling she has a few more bad days coming with Rick heading the ship.

Liam wonders if Maya and Rick is in love, like them.  Ivy thinks they are committed to Rick.  Ivy thinks they are stuck together like glue.  Maya has Rick right where she wants him.  She can’t imagine what would have to happen for Rick to get rid of her.  She notes that Nicole and Maya aren’t very sisterly


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