The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 14 – 18, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (March 14 – 18): A murder is the tool to tie up loose ends; Hope appears; Ivy is back; Steffy has a theory…

    It’s a short week for the Bold and the Beautiful this week with pre-emptions on Thursday and Friday.

    Quinn and Liam

    Quinn, no doubt doesn’t like that Deacon Sharpe is right.  He thinks Quinn’s latest diabolical plot is a train wreck just waiting to happen.  One that he can’t look away from.  But he also can’t let her end up in jail.  Deacon recommends she let Liam go, confess to Bill and beg for mercy.  She’s got no other choice.  But Quinn thinks she does…Murder.

    Quinn concocts a plan to get rid of any witnesses to her kidnapping of Liam.  The only witnesses are Deacon, and Liam himself.

    Quinn has already hinted to Deacon in the past that to protect her scheme and keep Wyatt and Steffy together, maybe Liam will need to disappear.  Permanently.

    Quinn also told Adam that she didn’t want to lose him or their love. Ever.  But if Quinn is to convince everyone that Liam is gone – permanently, while keeping Adam to herself, it means at the very least faking Liam’s death.  Quinn tells Adam she doesn’t want to lose him.  He assures her that won’t happen.

    But Deacon?  Could Quinn actually scheme to get rid of him to protect her plan and Wyatt’s happiness?  Quinn has concocted a plan whereby Deacon rushes Liam pushing him over the edge of the cliff if Quinn can’t do it herself.  Could Quinn be playing Deacon and intend on watching him go over the edge?

    Quinn takes Adam on a hike up a cliff, overlooking the ocean.  Deacon, dressed all in black and looking more law enforcement than bad buy tracks Quinn and Liam.  Who is it that goes over the edge?    Or can Deacon save Quinn from her own evil games?

    B&B spoilers March 14 - 18, 2016


    Spoilers also hint that Ivy is set to return to Los Angeles this week.  Whether or not Ivy is still scared for her safety where Steffy is concerned, Ivy finds herself face to face with Steffy.   Steffy will finally learn more about what happened when Liam flew to Australia with her.  And that Liam did not go back to Australia to be with Ivy.

    Ivy tells Steffy that Liam did not intentionally go to Australia.  Steffy is shocked and possibly regrets hanging up on Liam when he called her from Australia trying to explain what happened.  Steffy becomes even more concerned about Liam’s absence.   If he didn’t go to Australia to be with Ivy, where is Liam?

    With the new knowledge that Liam hit his head and was knocked unconscious long enough for the flight to takeoff and reach cruising altitude, Steffy will put together a theory about what happened to Liam.


    Could that lead Steffy to wonder whether Liam went looking for another love of his life?  With Kim Matula scheduled to make a guest appearance this week, could Steffy put a call into Hope to find out if Liam has been in touch with her?

    Steffy hasn’t learned not to jump to conclusions yet, and is aggressive with Hope telling her to put Liam on the phone because Steffy knows he’s with her.  Hope responds by asking Steffy why Liam being with her would matter to Steffy since Steffy is  now engaged to Wyatt.

    Whether Hope is talking to Steffy or someone else a little more polite, Hope tells the person on the other end of the phone that she hasn’t been in contact with Liam.

    Steffy and Wyatt

    For a newly engaged woman, Steffy still seems mighty pre-occupied with what is going on with Liam, her ex-fiancé.

    Ivy’s return from Australia, had Steffy confronting the Aussie about what happened between her and Liam when Liam flew to Australia with Ivy.  Will the Aussie end up in hospital again?  The last few encounters Ivy had with Steffy didn’t turn out so well for the jewelry designer…

    While his fiancé is still busy trying to work out what happened with his brother, Wyatt is busy filling more of Liam’s shoes.  Bill wants Wyatt to step into a a role at Spencer Publications.  Liam flaked out on Bill, and Katie doesn’t need the extra pressure right now since she if fighting her own battles.

    Bill tells Wyatt that Liam is out and Wyatt is in.

    Wyatt, who has always felt second fiddle to his brother in pretty much everyone’s eyes  is happy to take a position in the family business.  He tells Bill that in a month he will wonder why he ever ran Spencer Publications without him.

    Unbeknownst to Wyatt, however, all his recent good fortune is entirely at the hands of his mother’s scheming…

    Wyatt also hasn’t gotten a clue from Steffy’s inability to stop talking about Liam.  Instead he gives her some pretty self serving advice.  Sometimes, Wyatt suggests, you have to completely lose yourself to work out who you are….


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:


     The Bold and the Beautiful Casts a Minister

    According to People, The Bold and the Beautiful has cast a minister who appears late in March and Early April (March 31 and April 1).  Why do the Spencer’s, Forrester’s or Logan’s need a minister?  There could be many reasons:  Steffy and Wyatt recently became engaged.  Wyatt could rush Steffy down the aisle to claim his bother’s former fiancé as his own;  Ridge and Caroline could be planning a christening; or perhaps Quinn finds a way of doing away with Liam and faking his death….

    Liam’s exes are back…

    Liam’s exes are back.  Ashleigh Brewer’s Ivy, who was last seen disembarking a plane in Australia (and later making a phone call to Quinn to check on Liam) is reportedly (Soap Opera Digest) back taping on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful.  She returns this week!

    Liam’s star-crossed love, Hope Logan, portrayed by Kim Matula will also reportedly be back on B&B.  According to SOD it happens on March 16 for a brief guest appearance.

    Legal Eagle Justin is back also

    According to Aaron Spears Instagram he will be appearing on The Bold and the Beatufiul as legal eagle and Bill’s best buddy, Justin on April 6 and 7 (episodes #7304 and #7305 if photos of the scripts are any indication..)  Episodes were taped in mid February according to the scripts which means B&B tapes about 6  weeks ahead of air dates.  Photos show Aaron on set with Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Jacqueline Machinnes Wood (Steffy) and Don Diamont (Bill Spencer).  The photos are taken on the set of Liam’s house.

    Why does this all feel like its leading up to a climax in Liam’s storyline?

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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