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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Episode #7285


March 8 2016 B&B SpoilersAt Forrester Creations Brooke tells her son Rick, that Ridge has been a very good father to all of his children and that this new baby won’t necessarily change anything.  But Ricks isn’t happy.  He thinks that Ridge has to control everything.

The extended Forrester family gather at the Forrester Mansion as Caroline labors upstairs.  Katie tells everyone that she knows that Ridge and Caroline wanted to keep the birth low key, but she pulls out a bottle of bubbly and says she brought Champagne.  Who wants a glass she asks those gathered to await the baby’s birth.

Upstairs Ridge comforts Caroline as she says that contraction was stronger.  They are coming closer together a nurse tells her.

Episode Summary:

Caroline Gives Birth

Caroline labors upstairs. Ridge tells her that their families are probably downstairs but this experience belongs to them.  Just like their wedding,

Caroline has a water birth and delivers her son.

The Families Wait

Thomas tells Eric Steffy and Wyatt that Caroline is in labor.  Thomas admits to getting caught up in the excitement but they went upstairs for privacy.  Steffy says this is a private moment and they know what feels right and how to do it.

Bill and Katie also arrive.  Her mothers are on the next flight out. Eric remembers the first time the Foresters’ and Spencer’s got together.  It was because of Ridge and Caroline’s aunt, Caroline.  The connection could have been lost then, but it wasn’t.  Now a Spencer Forrester baby will bond their families like never before.

Bill agrees Caroline’s baby is a Forrester and Spencer, but Wyatt and Steffy’s baby will be a Spencer.  Wyatt says he was hoping to drag out the honeymoon phase.  Katie pulls out a bottle of champagne she brought and asks who wants a glass.  Bill suggests they put it on ice til the baby is born.

Thomas confides in Steffy that he has been acting like a jerk.  Charlotte and Ivy, he could have treated them a lot better.  Their dad and Steffy were right about that. He’s trying to change. Steffy agrees he’s been more supportive.  Thomas is really happy for Ridge and Caroline.  He’s really committed to her.

This baby will give their families a fresh start Eric says.  He’s happy to share this moment in this house, where Ridge was raised and his baby with Caroline is being born.

Rick Remains Resentful

Brooke comes into the CEO office at Forrester and asks Rick what was so urgent she couldn’t finish her call. He tells her that Ridge left the office.  Caroline is in labor.  Rick says they are having a child birth at the mansion giving him a bigger claim to the house.   Just what Rick needs. Rick is sick of him getting whatever he wants.  He can just hear it now.  My child was born in that house.  It’s a control issue.  Its who he is.

Brooke says that isn’t fair.  She hates that Ridge upsets him so much.  Rick asks why she looked thrown when Caroline is in labor.  Brooke admits she was surprised.  This pregnancy is a miracle, Brooke tells rick in confidence.  Ridge had a vasectomy. In Paris.  Brooke explains the story including Ridge ending their relationship and not being able to reverse the vasectomy.  Rick says the doctor was wrong.  But what about the medical issues Rick asks.  Must have been a false alarm Brooke says, because Caroline is pregnant.  Once again Ridge gets his way Rick says.  The rules don’t apply to him.  Lying keeping secrets, whatever it takes. He has to control every situation.



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