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Thursday, April 28, 2016 – Episode #7320


Quinn Pours Out Her Heart to Liam

April 28 2016 B&B SpoilersAfter turning up on Liam’s doorstep and Liam not slamming the door in her face, Quinn comes inside and pours her heart out to him.  It kills her to see him hurting this way she tells him emotionally.  With tears in her eyes she tells Liam that she has never felt this way about anybody. Quinn says she cares about Liam, so much.

But nothing good can come of Quinn’s confessions.  Liam wants her to pay, and the woman he wants to be with is Steffy.  And Quinn has bigger problems.  Bill is out for blood for Quinn’s latest antics…

Bill Will Take Care of Quinn

Meanwhile, in another part of Malibu, Bill is with Wyatt.  He tells his son that Quinn has her own special brand of crazy and that what Quinn did is not his fault. He shouldn’t blame himself.   But Wyatt harbors some guilt over what his mother did that allowed him to get the girl and tells his father its hard not to the way everything turned out.

Bill tells his son that he will worry about Liam and Wyatt’s mother.  All Wyatt has to do is focus on Steffy.

Episode Summary:

Quinn Loves Liam; Liam Hates Quinn

Quinn doesn’t want to run anymore.  Liam tries to slam the door in her face.  But she pushes in wanting him to hear her out.  Liam is furious.  She ruined his life.  Steffy is married to Quinn.  Is she happy Liam wants to know.

What she did to him was wrong she admits.  She should have known it wouldn’t work. He never stopped loving her even when he couldn’t remember her.  Quinn sees the place set for a romantic dinner and asks if it’s a bad time.

He planned a romantic dinner for Steffy Liam says smashing the crockery. Which he was setting this up, Steffy was out getting a permanent wedding ring tattoo.   It doesn’t matter if he loves Steffy because she’s not coming back to him, Liam yells.

Liam knows exactly how all this happened.  Quinn did this to him.  She’s sorry.  She never meant to hurt him.  She only tried to help.  You’re going to pay, Liam tells her.  She already is, hearing the hate in his voice.

Quinn thought that she could live with it, because it would see Wyatt settled. But her time with Liam changed her. It wasn’t an act she tells him.  They were in love.  She misses him and it kills her to see him hurting this way.  She came here to make things right.  She wants to run away with him from all this unhappiness. She’s never felt this way about anyone.  She cares about him so much.  Steffy is gone, and it’s her fault.  But she will give her life for him, do whatever he says.  She needs his goodness in her life.  Please give me another chance Quinn begs.  She won’t screw it up this time.

Liam stares at Quinn in disbelief.

None of it was real,  it was a lie, Liam yells at Quinn.  Quinn says it was all real.  She opened up to him.  Liam says it isn’t going to work this time.  He knows who he is now.  Quinn says this angry man bent on revenge isn’t who he is.  Steffy is gone, but Quinn isn’t.  He can send her to prison if that is what he needs to do, but that woman in the cabin was real.  She was the best part of Quinn.  He uncovered her with his gentleness and kindness.  He has no one, she has no one,  Why can’t they start over.  Quinn begs for another chance.  She loves him.

Liam yells at Quinn that he hates her.  She understands, he’s going to send her to prison. Its okay she says but it doesn’t change anything.  He’s the love of her life. She will think about him every day of her life in prison. Quinn tries to touch Liam and he loses it.  He has her pinned agains the wall where he punches the wall.  He restrains himself . He tells her to go before…  “Before what?” she asks.  “Go”  Liam yells.  Quinn leaves in tears…


Steffy Torn Between Wyatt and Liam

At Forrester, Steffy is thinking about Liam seeing her ring tattoo.  Ridge comes in and sees her upset.  Steffy says she’s made a terrible mistake and shows her dad the ring tattoo Liam saw.

She’s married to Wyatt.  She made a commitment to him.  Ridge says but you love Liam too don’t you.

She’ll never know if she and Liam could have worked things out because of Quinn.  Part of her wants to go back to her husband but another part of her wants to run to Liam and ask him if they can try again.

Ridge tells Steffy there is no right thing to say to Liam to help him, but Steffy wonders if it is all too much for him.  There was something different in his eyes when he saw the tattoo.  She’s worried he will do something crazy.  He was torn up when he saw the tattoo.

Ridge says Liam has to go through this.  It will take time.  Steffy can’t help because she is married to Wyatt.  She needs to think about the promise she made.

Steffy respects her marriage, Wyatt and her vows but she can’t help think none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Quinn.

Steffy’s phone rings. Its Wyatt looking for him.  Steffy admits she stopped by Liam’s and showed himt he tattoo, but she’s now at the office with her dad.

Steffy tells Ridge she thinks Liam has been pushed to far.  She’s worried about what he might do.

Bill Tells Wyatt to Focus on His Wife

At home, Wyatt is also looking at his tattoo when Bill busts in. Wyatt shows Bill the ring tattoo he got today when Bill asks how he’s doing like Caroline did earlier.

