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Monday, April 18, 2016 – Episode #7312


Katie Can’t Live Without Bill

April 18 2016 B&B SpoilersKatie’s insecurities and drinking trigger continued suspicions that there is something going on between Brooke and Bill.  She won’t let it happen again and confronts Brooke and Bill.  In Brooke’s kitchen, Katie yells that she has had enough.  She is tired of Brooke trying to convince her that there is nothing going on between Brooke and Bill, when clearly there is.  Brooke and Bill stand by and watch Katie’s rant, worried about her.  But how long will it remain as worry before the two of them have had enough of Katie’s accusations?

Once her tirade is over, a teary and regretful Katie goes into Bill’s arms and hugs him.  She doesn’t’ want to live without him, and emotional Katie quietly tells her husband.  She can’t live without him.  That in itself is a problem…

What Does Caroline Have to Tell Thomas?

Meanwhile, at Forrester creations Thomas thinks Caroline has something to tell him.  He assures her that if he has something to say, she can say it…



  1. I hope that Caroline do not say any thing to Thomas it’s going to be a very big mess I think in the end Ridge will discover that the baby is his he should do the tests againe in a real Doctors clinic that he would get real answers I think the Doctor lied to him may be he can have children after all.I am so sad that people is using blackmail to get what they want It is not right to us some body and hurt a baby and his mother.

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