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Thursday, April 14, 2016 – Episode #7310


Douglas Paternity Secret is Leaked

April 14 2016 B&B SpoilersRidge finds that his last threats to his urologist have fallen upon deaf ears.  The medico who told Ridge that even with a vasectomy reversal Ridge wouldn’t be able to father a child with Caroline tells Ridge that if he really was Douglas’ father, Ridge wouldn’t be so concerned about keeping the facts about his medical condition so secret.  He’d have nothing to hide, the medico reasons.

But Ridge sticks with his story.  He sits across from the doctor in a restaurant and tells him that if he brings up Ridge’s fertility and Douglas’ paternity again, he is going to see a side of Ridge he never wished he had.

Ridge goes back to work at Forrester Creations where he feels compelled to tell Caroline what happened.  Caroline is horrified to learn that Ridge’s doctor know the truth about Douglas…

Meanwhile, lunching at the same restaurant, are Katie and Bill.  Katie assures her worried husband that nothing is going to interfere with their happiness.

Later, Katie is sitting with the medico and repeats what she’s likely overheard (or the doctor just blew his confidentiality oath out of the water)  that Ridge is not Douglas’ father; someone else is.



  1. I think the Doctor did one big mistake that he confranted Ridge and than talked to Kaite it is very confidential between a pationt and a Doctor you don’t go running around telling people about people’s condition. I would take his license awy the Doctor is walking on dangers grownes. He should leave Ridge and his wife alown.

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