Wyatt tells his dad there is nothing to worry about.  But Bill reminds him that his brother is determined to get Steffy back.  Wyatt tells his dad he’s not naïve.  But Steffy is his wife, for good.

Bills says the ring is just a symbol, it isn’t going to keep his wife happy.  Everyday.  And it will take a lot of work.  Conversation turns to what Quinn did to Liam.  Billadmits he doesn’t know where  Quinn is but he will make her pay.  Bill tells his son he can’t blame himself for Quinn.  Wyatt says its hard not to the way things turned out.  Bill will worry about Liam and Quinn, Wyatt should focus on Steffy.

They discuss that Wyatt doesn’t know where Steffy is.  Bill suggests he give Steffy a call.  He finds out where Steffy is and where she’s been.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015 – Episode #7065

Rick Wonders if Wyatt Knows Maya at all

Wyatt tells Rick that Maya is the focus of their new collection.  But Rick says the jewels are too small.  Wyatt says they are the highest quality they’ve ever used.  No point if you can’t see them Rick counters.  If Maya is the focus of the collection she’s not afraid to put herself out there.  Its like you don’t know her at all Rick says.

Maya Quizzes Wyatt about His Intentions Towards Nicole

Nicole says that Rick needs to know she can’t get pregnant, not why.  But Maya isn’t ashamed of who she is.  She will tell him if and when he proposes.  Nicole isn’t so sure that’s the right plan anymore.

Wyatt enters. He says he and Nicole had a good time.  Is that all it was Maya wants to know.  Maya thinks they are moving too fast.  Wyatt admits his head is also spinning but that makes Nicoel all the more appealing to her.  They clicked and it doesn’t have to get complicated Wyatt says.  Wyatt likes spending time with Nicole.  He needs that in his life right now, but he can’t tell Maya where this is going – he doesn’t know – but he can’t wait to find out.

Just don’t get physical Maya warns.  Ncioel thinks her living with a married man makes that funny.  Wyatt says they have agreed to be totally honest with each other and Maya with her stance on honesty she should agree.  Wyatt really doesn’t like secrets.  Keeping secrets leads to trouble in Wyatt’s experience

The Spencer’s Discuss Maya’s Secret

Katie wants to know if Wyatt is into Nicole or what.  Liam says he’s into Nicole and he got some information.  Wyatt found out the secret is not Rick’s its Maya’s.  Bill wants to know what it is.  Katie doesn’t know how a personal secret about Maya can be useful.  Wyatt dropped the issue when he found out it was just gossip between two sisters.

Bill had that gold digger pegged the first time he saw her. That was reinforced when he saw her portrait over the fireplace.  Liam doesn’t know what Maya could be hiding that would be of any use to them

Wyatt arrives and tells them how uncomfortable Maya and Nicole were when he just spoke about secrets.  First he thought it was sister drama, but now he thinks it’s better.  They need to find out what it is Liam says.

Pam and Charlie Disagree

Pam says that is not funny.  Charlie says who’s kidding.  Maya is taking estrogen.  Maya is transgender Charlie states emphatically.  He saw this on TV.  Pam says Maya has a secret but this isn’t it.  She is a she, Pam says.  You can’t just say things like this.

Rick enters and wants to know what they are up to.  Charlie covers badly. Meanwhile Pam slips the pill back into Maya’s purse. Rick isn’t buying their story.  Charlie and Pam laugh.  Charlie admits Pam is mad at him for dragging her into here for some privacy.  Rick decides that too much information.

Rick notices Maya’s purse and hopes she didn’t need it.  Pam and Charlie leave.  Outside Pam tells Charlie is not transgender. And she doesn’t want to hear any more about it.  Pam says they will pretend they never mention in again.  If Rick found out that Charlie started a rumor like this they would never work again.  He knows how vindictive Rick is.    Using something like this to hurt them isn’t right and Pam won’t do it.

Maya has to Tell Rick Something

In Rick’s office Maya says Charlie and Pam just looked at her weirdly. Rick is happy the latest reports are in and they are better than he predicted.  Keep this up and your dad will make this a permanent arrangement Maya says.  Rick says his past was filled with scandal and tabloid headlines.  His stability now is due to her, Rick says as he hugs Maya.

Everything has changed with Maya back in his life.  His past is painful but it makes him appreciate her all the more. The shame of his mother’s scandals were horrible for him.  It also made him a control freak.  He’s never had a sense of inner peace until her.  She taught him there are still honest people in the world.  She embodies everything the Forrester name stands for and he loves her.  She loves him too.

Technically he’s still married to Caroline, but he sees a future with her including kids – lots of kids.  She’d be a wonderful mother.  Maya turns away and gets teary.  It’s what she wants and when he says these things it overwhelms her.  She’s happier than she ever imagined she could be.

Maya has to tell Rick something.  His love amazes her and she has so much faith in what they mean to each other.  She doesn’t want that to change.

Whatever it is she can tell him anything Rick says.


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