The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 7 – 11, 2016

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     This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (March 7 – 11, 2016): Caroline gives birth; Rick learns a secret; Thomas is suspicious…Will Ridge’s secret come out?

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    Ridge leaves the office while he and Rick are getting personal over Ridge manipulating Rick out of the mansion by gain manipulating the re-hanging of Stephanie’s portrait.  When Ridge has to leave because Caroline is in labor, Rick takes over at Forrester.

    Caroline goes into labor at the Forrester Mansion.  Thomas is on hand until Ridge arrives.  Caroline is moved upstairs to her delivery “suite”.  Thomas is told he can’t come, it’s a private moment. Thomas seems to understand.

    Downstairs the Forrester’s and Spencer’s gather to await the newest addition o their family.  Katie, despite promising Brooke and Bill that she wouldn’t drink anymore brings a bottle of Champagne to toast the new arrival.  But she can’t wait until the baby is born and asks who would like a glass.

    Caroline’s son is born with Ridge, a doula and a midwife coaching Caroline through the birth.

     Caroline Gives Birth


    Ridge makes an announcement about his son’s birth.  But Ridge continues to be dismissive of his other son, Thomas, which makes Thomas suspicious that there is more going on than Ridge is letting on.  Ridge lets Steffy and Eric go upstairs to visit with Caroline and the new baby, but keeps his son, Thomas away….Thomas wants to know what message Ridge is trying to send him…

    Caroline has begged Ridge throughout her pregnancy that Ridge’s behavior towards Thomas could compromise their secret. Will Thomas learn the truth?

    B&B Spoilers March 7 - 11 2016

    Rick and Maya

    Rick feels like Ridge manipulated his ousting at Forrester Creations (from the top job that Ridge now holds) and from his house by Ridge orchestrating the re-hanging of Stephanie’s portrait in the living room.

    Eric tries to help his son see reason, but Rick can’t help but only see how controlling and manipulative Ridge is.  Rick believes that Eric is in for a rude awakening where Ridge is concerned.  But Eric wants them to focus on the new addition to the family.

    Rick and Ridge should have been able to find common ground in having new babies so close to each other, but it seems these “brothers” are set to always be at odds with each other for one reason or another.  Rick is choosing to see that Ridge isn’t even a Forrester despite Eric thinking of Ridge as his son, if not for  the reason of biology but because he raised him.

    Rick celebrates the baby’s birth with the announcement that Massimo Maronni (Ridge’s biological father) has another grandchild.  Rick really isn’t thinking through his behavior however.  He wants the baby that Nicole is carrying to be thought of as his and Maya’s baby.  But extending the same logic as Rick is using about Massimo having another grandchild, I wonder if Rick will announce his child’s birth as Maya’s baby, or Nicole’s..,,glass houses Rick…

    Rick’s suspicion that Ridge has a skeleton in the closet that he doesn’t want anyone to know about is given credence when Brooke inadvertently tells her son that Ridge was told that he was infertile.  Having already noticed how engaged Thomas is with Caroline and her pregnancy and his new younger brother, will Rick connect the dots and realize that his jest about Thomas behaving more like the father is actually the truth?

    Will Rick take his new knowledge to Thomas?  If he does, Thomas is surely to put two and two together and realize that his father, Ridge, has kept Thomas away from the birth of Thomas’ son…that will not improve Ridge and Thomas’ relationship…

    Quinn and Liam

    Meanwhile, Liam becomes more curious about his past as Adam Smith and wants to know more about his life and past with Eve. Quinn, with Liam’s help has produced a photo album of memories from Eve and Adam’s life (Deacon arranged for Steffy’s head to be edited off the photos and Quinn’s to be added!)  Deacon can’t look away from the train wreck that Quinn has created for herself .

    Adam is surprised by what he sees in the album.  He had thought he knew all of Eve’s surprises but then she goes and throws another one at him.  He looks at the album and asks just how many women Eve  is.  Quinn laughs nervously since there is a lot of truth in that statement; when it comes to the photos in the album anyway…

    But even with the photos Liam still feels like there is a part of his life missing by not having a memory.  He feels like half a person and that there is something out there he needs to make him feel complete.

    Quinn makes inquiries about Liam’s condition.  Presumably she is talking to a medical professional of some kind when she tells them that Liam has lost his memory entirely.  She wonders if he will ever get it back.  Later Quinn also states that she is the type of mother who would do anything to make sure her son is happy.

    While Quinn is out, someone knocks on the door of the cabin.  Liam, looking like Mr Domestic with a tea towel over his shoulder answers to door and finds Deacon Sharpe there.  Liam says hi and asks if he can help him.  He seems not to recognize Deacon at all…

    Will Quinn really “take care” of Liam permanently?  Or has she actually fallen for Liam.

    Steffy and Wyatt


    Meanwhile, despite having become engaged to Liam’s brother, Wyatt, Steffy cannot let go of Liam.  Her brother, Thomas advises her that Liam has made choices for his life that do not include Steffy,  She has to let him go Thomas gently tells his sister.

    Steffy also receives some advice from her father about what has gone on with Liam.  Wyatt and Steffy end the week by having a heart to heart about the same topic.

      Next Week’s B&B Spoilers…

    Daily Spoilers, Episode Summaries and History

    Monday, March 7, 2016 – Caroline goes into labor
    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Caroline gives birth
    Wednesday, March 9, 2016 – Ridge keeps Thomas away
    Thursday, March 10, 2016 – Liam is looking for something (someone?) to complete him.
    Friday, March 11, 2016 – Liam sees Deacon

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:



    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful Casts a Minister

    According to People, The Bold and the Beautiful has cast a minister who appears late in March and Early April (March 31 and April 1).  Why do the Spencer’s, Forrester’s or Logan’s need a minister?  There could be many reasons:  Steffy and Wyatt recently became engaged.  Wyatt could rush Steffy down the aisle to claim his bother’s former fiancé as his own;  Ridge and Caroline could be planning a christening; or perhaps Quinn finds a way of doing away with Liam and faking his death….

    Liam’s exes are back…

    Liam’s exes are back.  Ashleigh Brewer’s Ivy, who was last seen disembarking a plane in Australia (and later making a phone call to Quinn to check on Liam) is reportedly (Soap Opera Digest) back taping on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Liam’s star-crossed love, Hope Logan, portrayed by Kim Matula will also reportedly be back on B&B.  According to SOD it happens on March 16 for a brief guest appearance.

    Legal Eagle Justin is back also

    According to Aaron Spears Instagram he will be appearing on The Bold and the Beatufiul as legal eagle and Bill’s best buddy, Justin on April 6 and 7 (episodes #7304 and #7305 if photos of the scripts are any indication..)  Episodes were taped in mid February according to the scripts which means B&B tapes about 6  weeks ahead of air dates.  Photos show Aaron on set with Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Jacqueline Machinnes Wood (Steffy) and Don Diamont (Bill Spencer).  The photos are taken on the set of Liam’s house.

    Why does this all feel like its leading up to a climax in Liam’s storyline?

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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