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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 – Episode #7286


March 9 2016 B&B SpoilersNews of Caroline’s baby’s birth spreads.

Rick, still resentful over Ridge moving into the Forrester Mansion; and returning Stephanie Forrester’s portrait to the living room wall, focuses on Ridge’s paternity as a way of discrediting Ridge’s claim on the property. Rick of course claimed the house as his home during his tenure as CEO of Forrester Creations and replaced Stephanie’s portrait with one of Maya, as well as driving any other Forrester’s from the property with his tyrannical behavior.

Rick sees himself as a true Forrester because Eric Forrester is his biological father.  Rick chooses to highlight the fact that Ridge’s paternity is a little more murky.  Rick announces that Massimo Maroni has another grandchild.  He may be having a dig at Ridge, but he is also putting himself on the outs with Eric by doing so.  Eric raised Ridge and despite biology thinks of Ridge as his son.

Brooke tries to cool her son’s resentfulness and the secret she shared with Rick about Ridge’s v vasectomy, reversal and obvious error in the status of Ridge’s fertility.  Brooke tells Rick that Ridge’s vasectomy is not public knowledge.  But the chances of keeping that piece of information to himself are slim…

Ridge and Caroline’s baby’s birth is shared with their families.  Ridge announces the birth of his son and allows Eric and Steffy to go see Caroline and the new baby upstairs.  Ridge keeps Thomas away and Thomas wonders if his father is trying to send him some kind of message by keeping him away.

While Thomas is kept away Steffy and Eric visit with Caroline and her new baby.  Eric thanks Caroline for the wonderful new addition to their family.

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Episode Summary:

Family Time

Ridge and Caroline enjoy their new son. Eventually Ridge heads downstairs to tell everyone the news.  He promises to limit the number of visitors coming up.

It’s a Boy 7lbs 3 ozs.

Downstairs Thomas is anxious about hearing something.  Eric says they are just eager.  The Spencer and Forrester’s bicker downstairs in a friendly manner about which family the baby will take after.

Conversation turns to Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding plans.  Bill says it probably won’t be on a mountain top in Aspen.  Wow everyone says.  But Steffy won’t tip toe around it. She was married to Liam and now she’s engaged to his brother.

Eric and Thomas arrive with a box of baby things from other Forrester children that Thomas remembered grandma (Stephanie) had around.  Katie notes that Thomas is really getting into this baby.

Bill pulls Wyatt aside and asks him to come to the office.  He wants to make some changes.  Liam is gone  and he doesn’t want the pressure on Katie at the moment.

Thomas tells Steffy that he’s really happy for Caroline and Ridge.  He hopes it will bring them all together.  Steffy and Thomas hug.,  Ridge comes down the stairs and asks if the new father can have one of them as well.

The baby has arrived; 7 lbs 3 oz.  Ridge announces.  Ridge tells Eric he’s a granddad again. Eric asks if it’s a boy or girl.  Boy Ridge says.  Thomas tells Ridge the baby is lucky to have a dad like him.

Everyone wants to visit but  Ridge says Caroline is wiped out.  He allows Eric and Steffy up but draws the line at Thomas as too many people.

Bill texted Dani and Karen.  They are on the way out, but Bill said Bill was the top of the list for names. Bill gives Ridge a cigar and congratulates him. He asks Ridge to steer the kid away from making dresses for a living.

Ridge heads back upstairs and Thomas confronts him about not letting Thomas go up.  Ridge says he’s just trying to limit the number of people up there.  But Thomas thinks there is something else going on. Then Thomas realizes he’s being a jerk again.  He understand Ridge is disappointed in his recent behavior especially where women are concerned, and he’s trying to do better.  He’s there for his little brother.  Anything they need.  But he’s the new dad.  It’s Ridges day.  Father and son hug and Ridge heads back upstairs to Caroline and his new son.

Visiting with Baby

Steffy and Eric visit with Caroline and the new baby.  They haven’t decided on a name yet.  Caroline wanted to meet him first.  Eric is proud.   He tells Caroline they are luckly to have her in their lives and thanks her for the wonderful new addition to the family.

Eric and Steffy leave and Ridge returns to spend time with Caroline and his new son.  Everyone will have to wait to meet the new baby Ridge says as he tells his baby son he loves him.

Rick Stirs Murky Waters

Rick continues to bad mouth Ridge. He finds fault in Ridge not telling Caroline about the vasectomy until she desperately wanted a baby.  Brooke reminds him Ridge did everything he could to make Caroline’s baby dreams happen.  That’s what counts.  Caroline has been really good for Ridge Brooke says.

