April 29: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Friday, April 29, 2016 – Episode #7321


Nicole Wants Zende Back

April 29 2016 B&b SpoilersNicole Avant has made a decision.  She’s going to get her man back. But Nicole is smart enough to know that for her and Zende to have a chance together, Nicole’s bestie and secret sister, needs to be out of the picture.  Out of Los Angeles, Nicole decides, and away from her family…

Nicole tells Zende that she wants them to have another chance.  She tells him that Nicole Avant is making a comeback.

Sasha Will Never Give Zende Up

But as determined as Nicole is to get Zende back, Sasha is equally as determined, to keep Zende in her life.  Confronted by Julius, a bitter and resentful Sasha reminds Julius that she is an Avant also.  She accuses him of having some reason for being ashamed of her and being unable to love her, but reiterates that she is his daughter.

Sasha tells her father that Zende is a good man and she is never going to let him go…

Episode Recap:

Nicole Wants Zende Back

Nicole thinks the baby is a girl, but Maya think it’s a boy. They’ve just had a baby appointment and it won’t be long till Nicole delivers. Maya and Rick appreciate what she’s done for them and what she’s given up for them.

Nicole thinks it was tougher than she expected.  She hopes she and Zende can reconnect after the birth. The only problem is Sasha.  For her and Zende to reconnect she needs to be out of the picture: out of LA and away from their family.

Nicole is going to speak to Sasha today. Nicole thinks there is still a chance for her and Zende, but she’s lost Sasha, who has been like a sister, forever.  She can never forgive her for moving in on her boyfriend when Nicole still had feeling for him.

Zende arrives and Rick and Maya make a clumsy exit.  Nicole says there is much she wants to do when she’s no longer pregnant; roller coaster on the pier and their sushi place.  Zende says he’s so there.  She also misses dancing.  They start to dance but her belly gets in the way.

Zende apologizes not being able to handle it being his uncles kid.  Nicole says she won’t be pregnant much longer.  She gives him an official announcement.  Nicole Avant is making a comeback and she is going to be very hard to resist.


Nicole Pregnant as Surrogate for Rick and Maya


Sasha Wants Her Father’s Love But Won’t Give Up Zende

Sasha and Zende finish a shoot.  Julius enters as Sasha is hugging and kissing Zende.  Zende leaves when Julius asks if this is what they do all day.  Sasha tries to call him dad, but Julius warns that Zende could still be in ear shot.  She wonders if she will ever be allowed to call him “Dad”.

Show some class Julius says.  He tells her making out with Zende on the job isn’t appropriate.  Julius is actually looking for his family.  They are spending with the day with Nicole and Maya. Sasha reminds him that his blood runs through her veins as well. Whether or not he likes it she’ an Avant. For whatever reason he’s ashamed of her and can’t love her, she is his daughter.

Julius says he’s supported Sasha her entire life.  He needed two jobs to keep a roof over her and her mother’s head.  Sasha accuses him of doing that so they would keep her dirty little secret.  She thanks him for the clothes and food but she doesn’t need him to take care of her anymore.  He just wants him to love her, like he does Nicole.  He should be proud she’s making something of herself.  Can’t he let her in just a little bit.  She’s his child and that has to mean something to him an emotional Sasha says to Julius who is pretty much as cold as ever.

He’s kept the affair with her mother a secret for over 20 years.  His family is stronger than ever, but he’s not going to jeopardize it.  She followed them here.  She wasn’t invited Julius reminds her.  It was her best decision to come to LA Sasha says.  And it has nothing to do with him.  Sasha suddenly realizes that if Julius hasn’t accepted Maya he won’t accept her.  Sasha says at least she has Zende .  he loves her, she can tell by the way that Zende treats her.  Julius warns Sasha that she is a rebound. Sasha yells that Zende is a good man and she is never giving him up.

The Avant’s Think Sasha Should Leave LA

Alone Rick and Maya, want Nicole and Zende to reconnect. Vivienne arrives. She’s come from work and Julius is meeting her here.  Maya hopes he’s not offending someone. They talk about the baby appointment.  She’s going to love being a grandma.  They tell Vivienne that Nicole is with Zende.  They discuss Nicole’s’ belief that she still has a chance.

Vivienne would like that.  Julius arrives and agrees with the conversation in play that Sasha should leave Los Angeles. Vivienne doesn’t understand how hard Julius is on Sasha.  Vivienne tells him to cut Sasha some slack.  No father, no siblings.  Vivienne worried about Sasha losing her job. Rick says that she will make sure that Sasha has a good recommendation at International.  Maya says Nicole is family and family comes first. They have to support Nicole on this.

Zende comes in.  Julius tells him they are talking about Sasha not being around much longer.

Sasha Tells Nicole She’s her Sister

Nicole arrives in the photo studio.  They made conversation about the baby. Nicole tells her they need to talk.  Nicole hates what has happened to their friendship.  They used to be so close, like sisters, but since she moved here all she has done is taken advantage of her and her family. She’s built a great resume as a model, but Nicole thinks she should make a life for herself elsewhere.  She’s overstayed her welcome and its time for her to leave.  Sasha starts at Nicole open mouthed.

