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Wednesday, April 21, 2016 – Episode #7315


Liam Wants His Life Back

April 21 2016 B&b SpoilersPoor Bill.  He is about to be caught in the middle of another family drama.  As if dealing with Katie’s issues with Brooke isn’t already distracting him from running his media empire now he has his two son’s vying for the same woman.  Again.

Now in the know that his fiancé moved on with his brother while he was being held captive with no memory, Liam tells his father that he will get his life back. And the young man is determined.

But elsewhere, poor Wyatt is as clueless as ever about the strength of the relationship he has with his brother’s former fiancé (and wife).

Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is just going to have to accept that they are married now. But Wyatt, Liam was never really the problem in your marriages.  The ladies concerned have always carried serious torches for your brother.  And when even you mother, who seriously hated Liam, fell in love with the man, perhaps you should just give up on marrying your brother’s love interests.

It didn’t work with Hope, it didn’t work with Ivy, and it’s unlikely to work with Steffy; since there is no drama in Wyatt and Steffy living happily ever after…

Rick and Katie: Ridge’s Doctor is Dead

While Katie is at Forrester Creations she has an inevitable conversation with Brooke who gently tells her sister that she is there for her.  Whatever Katie needs, Brooke will always take care of her. Brooke also makes a solemn promise to her younger sister that nothing will ever happen between her and Bill again.

But that isn’t the most interesting conversation that Katie has.  She also has a chat with her nephew, Rick and the topic of Ridge’s doctor, who Katie saw at the restaurant last week comes up.  Rick tells his aunt that a friend of his saw Ridge with Dr Wolin at the restaurant also.  And now the medico is dead.  Katie is stunned.  Ridge’s doctor is dead?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 – Episode #7060

Secret Hunters

Wyatt tells Liam and Ivy about Deacon and Quinn’s wedding.  He now has a step-dad and

Rick, Maya and Nicole all know something.  It has to do with Rick. Something he did or will do and it could bring Forrester down.

Liam tells Wyatt he thinks Nicole is hot for him, and Ivy says that she is taking Liam home to the Forrester mansion.

Wyatt has a Proposition for Nicole

Maya tells Nicole the timing has to be right.  She will tell Rick she’s a transgender woman if and when he proposes.  Wyatt knocks on the door and Maya heads home.  Wyatt has been thinking about Nicole and wonders if she would like to be one of their jewelry models.  Lay that on my again Nicole says.  Wyatt wants her to do it for real – for print and for the media – not just in house.

Nicole agrees.  She wonders if he doesn’t have to check with Rick.  Wyatt says he’s the head of the jewelry line.  Ivy and his mother are part of his team.  He wants Nicole to be also.  Nicole asks when they start.  Wyatt says he has some stuff at his home if she wants to come by after work.  Let’s head out now, Nicole suggests.

Wyatt is impressed by Wyatt’s Malibu beach house.  Wyatt admits that being a Spencer has its advantages.  Nicole says if she lived there she’d be at the beach every morning.  Nicole thinks him find out he was a Spencer one day was like winning the lottery.  Kind of like what happened to Maya.

Nicole wants to party.  He needs to make the margaritas because his music is embarrassing.  Nicole puts her music on which Wyatt makes the drinks.  She approves of his margaritas.  She picked him as a martini man.  Wyatt says that’s Rick, he’s a scotch man.  They discuss the perfect couple.  Nicoel wouldn’t go that far. Nicoel asks about him.  Wyatt is an open book with only a couple of secrets.  You tells me one of yours and I’ll tell you one of mine, Wyatt says.

Wyatt tells her about his mother telling him his father was dead.  He didn’t know he was Bill Spencer’s son til a couple of year ago.  He’s the big Spencer family secret.  Wyatt is sure

Maya wasn’t always like this Nicole says.  Wyatt assumes it’s because of Rick – a family like the Forrester’s, rich and powerful, has to have secrets.  You can tell me Wyatt tells Nicole.  There is something going on with Rick and Maya isn’t there and it’s major.  But Nicole clams up.

Deacon and Quinn’s Honeymoon

Deacon and Quinn enjoy a romantic honeymoon at the loft. They end up discussing Brooke’s antic brining Hope to stop the wedding.  Quinn tells Deacon it meant a lot to her – him standing up for her.  Deacon tells her he always knew what he wanted to do.

Liam and Ivy double date with Maya and Rick

Maya arrives home to find Rick staring at the portrait of her. Ivy and Liam arrive shortly after.  Ivy tells Rick that Liam is her guest for the evening.  He has one, why can’t she Ivy asks when Rick asks what is going on.

Liam and Ivy says they seem to be living the dream.  Maya and Rick agree.  Rick is cocky about his success.  Liam asks what’s in the future for them – wedding bells?  Rick says with Maya by his side he plans on staying CEO for a very long time.

Liam notes the big bump came from the pricing of the collection.  Ivy’s jewelry line helped.  Ivy asks about him contributing a lot of success to Maya.  Can God have created a more beautiful woman Rick asks embarrassing Maya.   If half of his employees had half the integrity she has then profits would be so much higher.  She supports him something no one else in the organization has done.

They note Maya seems preoccupied.  Maya wonders when Nicole is.


  1. This is my opinion……Liam quit his job at forrester and told Steffy he was done with her and went running off to Australia with Ivy. He was down right mean to Steffy an that was before Quinn took him to the cabin. Just because he only remembers Steffy being his fiance doesn’t give him the right to have Steffy back. She had every right to move on. Now winney Liam just needs to move on….

  2. Rick is determent to get to the bottom of what happand to the Doctor and what did he want from Ridge? He knows that Ridge is hidding something from every body. I hope that Kaite will stay quite and be a friend to Ridge she might need his help time will tell she has allot of truble of her own with her drinking and Brook. It could cost her every thing if she will say to Rick some thing.

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