The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 21 – 25, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (March 21 – 25): A marital secret threatens to come out; Rick is determined to bring Ridge down; Ridge and Caroline name their baby.

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    When  family asked Ridge and Caroline if they’d picked a name for the newest member of the Forrester and Spencer families, Caroline told them, no, she and Ridge wanted to meet their son first, then choose a name.

    With the birth behind them, Ridge and Caroline turn their minds to naming their son. Ridge tells his wife, who is holding their son, that he has had some thoughts.  He’s been thinking about a lot of hames but he keeps coming back to one in particular.  Ridge is hopeful that Caroline likes the name also.

    Not satisfied with naming Steffy for her grandmother, Ridge also wants to name his new son for her also.  The name he can’t go past is Douglas.  A nod to Stephanie’s maiden name (and Pam’s also, but I’m pretty sure Ridge isn’t naming his son for Aunt Pam).

    Thomas has an opportunity to visit with his younger brother and asks Caroline timidly if he can hold his baby brother.  Caroline gives Douglas to Thomas to hold for the first time.  He welcomes the baby to the family.  Thomas dotes on his younger brother (more than Steffy for sure) and is determined to use the bond he already feels for his brother to prove to his father that he has changed and matured.

    Caroline, looks on apprehensively and no doubt will feel some guilt over keeping the truth that Thomas isn’t the baby’s brother, but his father, a secret.  Especially with Thomas being so drawn to the baby.   Ridge, however, will do all he can to convince his young wife that their secret must remain between the two of them.

    Ridge is adamant that no one will ever know.  This is what they have set up and this is how its going to be he gently but firmly tells his young wife.

    The secret however is about to become more difficult to contain…

    B&B Spoilers March 21 - 25 2016

    Rick and Maya

    But what Ridge doesn’t realize that loose lips Brooke spilled another one of Ridge’s secrets.  With the baby’s impending birth Brooke gushes to her son, Rick, who has always resented Ridge, that this baby truly was a miracle because Ridge had a vasectomy in Paris, long before he and Caroline became a couple.  Not only that but he’d been told a reversal would do no good because his sperm weren’t viable.

    When Caroline turned up pregnant, Ridge quickly fobbed off Brooke’s suspicions by telling her that he’d had the reversal and clearly the doctors had been wrong about his infertility.

    Rick, however, won’t be as easy to convince.  Ridge’s “brother” is determined to find the information he instinctively knows is out there to take Ridge down.  He believes that Ridge is keeping some kind of secret and with Ridge’s urologist back this week it’s fair to assume that Rick goes digging for information…

    Add to that that Thomas finds Rick and Maya where they shouldn’t be and you have the lead in for Rick to find out the truth as well as Thomas…

    If Thomas were clued in on Ridge’s fertility issues, he would likely have a few questions for Caroline and his father…

    Quinn and Liam

    Adam and Eve return from their hike.  Adam no doubt is still concerned for Eve as she had an asthma attack while hiking that sent Adam sprinting back to the care for Eve’s inhaler.  Of course Quinn was faking the attack.  It was the means by which she got rid of Adam long enough for Deacon to come out of hiding where he was supposed to assist in Liam’s murder.  Deacon found out just how diabolical his former wife could be when it was him that she pushed over the edge of the cliff, not Liam.

    Quinn cleared the playing field of the one witness to her kidnapping of Liam.  This wasy she could secure Wyatt’s happiness (by keeping Liam out of the picture) and her own (Quinn seems to have fallen for Liam!)

    Back at their home in the cabin Adam reassures Eve that he isn’t going anywhere.  He’s hers.  Now and for always.  Eve tells Adam that she has been a better person from the first time he kissed her.

    This guy must be one heck of a kisser…because Quinn hated Liam…


    But Quinn may not be free and clear for a happily ever after with Liam  Steffy, after talking to Ivy and Hope last week and realizing that Liam is not with either of them is concerned for his safety.  Does she put Forrester Security super star Charlie on the case?  It’s either Steffy or Charlie’s natural inquisitiveness that has him stumbling on a surprising clue about what happened to Liam…

    Zende, Sasha and Nicole

    Despite the fact that Sasha managed to seduce Zende, his mind is still on Nicole.  Their relationship didn’t end, however because of the two of them,  but because of something external to them – the baby Nicole is carrying for her sister.

    Zende has a hard time forgetting Nicole. He and Nicole have a conversation about what went wrong  between them.  She notes that be began to pull back from their relationship the moment she started to show; as if his mind was already closed to her pregnancy and he wasn’t willing to see how things played out with her surrogate pregnancy.

    Sasha however isn’t above using her body to help Zende forget about her pregnant friend Nicole.  Sasha turns up at Zende’s place with a bottle of wine and seduction clearly on her mind.

    Zende is honest with Nicole and tells her that he slept with her bestie, Sasha.  Sasha is unlikely to keep that title for long.  Understandably, Nicole is furious and upset that her best friend, Sasha, betrayed her.  And it appears that Nicole’s fears about Sasha spending too much time with Zende were well founded.   Nicole confronts Sasha.

    Could this confrontation lead Sasha to spill a lifetime of resentment?  Nicole may not have trusted Sasha, but Sasha has resented Nicole for being raised by their father.

    The week finishes with Vivienne and Julius Avant appearing on the canvas.  Julius and Sasha have it out over waht Sasha has done to Nicole; stealing her man.  A bitter and resentful Sasha tells Julius, her secret father, that there is no way she is ever giving Zende up.

    Is that marital secret that is becoming difficult to contain Julius secret that he is also Sasha’s father?  Probably more likely than the Caroline and Ridge’s secret coming out….

    Rick and Maya

    Maya and Rick feel bad about Nicole losing her relationship with Zende because she agreed to carry a baby for them as a surrogate (and got pregnant on the first try!).  Maya thinks that if Zende could just get over his aversion to Nicole being pregnant he could go back to Nicole.

     Next Week’s B&B Spoilers…

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    Friday, March 25, 2016

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful Casts a Minister

    According to People, The Bold and the Beautiful has cast a minister who appears late in March and Early April (March 31 and April 1).  Why do the Spencer’s, Forrester’s or Logan’s need a minister?  There could be many reasons:  Steffy and Wyatt recently became engaged.  Wyatt could rush Steffy down the aisle to claim his brother’s former fiancé as his own; Ridge and Caroline could be planning a christening; or perhaps its Deacon’s memorial…

    Ridge’s Urologist is back…

    Just as Rick learns about Ridge’s vasectomy and infertility secret Ridge’s urologist Dr Wolin is set to appear on Friday march 25.  Dr Wolin is portrayed by Mark Damon Espinoza.

    Super Detective Charlie

    Dick Christie appears on Friday also as he finds a clue to what may have happened to Liam…

    Legal Eagle Justin is back also

    According to Aaron Spears Instagram he will be appearing on The Bold and the Beatufiul as legal eagle and Bill’s best buddy, Justin on April 6 and 7 (episodes #7304 and #7305 if photos of the scripts are any indication..)  Episodes were taped in mid February according to the scripts which means B&B tapes about 6  weeks ahead of air dates.  Photos show Aaron on set with Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Jacqueline Machinnes Wood (Steffy) and Don Diamont (Bill Spencer).  The photos are taken on the set of Liam’s house.

    Look for Justin (Aaron Spears) to appear later in April as well.


    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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