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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 – Episode #7314


You Married My Brother?

April 20 2016 B&B SpoilersLiam is shocked and more than a little angry when he learns the truth.  Steffy finally comes clean with Liam.  She married his brother while he was being held captive by her new husband’s crazy wife.  You married my brother Liam asks the woman his memory is telling him is still his fiancé.  The full ramifications of what happened while he was gone are just about to hit Liam in full force.

Liam is adamant when he tells Steffy that she can’t stay married to Wyatt.

While Steffy is over at the Cliff house telling Liam that she is a married woman, Bill is keeping Wyatt company at Wyatt’s house in another part of Malibu. Bill notes that Liam is lucky to be getting his memory back but that things aren’t exactly as he remembers them.  He’s concerned for Liam.  Bill wonders whether Liam, in the state that he’s in, can handle what Steffy is currently telling him.

But Bill should be concerned for his other son also…Will Steffy stay married to him?

Love and Support

Vivienne tells Nicole that only she can made the big decisions in her life but that her parents are there to love and support her.

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Monday, April 20, 2015 – Episode #7059

Hope Tries to Stop Deacon Marrying Quinn

Quinn calls Brooke the most selfish and predictable woman in the world.  Brooke tells Quinn the wedding is over.

Meanwhile, Hope tells her dad it’s not too late.  He doesn’t’ have to go through with this.  Quinn will never be a part of Hopes life and if he marries Quinn neither will Deacon.

Quinn tries to interrupt and talk to Hope.  Deacon shoes her away.  Deacon tells Hope he loves Quinn.  She’s not he same person as when Hope left.  Deacon tells his daughter that he will marry her.  He hopes one day Hope will accept it.  No she won’t Hope says.  Deacon says they will discuss this further but not today.  Hope hangs up.

Hope is aghast that Deacon chooses Quinn over his own child.  Deacon’s mind is made up.  The wedding will go on.  Brooke leaves unable to watch Deacon marry Quinn.

The wedding resumes.  Wyatt has something to say.  Marriage is a leap of father.  Hold onto that.  Stick it out during the tough times. He has already seen Deacon do that for his mom.   Deacon stood by Quinn when everyone, including him, turned away.  Wyatt is grateful for his mother raising him and he wants her to have as much happiness as she gave him. Mother and son hug.

Deacon and Quinn exchange vows. Quinn doesn’t like making promises and closing off options.  It never felt right to her till she met him.  He has built her up and supported her.  She never thought she would find a man who loved her just the way she is.  Since the day she met him, noting has seemed impossible to her.

Everyone thinks this is a bad idea.  They think we are doomed. Deacon promises to prove them all wrong.  They’ve been fighting against the odds and winning.  And now they are doing it together.  They will prove they can make each other happier than they ever imagined.

Deacon and Quinn exchange rings.  Then Quinn has a surprise for Deacon.  May your hearts be as untied as your hands are tied, Carter says as he ties their hands together.   Carter pronounces them husband and wife.  The couple kisses.

Bill and Katie at Spencer

Bill thinks Quinn is delusional inviting them to her wedding.  Katie notes he is Wyatt’s father.  Katie isn’t sure there will be a wedding.  Brooke is determined to stop the wedding.

Conversation turns to “the secret” There is something going on a Forrester that involves Rick and no one knows what it is.  Katie suggests that Wyatt could have misinterpreted what he heard.  Bill is definite that Wyatt and Liam are right.  There is a secret capable of bringing down Rick and his sons are determined to find out what it is.

Brooke turns up at Spencer and fills Katie and Bill in on what happened when Hope tried to stop Deacon and Quinn’s wedding.  Brooke is concerned that Deacon’s move will destroy his relationship with his daughter.

Bill simply states that those two losers deserve each other.

Liam Looking For Secrets

Liam eavesdrops on Maya and Nicole talking.  Maya notes they shouldn’t be talking about this here then goes to look outside the door.  She finds Liam poised to knock.

Did you need something?

Liam just wanted to see if the rumors are true that Maya isn’t going to be the only Avant on the runway this season.  Liam introduces himself and Nicole notes that he’s Wyatt’s brother.

Liam plays up Wyatt and how much he thinks of Nicole’s modeling potential.  Maya notes that Wyatt is a salesman and no one knows flattery like he does.  Maya notes hat even being a Forrester doesn’t ensure success.  Just ask Ivy.  Liam says it’s the same for Spencer’s, noting how Caroline has been treated.  Maya thinks that Rick is doing a bang up job.  Just don’t ask the employees Liam states – they don’t want to tick off the boss.  It’s good to be king Liam smiles – no one to know you off the post


  1. Bill is going to have a Hurd time with Liam he can’t see Steffy with someone else he doesn’t remember why he broke it of with Steffy? Ridge is right she has to make up her mind if she is staying with Wyatt or with Liam? Father knows his daughter very well he asked her if she is not rushing the wedding to Wyatt? Now things change when Liam came back. I think she will stay for now with Wyatt.

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