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Friday, April 22, 2016 – Episode #7316

Step Aside Liam Tells His Wyatt

April 22 2016 B&B SpoilersLiam’s return is proving to be the first challenge that Steffy and Wyatt’s new marriage is facing.  With Liam having recovered his memory, he has also learned that Steffy didn’t wait for him.  She didn’t wait for him because Liam was very angry with Steffy over Ivy’s accidents at Steffy’s hand.  On his way to the hospital when he found Ivy at the bottom of a flight of stairs with Steffy at the top, Liam told Steffy that he was done with her and her reckless behavior.  From there things just became one big misunderstanding.

Steffy wouldn’t listen to why Liam ended up making back to back flights to Australia, hanging up on him when he tried to explain.  Then when Liam did return, with an undiagnosed concussion as it turned out, Liam found Steffy in their bed wrapped in his brother’s arms.  Liam reacted angrily and wouldn’t tell Steffy why.  Then he collapsed at Quinn’s feet compounding all the misunderstandings into Steffy thinking he’d ended their engagement.

So she married Wyatt.  When Steffy confides in her father about the situation, Ridge, who never bought into Steffy’s relationship with Wyatt thinking it was too quick and on the rebound (Wyatt’s modus operandi according to Ridge), asks his daughter if she’s going back to Liam.  Steffy tells her father that the vows she took on the beach at Malibu were real and that she can’t pretend that she didn’t marry Wyatt and that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

But that is exactly what Liam wants Steffy to do.  Liam confronts his brother over the right thing to do.  According to Liam, that is for Wyatt to step aside.   Give Steffy what she really wants Liam tells his brother.

Ridge is Covering Something Up

Meanwhile, Rick’s suspicious related to his Douglas’ birth gain traction. He tells Maya that that Ridge is covering something up.  And Rick knows exactly who can help him work out what that is.  Katie.  And Rick is right.

Meanwhile Katie is telling Ridge about her conversation with his doctor.  Ridge and Caroline thought that they were in the clear with Dr Wolin accidently hit by a truck, their secret about Douglas’ paternity now safe.  But Ridge is about to learn that isn’t true.  Dr Wolin told Katie that Ride wasn’t Douglas’ father.  Katie tells her former fiancé this piece of news and he isn’t happy.

Will Rick’s knowledge set off a new power struggle between the brothers for control of the family company?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Episode #7061

Wyatt, Nicole and Margaritas

Nicole makes more margaritas as Wyatt pushes for information on Maya and Rick.  Wyatt says he’s enjoying her company and getting along with each other.  He thinks their working relationship could be great – but no secrets.   Wyatt can tell she’s conflicted but she can trust him, Wyatt assures Nicole.

Nicole hits on the fact that Wyatt is still technically married and asks him about it.  She wonders why he wants to know so much about Maya and Rick.  He wants to get ahead and to do that he needs to know as much about Rick and Maya as he can.  Wyatt has a feeling Nicole can help him with that.

He should have been living with her now, starting a family.  Didn’t turn out that way.  Nicole is the first woman he  brought her since his marriage falls apart. He confides that he feels comfortable talking to Nicole and he hopes she feels the same way about him too.

She does Nicole says.  Wyatt tells Nicole about Rick making him beg for his job back after returning from Europe trying to save his marriage to Rick’s sister.  Wyatt is about to tell her more but he stops.

Trust me, Nicole says.  Wyatt says Rick doesn’t treat people right and he’d like to see someone else running Forrester.  Wyatt asks if Nicole knows anything, but Nicole just excuses herself.  Liam calls.  Wyatt can’t talk.  All Wyatt can tell him is he likes Nicole and she’s a nice person.  Wyatt says that whatever is about Rick and Maya its big Wyatt says.

Nicole comes back into he room.  She didn’t realize how late it is.  She’s called a car.  She’s looking forward to modeling his jewelry for him.  Wyatt doesn’t want Nicole to go and kisses her.  Stay.

Rick and Maya

R ck and Maya wonder why Nicole didn’t call.  Maya checks her text and has a message from Nicole. Rick thinks that Wyatt is trying to suck up to him by giving Nicole a job on the jewelry line.  They wonder if Liam is working on a big expose for Eye on Fashion.  Rick says let him, he’s got nothing to hide.

Aly serves Rick and Maya some crab.  He is displeased because Aly took the fun out of it by cracking the crab.  He sends her to make a turkey burger instead and throws in that she should show him something about her proposed jewelry line.

There is a knock at the door as Aly serves Rick’s burger.  Its’ Carter.  He has a proposal he put together for Rick.  Rick invites him to dinner.  Rick promises to review her drawings tomorrow.

Carter is dismayed.  Aly cooks for you?  Rick says they have a cook, but Aly likes to do nice things for him. Rick is pleased with Carters work and goes upstairs to send it off leaving Carter and Maya alone.

Don’t do to Rick what you did to me Carter tells Maya.  She says she lost herself when she met him.  She’s sorry she hurt him.  He helped her find his way again.  This is between Rick and me Maya tells him.  If the question of marriage and children comes up, Maya will have the talk with Rick she needs to have.

Rick returns and he notes Carter is awkward around him.  It’s not for the reasons Rick thinks Carter tells him.  He wants the best for Maya.  Carter leaves.  Maya tells Rick not to blame Carter, she isn’t the same person she is now when she was with Carter.  Rick doesn’t trust Carter because of his friendship with Rick.

Liam and Ivy Break Into Rick’s Office

Liam and Ivy break into Rick’s office in the dark.  Ivy picks the lock and they find Eric’s stuff instead of Rick’s.  Rick wouldn’t be this obvious Liam notes, maybe Wyatt is having better luck with Nicole.

They continue to look. Liam and Ivy speculate.  Liam says it’s a disgrace the way Maya was talking.  It has to be about Rick’s image Liam speculates. Could they be looking for a second set of Forrester books they wonder?

They keep looking.  Ivy finds a safe behind a picture.


  1. I hope Kaite will do the right thing and not say any thing to Rick she can really do a mass of things. The most important person now is Caroline she can hurt her alot she is Ridge’s wife and she doesn’t deserve this. People are very cruel like Rick he doesn’t care how he hurt’s as long as he is on top. I hope he will have so baby drama of his own. And Steffy should stay with Wyatt Liam should get his life in order I know that Quinn terned is world upsaid down I feel for Liam Steffy should’ve merrid Wyatt so quickly.

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