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Thursday, April 8, 2016 – Episode #7306


Quinn is Desperate and Manic

April 8 2016 B&B SpoilersA manic and desperate Quinn pleads with her son to see her side of this story.  Her pale blue  eyes glazed tries her damnedest to convince Wyatt that they can both have what they’ve ever wanted if he is just willing to walk away and never look back.  Will Wyatt go for it?  He had nothing to do with his mother’s plot to keep an amnesiac Liam from his family – and Steffy –but Wyatt did have a hint in the form of Forrester Security guard Charlie that his mother was perhaps complicit in Liam’s disappearance.  Before he and Steffy married.

Quinn , of course is referring to a future for Wyatt with Steffy and a future for herself with Liam…Wyatt works on Wyatt constantly.  Later inside the cabin still manic, but with Wyatt now looking on with deep concern and shock Quinn tells her son that she knows this will benefit all of them.  Quinn “knows” she can convince “Adam”/Liam to go with her.  She just needs to get Liam away from Los Angeles and they can all live happily ever after.  Quinn is certain she can convince Adam to go with her.

What Wyatt doesn’t know is that Quinn has already attempted murder (Deacon) to protect her plan.  Quinn is clearly committed to her relationship with Adam/Liam.  But the question for Wyatt is just how far would Quinn go?

Bill is Looking for Liam…

But what Quinn and Wyatt don’t realize is that Bill Spencer is also looking for his son.  Liam has been gone too long at whatever yoga retreat he is finding himself at and Bill tells Steffy (in Liam’s Malibu beach house) that he wants to have an actual live conversation with Liam, not just a couple of words on a text message…Bill needs Liam to explain to him where he is and what he is up to.  Steffy doesn’t look like she shares Bill’s need.  Despite marrying Wyatt, she’s still reeling for Liam’s rejection of her after Ivy’s accidents…

Episode Summary:

Bill Thinks Liam is in Trouble

In Liam’s Malibu beach house Steffy tells Bill he’s imagining things.  Liam is at a retreat.  But nobody knows where, Bill notes.  Caroline gives birth and Steffy marries his brother and they hear nothing from Liam.  Bill doesn’t think it’s plausible.

Bill searches Liam’s house.  Steffy admits she’s worried about him too.  Bill says it makes sense for him not to contact Steffy, but to cut himself off from the rest of the family makes no sense.  Bill thinks something is wrong, and you do too Bill tells Steffy.

Steffy thinks they have to accept that Liam doesn’t want to be

Justin checked there have been no credit card transactions since Liam left. Bill did a thorough check.  He’s disappeared.  Liam is in trouble and they have to find him.  Bill wants to call the police. Steffy thought he wanted nothing to do with her.  Steffy is having trouble with this.  So much has changed. Steffy suggest he call Liam and tells him he is going to call the police unless he has a conversation with him and lets Bill know what he’s been up to.

Steffy goes to the beach while Bill makes the call.

Wyatt Busts In To Save Liam

Just leave, Quinn tells Wyatt.  Forget what he saw here.  Be smart about this, Quinn tells her son.  He should live his life with Steffy and let her live hers with Liam.  They can have everything they ever wanted if he just walks away and never looks back.

Wyatt thinks his mother is crazy.  She needs to be put in a mental hospital.  Wyatt demands the keys to the lock.  When she doesn’t he breaks through the door with Quinn still trying to convince him to go along with her scheme.

Liam Remembers…

Inside, Liam’s memory returns of his wedding day, both of them, to Steffy.  He remembers.  Liam’s memory floods back.

Liam comes out of the bedroom to find Wyatt in the living room.  Wyatt tells him he understands Liam doesn’t know who he is, but he has to trust him and come with him right now.  Liam says he thinks he can manage that since Wyatt’s his brother.  Quinn is aghast that Liam’s memory is back.  Wyatt smiles, so does Liam.

Liam is remembering more and more.  He tells Quinn she’s insane. He needed help from a doctor.  Quinn says she cared for him, loved him.  Liam is repulsed and repeats over and over Oh God, as Quinn tells him she loves him and he loved her.  Adam was so sweet, the best parts of Liam.  He talked to her so sweetly.  Oh God Liam reiterates.  You kept me here against my will, Liam yells at Quinn.

Quinn says she didn’t plan any of this.  He fell and hit his head and she didn’t know what to do with him.  Taking him to a hospital would have been a good choice Wyatt tells his mother.

I was in and out of consciousness, Liam yells at Quinn. You kept me here and you lied to me.  You told me we were married.  You acted like we were in love.  Wyatt watches stunned as Liam talks.  Liam had no idea how far Quinn was willing to go.  You’re a monster Liam tells Quinn.  You robbed me of my life he yells, of my family.  Quinn says she became his family, his life.  Liam says Oh God, again and Quinn tells him she loves him.  He tells her to stop pretending that she loves him.  Wyatt stands by open mouthed realizing what has been going on between his mother and Liam.

You called me your Angel.  You don’t have to go back to your life. We can still be Adam and Eve and be together.  You are not my Eve he says.  She tried to convince him the woman in the photos was her, but he felt it; his Eve was still out there.  Liam tells Quinn that he is going home to Steffy.  This piques Wyatt’s interest.

