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Monday, April 25, 2016 – Episode #7317


Liam Is Determined

Liam Wants Quinn to PayLiam’s experience losing his memory and being held captive by Quinn seems to have changed him.  Gone is airy fairy Liam and in his place is a man with more conviction.

Now fully aware of what Quinn holding him captive has cost him, Liam tells his father, Bill that he wants him to do whatever he needs to do.  Liam wants Quinn to pay for what she did. Their discussion comes to the inevitable topic of Liam wanting his life back; as it was before Quinn kidnapped him. That includes Steffy.  Bill is caught in a difficult situation.  He doesn’t want to appear to be taking sides against his son’s but he is firm when he reminds Liam that Wyatt is married to Steffy now.  But a focused and determined Liam looks his father in the eye and tells him with conviction “That can change.”

Wyatt and Steffy discuss their relationship and Liam’s demand that Wyatt step aside and let Steffy do what she wants.  Wyatt tells his wife that the fact of the matter is that while Liam was gone, life went on.  Wyatt isn’t inclined to unwind the events of the past few months for his brother’s benefit; even if it was his mother that set all the wheels in motion.

Katie Questions Ridge About Douglas’ Paternity

Katie continues to question Ridge about his meeting with Dr Wolin at the restaurant.  Katie cannot understand why the medico would tell her that Douglas wasn’t Ridge’s son if it weren’t true.  And of course, if Ridge isn’t the baby’s father it has Katie wondering who is…


  1. I hope Kaite is not going to say any thing to Rick he is looking for some thing to take down Ridge she is all ready suspension when she saw Caroline and Thomas with the baby. Ridge is afriaid that It’s going to come out and It’s going to be very messy. He doesn’t want to loos his family with Caroline. Liam is going to try and make truble for Wyatt and Steffy’s merrid life let’s hope Steffy makes the right decision.

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