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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – Episode #7318


Steffy Belongs With Liam

April 26 2016 B&B SpoilersLiam remains determined that he will have his life back, despite his Dad trying to convince him that Steffy is now with Wyatt and he has to respect that.  Liam tells him Dad that he got robbed  and that Steffy belongs with him.  Liam goes about making that happen by inviting Steffy around to the cliff house where he has the place candle lit and full of flowers.

When Steffy arrives, Liam makes his play two win Steffy over.  He tells her that she is what brought him back.  He may not have had any memories of her but he knew something was missing.  That she was missing.  His memories brought him back.  Steffy brought him back.

Bill Wants Quinn Found

As determined as Liam is that he will get his life back, Bill is to see Quinn pay for what she has done.  He tells Justin, his legal eagle buddy that he is not going to let Quinn’s legacy be the destruction of his family.  Bill tells Justin that he wants Quinn found and dealt with.

Episode Summary:

Bill Is Determined Quinn Will Pay

Bill and Justin want to know from Deacon where Quinn is. Bill recommends he get an attorney, but Deacon has nothing to hide.  Bill wants to know where she is hiding. Deacon wants to know what is going on.  All Deacon knows that Quinn ended their marriage.  Deacon tells Bill to go find Quinn and not give Quinn his best.

Deacon leaves.

Justin thinks Deacon is telling the truth.  But there is no way that Quinn hasn’t been in touch with her son.  Bill talks to Liam and realizes that Quinn is responsible for bringing trouble to his family.  If it weren’t for Quinn Liam and Steffy would be married.

Bill says it’s a mess any way you look at it.  A mess Quinn brought into his life.  He wants her found and dealt with.

Liam is pursuing his brother’s wife.  Liam has to man up and stop this Bill tells Justin.  Wherever the hell Quinn is , Bill will get his hands on her.  Bill is obsessed with finding Quinn.

Quinn Won’t Run Away With Deacon

Deacon goes home.  Quinn is there.  She asks him what he told Bill.  Deacon says that he didn’t throw her under the bus even though she threw him off a cliff.  Quinn admits that was a mistake and apologized.

Deacon thinks they need to get the hell out of LA.  Not now, maybe not ever Quinn tells him. Deacon says Wyatt doesn’t need him mommy holding his hand.  Lets go to Acupulco Deacon says.  But she won’t leave and it has nothing to do with Liam.  Deacon realizes she’s still got the hots for Liam.  She’s still in love with Adam.

Deacon warns her its only a matter of time before Bill tracks her down.  But Quinn isn’t worried about Bill.  Deacon wants her to leave LA with him.  Deacon can’t believe that Quinn is really in love with Liam.  Quinn thinks back to her time with “Adam”.

Steffy and Wyatt’s Wedding Band Tattoos

Steffy arranges to meet Liam via text message. But first Wyatt and Steffy have an appointment.  They head out but not before Steffy assures Wyatt she’s happy.

Liam Wants to Make Steffy His Wife

At home, Liam has arranged a romantic evening for when Steffy arrives.  He looks at the photos of their life together and remembers their wedding in Aspen. As he waits he tells himself he’s getting his life back tonight.

Liam gets a call from Bill.  He wants to know if he wants to grab some dinner.  Liam says Steffy is coming over.  Bill reminds Liam that Steffy is Wyatt’s wife and shouldn’t be coming over there alone.  Bill says that Quinn will pay, but Liam says while Steffy is with Wyatt Quinn isn’t paying.  Liam tells his father most of the time he takes his advice but tonight he can’t.  He got robbed.

Steffy arrives.  She thinks what he’s prepared is beautiful.  Candles, flowers, wine.  He’s recalling more and more and believes this isn’t’ the first time he’s done this.  Steffy toasts their friendship.  Liam will settle for that; for now.

They talk about what Ridge did for him at Forrester today.  She asks if she has any idea what it was life forgetting them planning their future.  He wants to know what those memories mean to her.  Even when he couldn’t remember he still felt it inside – that something was missing.  Or someone as it turned out.  She brought him back Liam tells Steffy.  Liam tells her she doesn’t have to say anything he knows she loves him and will never stop loving him. That is why they always survive.

They were cheated and manipulated but here they stand.  Liam doesn’t hate Wyatt but his time is over.  Its their time now.  He’s not the love of her life.  I am, Liam tells her.  He wants to make Steffy his wife. He kisses Steffy’s hand and notices the new wedding band tattoo on her ring finger.


  1. I think Liam should except that Steffy is with Wyatt all ready he knows that he is not in control any more about his relatinship with her she made her wedding rings with Wyatt. He feels alone now that he is back and Steffy moved on with her life so quickly with his brother. Now Quinn is breathing down his neck and he is trying to shack her. I hope he will fined some onele.

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