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Monday, April 11, 2016 – Episode #7307


April 11 2016 B7B Spoilers

Liam Explains His Absence to Steffy

On the beach, Liam explains to a dumbfounded Steffy that he has not been gone all of this time of his own volition.  He’s been held captive.  Steffy is stunned and simply asks “What?  By whom?”

Now its Liam’s turn to be dumfounded (probably that his fiancé hasn’t missed him all these months).  Quinn he states as if it was a no-brainer.

Liam continues to explain what happened to him to Steffy.  Liam tells Steffy that Quinn told him that she was his wife, and with no memory of who he was or who the people he loved where, he had no reason to disbelieve her.  he couldn’t remember Steffy, he couldn’t remember anything.  Steffy still failing to clue in that Liam has been held captive by Quinn who took advantage of his amnesiac condition to build a fantasy life around “ Adam” and “Eve.”   She asks him what he is saying…Someone paint the girl a picture…

Bill Wants To Ge Even – With Quinn

Inside Liam’s Malibu beach house, Wyatt finds himself explaining his actions to a furious Bill.  Wyatt tells him father that he was going to call the police, he just wanted to get Liam home safely first.  Dollar Bill is in Dollar Bill mode and looking to get his pound of flesh.  He heads for the door, telling Wyatt that they will call the cops after.   After what Wyatt wants to know.  After Bill gets his hands on Quinn, Bill yells at Wyatt.  Let’s go he yells at his other son.


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Thursday, April 11, 2013 – Episode #6548

Hope and Rick

Hope tells Rick about Katie being in the hospital.  Their conversation turns to Rick’s love life.  Hope wonders about Rick and Maya and asks him if Caroline is still his girlfriend or not.

Hope tells Rick that she appreciates that Liam is still part of her life.  She had a good time babysitting will with him and he was a great support to her at the hospital with Katie.

Carter Should Ask Maya Out

Caroline and Dayzee discuss Maya infiltrating their lives.  Caroline and Dayzee question Carter about Maya.  Caroline tells him that he should ask Maya out for a night on the town.  Because Rick is hers.

Steffy and Liam

Steffy and Liam enjoy an afternoon sunning themselves by the pool on the Forrester Estate and admiring their baby bump.

With their wedding location planned, Steffy tells Liam she is excited to become his wife and for them to b a family with their baby.

Taylor and Eric

Elsewhere in the mansion Taylor tells Eric that she thinks Bill and Brooke are responsible for Katie’s hospitalization.  Eric warns her not to go overboard obsessing about others in her life.  Taylor has to admit that her and Brooke’s history means that Brooke gets under her skin.

Taylor tells Eric that Stephanie would have disagreed with relaunching Brooke’s bedroom line.  Eric agrees but makes the point that Stephanie isn’t there; and they are.  Eric tells Taylor that she’s made this home a happy place once again.

Taylor asks Eric what he thinks about having Steffy and Liam’s wedding at the house.  Eric tells Taylor that he wouldn’t have it any other way.  This is Taylor’s home now.  Taylor texts Steffy at the pool asking her to come inside.

Once inside , Taylor and Eric invite Liam and Steffy to marry at the house.  They happily agree. Eric offers to design Steffy’s wedding dress; something with a little edge; since Thomas is distracted trying to save the company.  Taylor and Steffy go into wedding planning mode.



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