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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 – Episode #7303


April 5 2016 B&B SpoilersQuinn arrives home at the cabin from Steffy and Wyatt’s wedding delighted that her son’s happiness is secured.  Now it’s time to get Liam out of town and secure hers!  She’s got a leave of absence from Forrester Creations and Quinn wants Adam and Eve to travel; basically get away from Los Angeles, where Liam’s memory may be triggered at any moment.

Of course unfortunately for Quinn, the wedding photos she had Deacon doctor placing her head on Steffy’s body from Liam and Steffy’s first wedding at Aspen, are already doing that job.  While ‘Eve’ has been out running errands, his memory fragments have become more and he’s seen the face in his memories and put together a composite sketch of the woman.  Its Steffy.  But Liam still doesn’t know who she is, just that she’s important to him and that he feels like he is losing her.

Eve arrives home expecting to find Adam packed and ready to go; but what she gets instead is a confrontation.  Adam/Liam has become suspicious about Eve’s motives for leaving town.  Is it to keep him away from the woman in his sketch?  Adam feels bad thinking that because Eve has done nothing but care for him, but the thought is there.

Frustrated with her husband, Eve raises her voice to her husband and tells him that he is never going to find any answers (in his past) that will make them any happier than they are right now.

Meanwhile, the woman Adam feels like his is losing is celebrating her wedding night with her new husband; Liam’s brother, Wyatt.  In bed, Wyatt marvels that he has a wife (like he’s never had one of those before…) and God does he love her.  Steffy giggles.

At the Spencer Mansion, Brooke confronts her sister, Katie about her secretive drinking again.  After finding a bottle of booze hidden in the sugar canister in Kati’es kitchen Brooke is in on Katie’s lie that she isn’t drinking.  She’s not drinking; out in the open.  What Katie is doing is more damaging.  Taking a secretive swig here and there with booze hidden strategically around the house so that when Bill checks the levels on the bottles that they keep for entertaining everything looks fine.

Brooke wants to know how long Katie thinks she can keep up this lie.  Brooke wants her sister to get help. But Katie plays her victim card, reminding Brooke she was already responsible for destroying her marriage to Bill once.  If  Brooke says something to Bill, Katie tells her sister, you will be responsible (again) for sabotaging  my marriage.  What will Katie do?  What’s right for Katie?  Or good for her relationship with her sister?


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