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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – Episode #7312


Telling Liam

April 19 2016 B&B SpoilersSteffy and Wyatt are at home.  Wyatt turns to his wife and tells her that they should tell him today.  What he means, of course, is that they should fill Liam in, today, that Wyatt married his fiancé which crazy Quinn was holding Liam captive; essentially, that once again, Wyatt benefited from his mother’s lunatic ways.  Steffy hesitantly agrees that they should tell Liam today, but she thinks the news should come from her.

Meanwhile, now that Liam is back and Wyatt has given him his life back by freeing him from crazy Quinn, Liam is determined to move on with his life and make up for lost time.  Liam, asks his father, Bill, for his blessing for Liam to ask Wyatt to be his best man.

Poor Liam.

Zende Will Always Love Nicole

At Forrester Creations all the chatter seems to be about the Nicole, Sasha and Zende love triangle, which is clearly more interesting than women’s fashion.  Zende tells Maya that he will always love Nicole.  If that is true, Maya can’t reconcile him not being with Nicole.  Why the hell are you will her best friend Maya asks Zende clearly not amused by the situation.

Vivienne Avant also gets in on the action.  Which is a nice change from Julius giving Sasha a hard time.  Sasha isn’t having any of it though.  She tells Nicole’s mother that she isn’t going to do what they want her to; put her life on hold just because Nicole did…



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