Liam says Steffy is probably worried sick.  Wyatt admits that she has been worried they all have.  Quinn turns to Wyatt to convince Liam that he belongs with Quinn.  Do you even hear yourself Liam asks. Wyatt is aghast.  You’re going to prison Liam tells Quinn.  Even Wyatt knows that is where she belongs Liam says.  Quinn begs her son to do the right thing but he won’t help her.  Quinn tries to run, but Liam and Wyatt turn the tables on her. They grab her, kicking and screaming  and lock her in the cupboard.

Liam tells Wyatt to take him to Steffy.  Wyatt drives and tries to call Steffy.  Wyatt calls Bill and tells him he has Liam with him. He’s here thanks to Wyatt.  Bill wants to know what is going on.  Wyatt suggests Bill meet him there.  Bill says that he’s already there.  Steffy is there too.  She’s on the beach.  Bill says she will be happy to see him.

Wyatt and Liam arrive at the house while Liam hasn’t quite remembered yet.  He directs Liam to the beach where Steffy is. Wyatt says they’ve all been worried about him, but Steffy most of all.  Let her know you’re home Wyatt says as Liam walks to the beach.

Wyatt goes inside and sees Bill.  Wyatt tells Bill that he won’t believe what Liam has been through.

On the Beach

Steffy reflects on everything that has happened in the past months leading to Liam’s absence.  She is worried about Liam now.  Where are you Steffy  asks as she looks out over the waves.  Steffy sits in the sand looking down the beach.

Liam walks onto the beach and sees a woman in the distance sitting in the sand. He realizes its Steffy.  He runs to her. Steffy turns to see a man running towards her.  It’s Liam.  She gets up and runs towards him.  She jumps into his arms and He swings her into the air and they hug.   I’m home, Liam tells Steffy.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 – Episode #7051

Maya Rick and Carter

Rick tells Carter to get whatever he knows about Maya off his chest and get out.  Carter tells Rick he doesn’t know Maya as well as he thinks he does.  He and Maya have been through a lot.  They know each other better than most couples.

Carter says that he’s still learning things about Maya – he didn’t get the full story while they were together.  In time Carter tells Rick he will too.

Badmouthing Maya isn’t doing much for your job security Rick threatens.  Rick says he knows where Maya’s loyalties lie and that’s what he needs to know.  If carter has a problem with Maya he’s going to have a problem with Rick.  Rick leaves for a phone call.

Maya asks why he changed his mind.  Carter says it’s because of Rick.  Maya will tell him when he proposes.  A ring isn’t going to change whether he accepts her or not.  He should know what he’s getting into.  Carter feels Maya tricked her and advises that she doesn’t’ want Rick to feel the same way.  Maya tries to tell him this is the real her.  The woman standing before him is who she is.

Nicole test as a model

Oliver is photographing Ivy’s jewelry.  Nicole arrives.  She says Oliver can do her next.  Oliver hasn’t had the official call.  Ridge says why wait – jump on in.  Oliver photographs Nicole. Ridge gives Nicole some pointers.  Modeling is always about the design not her.

Ivy wants to know what Ridge is doing.  Ridge says Nicole is not a model, but if Maya wants to put her in front of a camera its just going to prove what a bad influence Maya is on the company.

Ridge gets a call from Caroline in NY.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office and finds Carter there. He tells Nicole he overheard Nicole talking to Maya earlier.  He knows her secret Carter says.  Carter tells Nicole Maya and Rick are gone.  He knows Maya used to be her big brother Myron Carter says.

Deacon and Wyatt

Deacon tells Wyatt he can’t rile Quinn up and set her lose.  Wyatt says he had a chance to explain. Brooke being an important part of his life will not change because he marries Quinn Deacon tells Wyatt.

Quinn comes home and tells him that Deacon is done being  Brooke’s AA partner.  Quinn told Brooke to back off. Deacon tells Quinn he is committed to her.  Brooke is doing well she can get her support from anyone else.  He wants a life with Quinn.  Quinn doesn’t say no, but it isn’t a yes either.

Brooke and Quinn

Brooke tells Quinn she doesn’t respond well to threats.  Quinn tells her this isn’t a threat.  She doesn’t’ want her to threaten her. Brooke tells Quinn she is not pursuing Deacon.  She is focusing on her sobriety and her family.  That still doesn’t mean Brooke approves of their relationship.  There is nothing she can do to convince her otherwise Brooke tells Quinn.

Quinn tells Brooke her opinion is irrelevant.  Stay the hell out of it Quinn says as she leaves.

Later at home Brooke gets a call from Rick.  He arranges for her to come into the office.

Rick and Maya

At home Maya admits the day was not stellar. He has the cure – pizza and hockey.  Maya doesn’t like hockey.  Rick notes that maybe carter is right – he doesn’t’ know everything about her Rick jokes.

Maya says that he never made assumptions about her like she did about him.  She thought he was a homeless waiter.  Maya spins Ricks virtues.  He spent his life looking for the right woman.  Until her.  She has been so good for him and she doesn’t have to worry about the name-calling and ridiculing.  She has been upfront and hones – a woman of integrity and that means everything to him.


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