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Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – Episode #7319


Quinn Still Wants Adam

April 27 2016 B&B SpoilersHaving been summoned by Bill Spencer and questioned about Quinn’s whereabouts, Deacon believes that he and Quinn should head south and get out of Los Angeles.  If she stays in Los Angeles its only a matter of time until Bill finds her and exacts his revenge for holding Liam hostage in her cabin.

But Quinn won’t leave Los Angeles.  And it’s not because she will miss Wyatt to much.  Quinn is in love with Liam; or should we say Adam.  Deacon thinks she’s nuts.  Deacon tells Quinn in no uncertain terms that she can explain from now until the end of time, but its not going to change Liam’s feelings towards her.

Liam Wants Steffy

For once Deacon is right.  The only woman that Liam wants in his life is Steffy.  Even if she is married to her brother, a commitment that Steffy chose to cement by going through with the wedding tattoos, after Liam returned and made his intentions to get his life back known to all.  Liam in a bid to get Steffy to leave Wyatt and come back to him, noticed the new tattoo.  He tells Steffy that he loves her, and that he never stopped loving her and he never will stop loving her.  Steffy is teary as she listens to Liam profess his love.   Liam tells Steffy that he can see in her eyes that she loves him too.

But the likelihood of Steffy leaving her husband on the evening they went and had their wedding bands tattooed onto their ring fingers is slim.


Later, Quinn turns up at Liam’s front door.   She tells him that she did things she never should have done and she is ready to accept the consequences.  But Quinn doesn’t accept fault unless she knows there will be no consequences….what is Quinn’s trump card?

Episode Summary:

Deacon Warms Quinn that Liam Hates Her

Deacon tells Quinn she’s delusional.  Quinn tells him to not pressure him.  What she feels for Adam isn’t delusional.  Deacon tries to tell her that her and Adam; her delusional fantasy is over.  Liam hates her for ruining his life.  She needs to start focusing on saving her own butt, Deacon tells Quinn.

They bicker about her pushing him off a cliff and him still caring about her. Bill Spencer is mad for her screwing with his sons lives.  He found Deacon so it’s only a matter of time til Bill finds Quinn.  She needs to leave now.  But Quinn isn’t going anywhere.

Quinn says she is not worried about her.  She’s worried about Liam.  She needs to go to him; tonight, she tells Deacon.  Quinn thinks that Liam is just angry with her and she can explain to him why she did what she did.

Deacon tires to stop Quinn leaving, but can’t.

The Wedding Ring Tattoo Crushes Liam

Liam looks at Steffy’s ring tattoo and asks if that is a wedding band.  Liam said she didn’t have it at the part at Forrester.  Liam thinks Wyatt pushed her into it.  Steffy denies it, but she’s crying.   Why Liam wants to know.

That wedding bank is Quinn’s ultimate triumph.  They can’t let her win. Not even Wyatt can want to win her this way.  He was manipulated and they were robbed Liam says.  He wants to know why she got the ring after he’d come home.  He knows this has to be hurting Steffy too.

Of course this hurts, Steffy says. She doesn’t want to hurt him.  Liam tells Steffy he loves her, he always will love her and he can see her eyes are screaming that she loves him too.

Tell me this ring isn’t the end of us Liam asks.  He had plans for them.  A future and a family.  Steffy cries that she made vows.  Liam says that ring on her finger should be his.  He wants to hear her say that she still loves him.

Yes, of course she still loves him. She will always love him, they made a baby together.  Those are their memories but things are the way they are.  Steffy cries that she doesn’t want to hurt him, and is sorry things are the way they are.  She picks up her handbag and leaves.  Liam is stunned.

He opens a beer and goes to the door when there is a knock at it.  He opens it to Quinn.  Before you call the police, I just have to talk to y ou.  I just want you to know how sorry I am.  I did thinks I shouldn’t have done and I’m ready to accept the consequences.  Our time together changed me.  You need to know the impact you had on my life.  Quinn sees the world differently now thatnks to his kindness, love and goodness.  She will never be the same again.

Liam’s eyes glaze over in an angry stare…


Caroline Visits Wyatt

At home, Wyatt is looking at his wedding bank also.  Caroline arrives with another wedding gift from her and Ridge.  He shows Caroline his rugged and manly ring.  He thinks its untraditional just like him and Steffy.  Caroline asks when he got it and if it was Steffy’s idea.  Wyatt says it was today and it was his idea but Steffy wanted it too.  Wyatt jokes that Caroline is jealous.

Caroline is just glad Ridge didn’t tie a damned ribbon around her finger like he did with Katie.  Wyatt notes that perhaps Ridge just knew from the outset that wasn’t going to last.

They discuss Bill finding Quinn before the police.  Caroline understands Bill’s perspective because look what happened.  Wyatt thinks that Steffy and Liam were over before Quinn did what she did.  Caroline admits they had their own issues before he disappeared.