Rick still thinks Ridge is playing games.  Brooke reminds him the vasectomy is not public knowledge and she probably shouldn’t have said anything.  Rick just thinks it’s typical Ridge; always keeping secrets.

Brooke gets a text from Katie that Caroline had a son.   Rick announces that Massimo has another grandchild and reflects that maybe he should let Massimo know, since Ridge wont.  Brooke tells her son to stay out of it.  Rick does however note that Ridge’s new baby is about to take center stage in his life and wonders how RJ and Thomas will feel about that.


Monday, March 9, 2015 – Episode #7031

Brooke won’t let Quinn Ruin Deacon’s Life

Brooke tells Quinn she won’t allow her to marry Deacon.  She will never be Mrs Deacon Sharpe Brooke rants.  Quinn tells Brooke that Deacon isn’t wrapped her around her little finger anymore, and there is nothing Brooke can do to stop them making their commitment to each other official.

Quinn gloats that Brooke lost her grip on Ridge and Bill’s life also.  Quinn will ruin Deacon’s life the way she ruined Hopes.  Quinn claims she isn’t the cause of all of her problems.  Her mother is a badge of shame, Quinn tells Brooke.

Quinn says she didn’t want this to be ugly let’s have a toast Quinn says pouring herself a drink,.  This wedding is going to happen and its going to be huge Quinn says.  Brooke tells her no one will show up.  This will be her one walk down the aisle its going to be special.  Brooke probably can’t remember all of hers Quinn tells Brooke as she downs a drink.

Stay out of our way and everything will be fire.  Interfere and you will answer to me Quinn threatens and leaves.  Deacon arrives and asks if Quinn is there.  He asks if she’s okay.  Brooke notes that Quinn didn’t slap her this time.

Is this the type of relationship you want to be in?  Where you need to check that the people Quinn interacts with are alright.  Brooke is worried about him and Deacon is too otherwise he wouldn’t have rushed back here.

Deacon gets this is a strange time for her.  Bill is with Katie.  Ridge’s dalliance with Caroline will end and then Brooke will go back to him Deacon reasons.  Brooke assures him that she is not going back to Ridge.  Deacon wonders if she’s saying there is a chance for them.  Is that what all this is about?

No says Brooke.  There was a time when Deacon wanted them back together and he turned down his proposal.  He’s sorry it disappoints her to see her with Quinn.  Brooke says Quinn is trouble.  She has seen what she has done to people,.  Deacon says that everything people say about Quinn has been said about him too.

Deacon goes home and begs Brooke no more drinking.  There’s nothing to celebrate Brooke says.  But when Deacon is gone Brooke pours another drink.  Deacon comes back and takes the glass form her hand.  Brooke tells him she’ll be find.  He should go home to his little fiancé.

Deacon goes after Quinn

Deacon and Wyatt realize Quinn is with Brooke. Wyatt waits at the loft as Deacon goes after Quinn.

Quinn arrives and assures Wyatt that she didn’t hit Brooke.

Nicole Moves In

Aly and Ivy are dumbfounded that Rick is asking Aly to vacate her room when there are many other rooms in the house.  Rick orders Aly and Ivy back to the kitchen for more snacks.  Maya wants to talk to Rick before Nicole moves in.  Rick wants them to got closer.  Aly will be comfortable in the room near the kitchen.  To make snacks Maya questions.  Rick goes to check on Ivy and Aly.

Maya wants to know what Nicole is up to. One minute you stop by and the next thing you are living in my house.  Nicole notes that Maya doesn’t seem to trust her.  Maya doesn’t get her attitude. You’re judging me Nicole.  You may not like the choices I’ve made but lets be honest you want in on the action.

Nicole apologizes.  Nicole claims that she just wants to be with her sister. This is awesome.  Maya claims she has earned it.  Nicole says she’s happy for her.  rick is clearly crazy about her asksing Nicole to move in.  Temporarily Maya says. Maya wonders why she wants to be with her now – they have been apart for so many years.  Nicole says she loves her.  The sisters hug but when Maya can’t see her face there is clearly an agenda…

Aly and Ivy are Stunned

In the kitchen Aly wonders what just happened.  Aly can’t say anything in front of Nicole because it would be rude.  Ivy reminds her that Eric won’t throw them out so he’s trying to make them leave. .   Ivy notes that Maya seemed as shocked as they were.

Rick arrives and Ivy asks if she’s serious.  Why does Aly have to give up her room Ivy asks.  You didn’t even ask Aly says.  Rick claims he is just trying to be polite.  Ivy notes that Maya isn’t thrilled about her sister moving in.  Rick wants Maya and Nicole to get closer.  Ivy thinks there should have been a discussion.



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