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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – Episode #7308


Sasha Wants Her Father to be Happy for her

April 11 2016 B&B SpoilersSasha, who is now dating, Nicole’s ex boyfriend, Zende, finds herself second in Julius’ affections once again.  In what is being portrayed as the story of her life, Julius is taking sides with daughter Nicole over his secret daughter Sasha.  Sasha shows frustration with the situation when she tells Julius that one of his daughters is sad, and Sasha is really sorry about that.  She reminds Julius that he has another daughter, who because of the same situation is happier than she has ever been in her life.

Yet Julius, her father, can’t or won’t be happy for her.  Julius needs to watch out.  He has been unmistakable in his desire to keep his and Sasha’s relationship a secret, but if he can’t even pretend to be a father to Sasha (in private) then he’s going to find one resentful young lady dishing his secret at a most inopportune time…

Liam is Grateful to Wyatt

Meanwhile, over in Malibu at Liam’s Cliff house, Wyatt, Steffy and Liam are coming to terms with what has happened to Liam and how much of his memory is still missing.  Liam clearly remembers his life with Steffy, and is extremely grateful to his brother for giving him his life back, but there is much Liam has yet to learn about how much of his life Wyatt is prepared to return to him…Wyatt, perhaps naively believes that Steffy will stay with him because he was instrumental removing Liam from Quinn’s clutches and returning him to his family.

But Wyatt didn’t see Steffy and Liam’s reunion on the beach…and Steffy is yet to learn that Liam still thinks they are engaged, and that Wyatt perhaps could have solved the puzzle of Liam’s absence before they were married, when Charlie, the Forrester security guard, showed him the surveillance footage of Liam collapsing at Quinn’s feet in the Forrester Creations car park.  Not only did Wyatt believe his mother’s claims that she dropped Liam at the airport, but he asked Charlie not to mention to footage to anyone else, because Quinn has a hard enough time fitting in as it is….Perhaps with reason, Wyatt…

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Friday, April 12, 2013 – Episode #6549

Rick Has an Idea For Hope For The Future

Hope and Rick discuss the Hope for the Future Line.  He has some ideas but needs to check something out first.  He suggests Hope goes to the pool.

Wedding Planning

Eric and Taylor watch as Liam and Steffy begin to dance, discussing exactly where on the Forrester Estate they will get married.  Eric and Taylor join them.

Steffy sends Liam to the pool so that she and Taylor can wedding plan.

Taylor spies Hope through the window of the guesthouse on the Forrester estate.  Taylor barges in and demands to know what Hope is doing there. Hope tells her that Rick said she could use the pool.  Taylor tells Hope not today.  Steffy and Liam are there planning their wedding.  Taylor tells Hope to leave.  But Hope tells Taylor she isn’t going to run and hide whenever she crosses paths with Liam and Steffy.

Taylor suggests that Hope find a way to move on and leave Steffy and Liam alone to start their life together.  Hope watches Liam and Steffy through the window as they enjoy each other’s company.

Carter Asks Maya Out

Carter drops by to see Maya at her apartment above Dayzee’s.  He came to ask her out, he tells Maya. Just him and her. Carter tells her that he may not have as much to offer as the Forrester’s, but he knows that doesn’t matter anymore.

Maya gets a call from Rick while Carter is trying to convince her to go out with him.  Maya agrees to meet Rick at Forrester Creations.  Carter offers her a ride.

When Maya ane Rick meet, he tells her that Hope for the Future is about interesting women whose lives inspire.  Rick wants her to be part of the campaign he tells her.


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