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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 – Episode #7309


Cracks Form in Steffy and Wyatt’s Marriage

April 13 2016 B&B SpoilersSteffy and Wyatt haven’t even left the honeymoon phase of their marriage – literally – when they start facing tests in their strength of their relationship.  Wyatt didn’t think twice about freeing Liam from his mother’s twisted little Adam and Eve fantasy life.  He did what was right and brought Liam back to his family.

But that doesn’t change that he did overlook the damning evidence that Charlie presented him in the form of surveillance footage of Liam collapsing at Quinn’s feet in the Forrester Creations car park.  And when Steffy finds out, she’s not pleased.  Wyatt seems honestly shocked when Steffy is upset that Wyatt saw Liam on the footage and didn’t tell her.  Steffy is aghast that Wyatt’s mother, Quinn, interfered in his life, their life, just as she did with Hope and Wyatt’s.  Steffy tells Wyatt that his mother kidnapped and innocent man, Wyatt’s brother no less, just so that she could see the two of them get married.

Poor Wyatt, he’s doomed to never have a marriage last more than two minutes because of his mother’s meddling ways.  Of course, it would also help if he didn’t go after women who were in love with his brother first…It’s like he sets himself up for failure…

Meanwhile, Liam and his hazy memory recover at home from his ordeal.  He still credits his brother entirely for giving him his life back…Will he be as upset as Steffy when he learns the  full extent of what happened while he was being held captive?

Sasha Gloats to Nicole

Nicole is still struggling to come to terms, not only with Zende ending their relationship, but also the fact that he hooked up with Sasha so soon afterwards.  It is placing friction in the BFF’s relationship.  Nicole feels betrayed by her best friend (something she had been afraid would happen).  But Sasha, unbeknownst to Nicole is harboring a lifetime of resentment for her secret sister.  The girls share a father, but only Nicole has had a father present in her life.  Sasha has had to make do with clandestine conversations and getting shreds of attention from Julius only when she behaves badly.

Sasha feels no guilt over what has happened with Zende and Nicole, however.  Zende made the decision to leave their relationship all on his own, Sasha tells Nicole. Sasha also asks Nicole if she can honestly blame him.  Zende made it known from the outset (before Nicole was even pregnant with Rick’s baby that he didn’t want Nicole to do it because of what it mean for their relationship).  But Nicole went ahead anyway, wanting to do this special thing for her sister who couldn’t have children of her own.

Zende confirms again that it is Nicole’s pregnancy that ended their relationship.  It wasn’t how he felt about Nicole that changed.  Zende admits that maybe a better man could handle his girlfriend being a surrogate so early in their relationship.  But he’s honest with himself and those around him and says, he can’t.


  1. Nicole can’t understand how her best friend Sasha could betrayed her and be in her face all in the same time I don’t think Nicole will stand for her behaving like this I hope Sashe will get hurt fome the Zanda after Nicole will give brith to the baby for her sister but that is anther story. Every body is talling her to back of. I can understand Zanda that the baby story is Hurd on him but he knows that Nicole wanted to do it for her sister.

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