Caroline jokes that Wyatt didn’t waste any time making Steffy his. But unfortunately Liam has feeling for Steffy too. She would never take sides, but for Liam to come home to this after what Quinn did.  Its got to be tough.  Caroline loves Wyatt but Hopes Quinn ends up behind bars.

Wyatt agrees that Quinn needs to pay for what he did.  Conversation turns back to Liam who wants to pick up where he left off with Steffy despite her being married to Wyatt.  Caroline feels bad for him.  Wyatt thinks that Liam has to let Steffy go.  They tried marriage twice and it didn’t stick. Caroline wants to know where Steffy stands in all of this.  Wyatt can’t wait for Steffy to come home.

But Steffy has gone back to the office instead and remembers Liam’s homecoming and their reunion on the beach and seeing Liam’s crushed face when he saw the wedding bank tattoo on her finger.


Monday, April 27, 2015 – Episode #7064

Pam is in on the “Secret”

You can tell me Wyatt says to Nicole.  Nicole is trusting him with this.  Maya is…Maya is what Wyatt prompts.  Did she steal your doll?  Nicole backs down and says she shouldn’t have said anything.

Back on the ground Liam Wyatt tells Liam and Ivy about what happened on Wyatt’s date.  Pam reveals herself.  She was in the office when they barreled in.  What is the story with Rick and Maya she wants to know.  Pam promises her lips are zipped.

Ivy explains.  Pam says she also has overheard Maya and Nicole talking about a secret – but Carter poo poo-ed it.  They say the secret is about Maya and she is hell bent on no one finding out.  They discuss Nicole playing Wyatt and sending him off track.  Wyatt is confident that this is Maya’s secret.

They discuss options and that anything is possible.  Nicole said Forrester will never be the same and the secret will blow people’s minds.  Pam heads back to her desk before Rick calls.

They are not giving up Liam says. Rick has to be stopped.  Maybe Pam will find something out now, Ivy notes.  Wyatt is glad he and Nicole connected she’s fun.

Ivy and Liam discuss Wyatt and Nicole.  As long as he’s happy Liam notes, and that this beautiful Australian girl makes him happy.

Rick and Maya

Rick busts Maya taking her pills.  He knows what she had done – reserved the steam room for the whole afternoon.  But it wasn’t her, Maya admits.  So many couples never find what we have Maya says.  Rick says he’s thought he found it in the past.  But they unlike Maya lied and held things back.  Maya is unlike any other person he’s ever knows.

Rick questions Wyatt where he was last night.  Wyatt

Pam and Charlie Snoop in Maya’s Purse

Charlie enters Rick’s office after being summoned.  Maya leaves as Rick gives Charlie a hard time. Rick gets a text and leaves leaving Charlie and Pam in his office alone.  Charlie asks Pammie what is up. There is a big secret at Forrester Creations.  And its about Maya, Pam dishes.

Pam fills Charlie on Liam and Wyatt’s progress on finding out Rick’s secret which has turned out to be Maya’s secret.  Pam isn’t fond of Maya because her portrait usurped her sisters in the Forrester mansion.

Charlie asks how they are to find out about Maya.  Pam notices Maya’s purse on the table.  If you want to find out about a woman, Pam tells Charlie, look in her purse.  Charlie frets.  Pam thinks it would be a breach of privacy.  Pam reminds him he’s security it’s his job to check it out for the safety and security of every employee in the building.

It’s a stretch Charlie says.  What if it got knocked over Charlie supposes.  Like this, Pam says, the deed done.  Pam finds her estrogen.  Why would she be taking estrogen Pam wonders.  Only one reason Charlie says. Maya is transgender Charlie states.  Pam is open mouthed shocked.

Nicole Tells Carter about Her Date with Wyatt

Nicole finds Carter working out on the sun lounge. She says he’s probably juggling four or five models at a time.  Carter claims that he doesn’t mix business with pleasure.  What about Maya, Nicole asks.  Carter reminds her how that turned out.

Carter asks about Wyatt.  Would he understand his girlfriend ogling another man’s six pack?  Nicole admits them dating was fast. The guy is hot funny charming and hot.  He’s also a Spencer Carter notes.  That doesn’t hurt either.

Nicole describes her date. They discuss Maya worrying about Nicole. Nicole says she and Wyatt get on.  Nicole says he even opened up about his family secret.  Carter wants to know if Nicole shared Maya’s secret.  Nicole tells him to give him a little credit.  But you were tempted Maya says as she arrives on the sky lounge.

Nicole tells Maya about her date. Maya isn’t pleased that Wyatt is sharing secrets with Nicole.  Maya says she can’t tell Wyatt her secret.  Not before she tells Rick.  He has to know from her, no one else.

Nicole has a Plan

Nicole teases that she and Wyatt became members of the mile high club.  Nicole tells her that she and Wyatt are just having fun.  Nicole says she didn’t tell Wyatt about Maya’s past.  Maybe you shouldn’t tell Rick either, Nicole wonders out loud.


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