This is about Zende Sasha says.  Nicole says she wants another chance with Zende after the baby  and doesn’t need her hovering. Nicole thinks its best Sasha leaves. You want me to give up everything I have Sasha says.  Create a life and a family of your own, but stay away from mine;  My parents, my sister, Zende and definitely me.

Sasha says you can’t make me leave like this.  Oh yes I can sister, Nicole tells her former bestie.

How funny you would use that word.  Nicole doesn’t understand what she means. Ask your daddy, Sasha tells her. Haven’t you wondered why I was always just around like I’m part of the family? Sasha asks Nicole.  What are you saying Nicole asks Sasha.  Sasha pauses and through tears and anger tells Nicole “You’re my sister.”


Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – Episode #7066

Bill Spencer and Integrity?

The Spencer’s decide Maya’s secret is significant.  Rick needs to go.  He’s alienated his entire workforce.  Wyatt understands Katie is conflicted because he’s her nephew, but morale at Forrester sucks right now.

Wyatt tells them about Rick upping the budget for the jewelry line to a point that the jewelry is so expensive that only royalty can afford it.  Wyatt knows he and Ivy will take the fall.  Bill says they need to find out the secret before Rick destroys the company.

Bill presents Wyatt with a new Spencer sword.  His mom isn’t going to be happy Wyatt notes.  Its not about her it’s a symbol of unification for the Spencer men.  The swords need to be identical.

The conversation returns to Wyatt reconnaissance.  She’s different.  She knows what she wants and goes after it.  Its’ how he used to be, Wyatt notes.  Bill says just get the information.

Ridge and Rick Clash

Pam finds Charlie trying to life weights on the sky lounge. Pam looked up why women could be taking estrogen on the internet; early menopause, low levels, osteoporosis.

Ridge over hears Pam tell Charlie that Maya is Queen Bee around here and if he spreads this rumor he may as well start to collect unemployment.  They discuss Rick and Maya.  Is Maya really the “woman” Rick thinks she is Charlie asks.  Ridge notes his emphasis on “woman”.

Rick Reassures Maya

Nothing she says can change that.  Maya wants to believe him.  She wants their relationship to work.

Nicole listens in as Rick tells Maya that a year from now they will be married with a baby and maybe another on the way.  Nothing she says can change that.

Maya hopes not but has to tell him this…Nicole bursts into the office claiming to be looking for Maya to stop her telling Rick her secret.  Rick sends Maya to talk to her sister who needs her.  They will pick this up later he says.

Ridge and Rick Clash

Ridge and Rick discuss one of Ridges designs and they clash over it.  The model leaves and Ridge tells him never to belittle him again in front of a model again.  Ridge says he has no talent for design. They argue.  Think about Maya while you’re drawing, rick suggests, and you’ll be just fine.

That piece Ridge brought in doesn’t work for Maya.  He knows her body. Rick says this isn’t the 90’s anymore.  Ridge says he’s still winning awards.  Trends are started by what comes off his sketchpad.  Rick reminds him that he makes money.

Rick says they are done here.  Ridge reminds him the clock is ticking.  Rick thinks after a year there will the four most successful quarters in history.  Getting him out will be impossible Rick says.  Rick wants the changes by tonight.  He should think Maya while doodling on his board.

As Ridge leaves Pam offers him a lemon bar.  It’s getting worse isn’t it Pam asks. Ridge says there is no reasoning with him.  He doesn’t’ want to defend himself to Rick every day.  Absolute power is a terrifying think in the hands of someone like Rick Forrester

Ridge notes that Rick thinks he’s responsible for all the profits.  Ridge wonders how long he can do this for. Ridge notes they have his dad in his back pocket

Nicole Tells Maya Not to Tell rick She’s Transgender

Nicole aks Maya if she was going to tell Rick.  Don’t do it Nicole says.  Do not tell Rick you’re transgender. Maya reminds Nicole it’s none of her business.  Nicole is seeing things differently.  Maya pegs her correctly.  It’s because of Wyatt.  He’s cute and very, very rick Maya notes.

Nicole admits she likes Wyatt and his background.  That isn’t a reason to reject him.  Look at the big picture.  They both have rich and powerful guys.  Let’s not do anything to ruin it Nicole says.  In order to protect your fling I shouldn’t say anything to Rick, Maya spits at the former poster child for honesty.

They don’t know how anyone will react when she discloses.  Nicole has come to appreciate her life here. Maya tells Nicole that Rick said the most beautiful things to her including having children. If and when he proposes Maya will tell him.  What if he freaks out Nicole asks.  It’s too risky don’t do it.  Don’t take that chance.  We are so close to having it all.  You can’t tell Rick you are transgender unless you’re ready to lose it all.  We’ll keep it quiet and he’ll never have to know Nicole tells her sister.

Rick Picks Rings

Rick meets with a jeweler clear elegant colorless and flawless engagement rings are on display.  Its time to start planning a proposal he says.  Rick picks his ring.  Its flawless and pure just like the qualities of the woman he loves.


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